Day 10[edit | edit source]

WTF happened? I dont know who flipped but it sure got me in the minority.


Day 11[edit | edit source]

Really OMG! I'm so happy I found the idol! It turns out it was wise on picking that clue.


I already lost an alliance member in Perry cuzz the twist. this will help me Natalie an hopefully most of my alliance too.


Day 12[edit | edit source]

I swear if this tribe doesn't start to kick up in challenges I might just decimate their asses.


What? Our tribe lost? Im so, goddamn surprised... with all the challenge beasts my tribe has... sitting me out was by far the best decision they could have made.


The swap made me really scramble and it sucks to be in the minority in a tribe full of people who wont do challenges. I'll be their puppy now to save myself.


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