"Not Here to Pay Child Support"
Season Survivor: Skye Islands
Episode Number 9/17
Episode Chronology
Previous This Isn't Resurgence
Next Gut Me Like a Fish

Not Here to Pay Child Support is the 9th episode of Survivor: Skye Islands.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Immunity Challenge: Torch Run.

Winners: Torrin.

Tribal Council[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 10: Kilbride[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 10:
Tom (5 votes)
Evan, Alex
Joe, Will & Szymon
Will (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals[edit | edit source]

You're really nice and i like you, but you need to be careful in what you say when you talk to the other tribe :/


Tom, this vote kills me because I think you're a great guy but you're a wildcard. One second you want me out, the next you want Will out. I hope to see you in Heroes vs Villains because you're an entertaining player getting cut really early.


This one hurts. Sorry bro.


I'm voting for Tom, you've gotten shadier and shadier each day. All you had to do was just let me know about the Kaeden vote and it probably wouldn't have come to this


Thomas should've never said this shit about me to Sarah and this is his consequence


Now go eat some scrambled eggs. <3. Sorry.


Final Words[edit | edit source]

Welp. That stings. I would've never EVER wrote down Evans or Alexs name, but unfortunately this happens. This game is crazy, you play loyal and get burned, play unloyal and finish good. I didn't even have fun


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