Day 14Edit

Oop Emily's gone... can't say I really had an opinion about her and that's a member of the "Makalu majority" down so that's pretty good for me! Hoping we don't lose this challenge though because if Yangra really wants to Pagong us seamus would definitely be their choice to flip because he's really close to Drew or something... I'll have to get super close with tyler and liam to make a it a 3-2 then..


Another double tribal council, ugh, what a pain. I'm lucky that on my tribe I'm on the right side of the numbers considering that there's a 66% chance I'm going to tribal council tonight, although I don't seek much comfort in that fact. I'm also very nervous in the case that the two old Makalu members find the idol, and play it, which could spell disaster for the rest of us on the Lhotse tribe. We're trying our best to discover the idol before they do, but it's going to be so risky if either Seamus or Joey does end up finding it. I'm not looking forward to what is going to transpire over the next couple of days at all, I'm either overestimating the complexity of the situation, or everything is going to go tits up.


If we win this double tribal immunity, odds are two makalus get picked off. That leaves us with 4 makalus left come merge, this could be a blessing in disguise as I think 4 is wayyyy less threatening than 5 or 6 and people might be willing to work with us and prolong our life in this game.


*I know this makes no sense*

So apparently we have a double tribal...looks like our tribe is losing again! And maybe I'll get voted out...strategically I don't think it would make sense for anyone aside from Jenna to vote me out but I have a strange feeling that I'm still in trouble anyway. I wouldn't mind getting voted out--I mean I would much rather that I don't get voted out, but I can't say that I wouldn't deserve to go at 14--and I definitely made a lot of mistakes. Even though I can't think of anything that I did which would make someone mad at me other than what happened yesterday, there is a very real possibility that everyone on the tribe hates me (even Pory, who told me that he had really connected with me). I'm probably overreacting a little, but I definitely know what I need to do to improve my social game: recognize that other people want different things from what I want. I believed that I would have been ok if someone else had done what I had done to Emily to me, but I forget that people generally don't think like that. I don't think the problem was that I didn't tell her that she was getting voted out, and it wasn't that I voted against her for seemingly no reason. As far as I know (and I am probably wrong), it was because I had been talking to her about how it was us versus them, and how we were definitely going to work together, and this was clearly after the vote had been finalized. Thus is my largest flaw with my game, in that I can barely stand the thought of someone knowing that I'm not voting with them. I can't figure out why that is, but I think it's because a betrayal feels less personal that way, and that it would be better this way. I'm going to guess that it would have been better if I had just said something earlier.

It's too late now to change what happened, but there is something I can do. As long as I can take these lessons I've learned and apply them, then I will be able to feel like I've redeemed myself. I don't need to remove myself from the game, I don't need to delete my account as soon as the game ends. I need to learn from my mistakes not by running from them, but from acknowledging them and facing them head on.


So Jenna somehow SURVIVED? Please let her be playing the game now... anyways, this double tribal has me STRESSED. Idk where I stand on Makalu 2.0, but I’m really hoping I’m in a good position. It seems like tonight there’s a pretty good chance I find out. Here’s hoping they really are divided.


Well ladies and gents, tonight is most likely the swan song of Jenna. I feel kinda bad, bc she is really nice person and all, but hey, Noah's Ark has no room for the weak. I'm not saving someone who's unreliable and shit. Only issue is here if she goes and we go to tribal again I'm completely fucked up the asshole. I have to choose between Vincent or Lexi going and that is not a happy thought. I guess it depends on what happens in the other tribal and if i can make an excuse for cutting Lexi or not. Thing is these guys are both who I would want as my number 2 in the game but my alliance on OG Yangra, yeah they prob won't appreciate me cutting Lexi down. Especially bc I can't lie and be like "yeah Vincent got the Yangra idol and took out Lexi" which sucks bc that seems like such an easy lie bc the only way to counter that is to come out with an idol. So yeah, it's gonna be a rough night, but I'm one of the top 5 comp beasts on Discord. I'll carry those two on my fucking back if I have to. I'm not going to cut either of them. I won't make it happen. Unless it's like a music challenge or 2048 in which case oooo boy fuck me.


Day 15Edit

Ugh, so Lhotse is going to tribal council and I'm just a nervous wreck right now. Despite having the numbers, the talk of an idol being in play always makes things that little bit extra complicated, nothing's ever simple in this game! Joey is allegedly throwing my name out there so if an idol is played, it looks like it'll be me going home tonight but fingers crossed the three Yangra members can stick together, to come back to the big 5 alliance set up at the start of the game. There's so much riding on this tribal council especially since the merge is right around the corner now, we just need to press through this and hopefully get through to the next stage of the game with as many original Yangra left over as possible!


!!! I could TOTALLY be the swing vote right now if I'm not being lied to. It appears to be seamus + drew vs. liam (and tyler with liam because I pit him against seamus) so I totally have an option right now. And who betrayed me last tribal after I put my trust in them, and is now putting their trust in me???


First sorry for not making confessional often, i always forget to make one. So it's time for a big summary.Last time that i wrote a confess, i was in an alliance with JP, Trey, Karsten and Vincent. Like you can see, i blindsided Trey just before the swap. I can say it was for good reason. I never was really close to Trey and i never connected with him. He was the only person i didn't trust in the alliance. Also i bonded a lot with Emily (sorry for saying in my last confess that you was a little Fake, you are a cool girl  ;( ) and i knew that she was in danger if we go at council again. So when JP suggested that we could blindside Trey, i jumped at the opportunity. JP plan was discovered because he is not really good to act. But we still managed to put the plan into action because i was infiltred in the group that wanted to blindside JP. I lost Karsten and Vincent's trust a little but i think that i can rebuild it (it's in a good way for Karsten because we are on the same tribe after the swap). Talking about it, the Swap wasn't a Bad thing because i'm on the only tribe with a Makalu majority, so i think that i'm safe on case of a council. My old mates wanted to throw the challenge to vote out an ex Yangra but i opposed myself to it because if we do that, we will lose our only social link with the yangra's tribe. Marty and Zach could be really precious for the incoming merge. Also i found the Makalu's Idol and Fuck i hate Idol, i'm really bad with them. I was idoled out three times in previous org including one time with an idol in my pocket. I'm hoping that i will be more lucky this Time.


Oh no we lost :( we never had a chance, Karsten alone outscored our whole tribe, and I never really understood the game.

Strategically, I think I've set myself up well. Pory has the most power, and he wants to work with me. Jenna is the only person who makes sense for me to vote, so I cast my vote pretty early. Jenna is probably going to vote for me because she might have thought that the Emily vote was motivated by "#YangraStrong". RIP my chances of playing a perfect game.

If we merge, then as long as Joey doesn't go at the other tribal, I might be able to attain majority. I have m group of four from Makalu (which includes Joey), and then I have whatever connections Pory and Lexi have with Yangra. And then who knows what Karsten and Damien are doing on NuMakalu in terms of alliances. I have no idea how the merge is going to turn out, but I know it will be a fun experience.


I feel the merge coming up, we may be down quite a bit tribes wise. I think we can find some fragile cracks in yangra and break them down.


So we lost and I'm still tweaking over the possibility of Joey/Seamus having an idol, but I honestly think and hope we're going with the right decision. We're voting Joey and assuring him that Liam and I want to vote Seamus with him. All the while he's not given up on trying to save Seamus, he's trying to get Drew to vote Liam along with him and Seamus. The good thing is I've made sure Liam and I don't say any names to Seamus. If Seamus has an idol he's most likely to waste it on himself, and I really don't think cracked Joey has an idol. The only possible way that I could go tonight is if an idol is played on Joey and we've made it so that that scenario is the least likely thing to happen. Not to mention their votes would have to be on myself, which I also doubt. So although it's still nerve wracking I definitely feel the most comfortable I possibly can right now since we went with the safest plan.


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