"No True Heroes Here"
Season Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains
Episode Number 7/16
Episode Chronology
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No True Heroes Here is the seventh episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Immunity Challenge: Boxhead-More Rooms. In this challenge, the castaways learned they would be playing for invididual immunity and the player on each tribe who scored the highest would win safety for their respective tribal councils.

Winners: Chris & Bas

Tribal Council[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 7A: Heroes[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 3A:
Eva (6 votes)
Szymon, Emma, Miguel,
Dusk, Bryce & Bas
Bryce (2 votes)
Sarah & Eva

Voting Confessionals[edit | edit source]

Eva, I was never going after you until you decided to stir the pot. I just hope I don't get burned. *Puts vote in Urn* Please Jesus


this hurts im sorry but it has to work


I didn't think it would come down to this :(


I feel sick waiting for these results. I really want to stay and it's looking like it's all over for me. Well, if it's my time the c'est la vie, I had a good time 😞


My vote is for Eva: Eva you know I love you and I've tried but idt I can play this game with you. I don't want you to think this is some sort of revenge for what happened in Socotra bc it's not, I just feel like the trust isn't there between us, like as I'm writing this I think feel nervous about tribal bc Im scared you might idol me out rip but if it's you going tonight then I'm sorry I couldn't have your back in this game


Connections with the other side


Final Words[edit | edit source]

i haven't even watched this/edited it at all i honestly just wanted to get it out of the way so here it is:

IMG 1062


Tribal Council 7B: Villains[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 3B:
Alex (4 votes)
Sora, Chris, Eddie & Jennifer
Jennifer (3 votes)
Alex, Alissa & Thomas

Voting Confessionals[edit | edit source]

I can't just let you get to the merge like you want when you start running to the other tribe planning a flip on me!! I hope this works!!


This is what'll heppen when you throw my name out there. BYE!


you throwing me under the bus was MURDER


Running to the HEROES and telling them everything is exactly what got Loren voted out


STOP TALKING. All you had to fucking do was shut your damn mouth & you would have been safe, instead you went to Loren & tried to throw me under the bus last tribal. Goodbye girlie.


Final Words[edit | edit source]

  • No Final Words Were Submitted.

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