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"Not About That Life"
Season Survivor: Skye Islands
Episode Number 16/17
Episode Chronology
Previous A Rollercoaster I Wanna Get Off
Next Every Last Bit of Heart

(Season Finale)


Not About That Life is the 16th episode of Survivor: Skye Islands.


Immunity Challenge: Sushi Cat.

Winners: Evan.

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 18: Bhaltos[]

Tribal Council 18:
Szymon (3 votes)
Domonique, Nuno & Sarah
Domonique (2 votes)
Evan, Tyler & Szymon

Voting Confessionals[]

I love you and we've been good allies through this whole thing, but I came to win and hopefully Nuno and Sarah will stick with me & hopefully you won't be too mad


I didn't foresee myself doing this at this point in the game, but blame Nuno and Sarah for giving me no reassurances. Regardless, it was so fun playing and working with you for the duration of this game. Also there's probably a revote coming soon. Or a crazy idol play. SHIT.


Sorry, i love you as a person but you will easily win this game if you make it to the end, so it's a now or never


Dom you're sooo amazing at this game so I wouldn't be surprised if you survive this round and I go instead, but I gotta at least try something on my way out if that's the case!


Final Words[]

Oppps! Thank you guys for hosting for me. I had so much fun :3


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