Day 18Edit

I'm about to start signing autographs because I'm the most popular person on Kilbride


Tribal went as planned. Bjorn is gone but now we REALLY need to start winning challenges because I absolutely foresee the upcoming votes being very difficult. However, earlier today, there was some good ol' SHIT that went down between Tom and Alex. See, us 3 are in an alliance called #TEA (yeah look at the initials of our names to see the origin of this name in case you're still confused), and Tom, pulling a crazy antic like he usually does, posts a conversation of what's going down on Torrin to Alex and I. In it, it shows him saying to Sarah, "Yeah Alex basically wanted to kill you lol" and Sarah defending herself, saying "Absolutely not, I don't get bitter over past games".

REALLY. COME ON. I JUST DON'T GET IT LOL. Tom, what did you honestly expect to achieve by showing that to us? It doesn't concern me, but you literally just unraveled part of Alex's game for no reason to half the players of this game. Alex flipped out. It was hilarious. Cause sometimes Alex posts voice messages when he's tired or too lazy to type, and he posted a stream of them, just in the most lowkey frustrated and 'I'm done with this shit' tone of voice. Tom defended himself, and I just had to say nothing, obviously Alex is right here and he has every right to be mad, but I didn't want to take a side at the moment. So Alex goes up to me, we're definitely close in this game and I trust him and he's reciprocated this back. I sympathized with him, and rightfully so, Tom not only had no business saying what he said to Sarah, but also was extremely foolish to show that to Alex and I. There was literally NO POINT in him doing BOTH ACTIONS. As I've said before, if Will is kidnapped next round, I may want to vote out Tom, but I didn't know if people were willing to make that happen. Welllllll, look what's happened here. Alex said it straight up, he said what Tom is doing is out of control, and he has to go, and I gladly agreed with him. If we lose again, and Will is kidnapped, Alex and I may just have to pull the trigger here. It sucks because Tom's such a bro, but I just wish he doesn't do all of these crazy things that are out of line with him not giving a heads up ahead of time. It's a rough game, but this is strictly business. FUCK. IT'S 2048. This game was the shit a couple years ago but I never understood why. My friends in my high school classes would dick around in their computer classes and would get all these ridiculous scores, and here I would be absolutely clueless to the algorithms and strategy of this game. I know I'm safe should we go to tribal, but I cannot afford to have a piss-poor showing for this challenge. It's 3 AM right now. Fuck it I'm gonna play this game all night.


I don't really have a lot of real trust in anyone in the game, which is actually a little refreshing bc this is the first game I've played where I haven't attached myself to someone loyalty-wise. Wes is my closest ally but even he is giving me sneaky vibes. He wants to go after perry if we lose, which like ok whatever perry would probably cut me off once he doesn't need me. But then he said that kiln ride will cannibalize once they get the chance.... Hmmm I heard that in generations about middle school...... From Sam McCanada..... And then middle school stayed pretty close... HmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OK SURE JAN!!!


Day 19Edit


Yeah the viewing lounge is gonna be flooding wet for Perry after that performance. He's a true triple threat, I'll give him that. But Alex and I have already began talking and he is someone that has to go ASAP at a merge, if he's there. But regardless, this is getting really, REALLY bad for Kilbride. Everyone I've wanted to work with is here, on this tribe. I don't want to do anything with anyone there over Torrin. I know a shit ton of people are cross tribaling like there's no tomorrow, and right now I don't have someone to pull that shit with. Essentially, next challenge is a MUST WIN for us. There's no if ands or buts. I don't wanna think too drastically but my game could be over both in the short and long run if we keep losing. You know, as time's gone on, this whole target and vendetta I've had against Will is slowly fading. And a reason for me to keep him is becoming so much more clearer as time goes on. From what I've heard, he's a dangerous player. Yes. I get that. But the fact of the matter is - we need to WIN challenges and Will offers that. The only thing I'm hesitating on here is Will's loyalty, but right now, he hasn't lied to me directly. His entire group he (supposedly) formed on pre-swap Kilbride is all gone. At least, Wes and Sam are on the other side. Will's laid his game out on the line to me. Do I see Will and I going anywhere near the end game together? Absolutely not. But he is someone that can be EXTREMELY valuable in going after Perry and whoever the hell comes out of Torrin come a merge. Also, keeping Will keeps a bigger target in the merge in front of me smile emoticon but, I said the same in Chile keeping Heather, and look where that got me. Do I keep Will? If not, then what happens? That would have to mean the target would shift to Tom..? Is this the right move? Tom is loyal to me, I know that. He's potentially someone that would go to the end with me. But he's pissed off one of my close allies Alex, and has openly expressed a desire to get rid of another one of my close allies, Dom. He's obviously a couple steps down from Will when it comes to challenges, but so are a few others here. If I had to boot someone in terms of challenge performances overall, Joe should go. But he's loyal to me as well, and isn't as much of a loose cannon as Tom. I really don't know what to do. There's so many options, and my agenda heading into this vote is more than likely gonna collide with my allies' agendas as well. I still don't even know who's gonna be kidnapped. I just need to sleep on this really.


Ugh I honestly can't with this cast. Joe just came to me and: "YO CAN YOU KIDNAP ME LOL". Bitch ok first of all, this whole swap turned out like it did because of your dumb ass plan to get 5 brawns together so that you could align with 3 of them to take out the other 2...??

Setting that hot mess aside for a moment, if you come up with a plan and then push it on your allies, we are not responsible for making sure that you live. Like... And it would be a different thing if he had lost like a ton of challenges and they had voted out a bunch of brawns, but they haven't. They've lost 3, and they voted out Kaeden and Bjorn. Originally, the plan was to vote out Will, because he's a threat. We voted out 1/2 of a power couple, so.... Why would I support you when all you've done is flake around, not respond to messages, only talk to me when you need something, and still FAIL to accomplish what you set out to do in the first place? This plan was kinda dumb (5 brawn and 4 beauty together, brains split even...) but in all fairness, it could have worked. But right now, I still see 6 brawns, Joe, and I'm not here to pay child support to whatever that messed up shit is you've got going on over there. He couldn't even give me any details. I just got "Cuz I don't think I can survive a third tribal". Like, either you're lying and you're just stressed af because your paranoia is getting the best of you for the 72nd time this season or you just really suck at pullin up receipts?? I can't be just giving that shit out, bitch, Dom asked yesterday omg. Will just asked if he could be abducted while I was writing this long ass confessional. First of all, if 3 people want out of a tribal council, it means y'all should've listened to me last tribal... (then again, how could they have known they were going again tongue emoticon most of my tribe sucks at challenges rip) Anyway, this has gone on long enough; I'm just very frustrated because I had to betray some of my friends on Day 13 because I followed Joe's instructions, and now he's saying that it isn't working out... Also, you know it's a problem when Zane gets the third highest score... (no offense to Zane, he knows challenges aren't his thing - love him anyway heart emoticon ) ALSO IS TYLER EVER ONLINE SMH


so Kilbride lost again and we have to go to tribal again. I think with people dwindling down so much, I could potentially be in trouble. So I asked Perry to kidnap me, not because I thought I was in danger, but to basically gage where I stand with him. If he can convince the other tribe to kidnap me, then I will give him some of my trust. If not (because I know he can) then oops for him if I survive 

and also not @ Joe throwing me & Szy under the bus like bitch really? He says to Perry "oh Dom & Szy will probably survive I won't" UM....REALLY JOE?!?! THAT'S WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT AN ALLY?


Losing this much sucks. And it's happening so quick and we just don't know how. We need to pick it up or this is it...


we won again (yay) but lmao at these scores like I cannot catch a break this season! I'm just hoping it'll work to my advantage or that the challenges I'm amazing at are all just coming up later on


Right now, if I had to pick someone to leave this tribal, it'd be Tom. The backup target is Will. No one's been kidnapped at the moment, so right now, I'm not telling anyone the exact words of 'vote out Tom', even if he can't be eligible to be kidnapped this tribal. A crucial rule to go far in games like these is to make others feel like they're in charge. Make them seem like the forefront of decisions. Anyone has their own individualistic concerns when it comes to Tom, and I'm gonna mention those, but not say the magic words in telling others what to do. If they want to go the other way and vote Will? That's fine. At the end of the day, Tom's still a loyal number for me so I wouldn't mind seeing him stay.


My tribe cannot come up with one single name as to who we should kidnap. I think everyone is trying to enforce their own game plan, but they're all trying to play it off as if they're doing it for other reasons but that just makes everyone so obvious. This all-stars is such a battle of the egos right now! I'm gonna work this to my advantage if I can.


*realizes he is on the bottom due to a kidnap*


Nuno's internet cut out, which is legit, but I still made myself laugh:

"Nuno: Sarah will sit out. Nuno: *in his head* AND SO WILL I! " we won anyway lol. he's definitely gonna come after me rip.


A lot of things to consider about the vote. Either will or joe. We aren't sure about eithers loyalty, and honestly I'm leaning towards will. Dude is so scrambly.


So today it looks like, even with a 4-2 advantage, another Brawn is going to go home. I like how Tom won't even pretend to make a decision in this vote even though his mind was made up 150,000% every other vote. Saying "oh it can be either one, it doesn't really matter to me" is classic code for "screw it, I'm just voting you anyways." I know for sure there is no turning him, he wants me gone. Which means he has to go first. I do honestly believe the Brains are on my side but I'm not sure about the other Brawns. I believe Evan is so we are good there. I hope. Only thing that can mess this up is an idol. This vote is just as critical but I'm thankful we don't have another Bjorn running around this time


Daily outline events I'm too lazy to write detailed paragraphs on because I was busy all day.

-> Dom gets kidnapped -> Plan is to vote Tom all along -> I tell Joe/Szy, they are down -> Tom pitches to vote Joe/Szy in the brawn chat, we play along -> Tom eventually tells Joe/Szy/me/Alex that Will should go -> Joe/Szy tell Will this, Will says fuck it let's boot Tom and I agree -> With 3 other confirmed votes on Tom, I ask Alex to vote Tom -> Alex is being a bit hesitant (he's apparently sleeping alot or has school shit) but we have a 4-2 majority anyways even w/o his vote Tom, when you see this, I'm so sorry man. I didn't want to vote you out but circumstances led to this. If you hadn't really did the Sarah thing to Alex, this would've been Will on the vote, but too many people are distrusting of you, and while I know you could be loyal to me to the end, I just don't know if it's in my best interest to take you any farther. I'm so, so sorry. This is the stage of the game I hate because I like everyone on this tribe, hopefully merge is soon and I can start picking off those hacks from Torrin.


I have not written many confessionals, which is odd. So I should start bitching about Perry. Dude needs to step back and realize he's not in Resurgence, he's in All Stars. I'm not his Ian, his Jordan, his Sean, or his Norbert. I'm not gonna be his mindless sheep that will do what he wants. I'm hoping for a swap where I have allies across the board along with him so I can blindside him because he needs to go. I'm also worried about Dom. I'm sure they're close and want to go deep with each other so they need to be split up soon. Will I can see myself working with in the future but if we lose the next challenge and he isn't taken, he's gone.


Seriously, can Torrin lose a fucking challenge? I want them to get more messy and Perry to fucking suffer at merge, go the fuck home biatch ^-^


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