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"Once In A Blue Moon"
Season Survivor: Socotra
Episode Number 2/14
Episode Chronology
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Once In A Blue Moon is the second episode of Survivor: Socotra.


Reward Challenge: Flag Maker.

Winners: Darsah.

Immunity Challenge: Pomme Pomme.

Winners: Matiaf.

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 2: Darsah[]

Tribal Council 2:
Luna (5 votes)
Brian, Bryce, Charlie, Lexus & Miguel
Brian (2 votes)
Eva & Yuki
Miguel(1 vote)

Voting Confessionals[]

Luna you're an amazing girl but we're losing people so often so fast, the tribe has to stay as strong as possible. I love you and I'll miss you heart emoticon


I have decided not to vote with the majority since I've heard the majority voted for me. I'm kinda shocked by it. This is my first ORG & being voted out that fast is hard to deal with. But no hard feelings since these people took the chance to talk with me, get to know me and to play with me. But I'm not happy with the people who tried to blindside me. I know Miguel wrote my name down and even he keeps lying to me I don't think that's really necessary because he knows that I'm going home. He has no respect for my game and my feelings and that's why my vote goes to him. If he makes the end I don't think he deserves the perfect game. A bit rude, heartless and mean of me but I'm the one who is going home and not the person who betrayed a girl who was in it to play it.


My vote is for Luna. Sorry but i cannot trust you anymore. It's either you or me tonight


You seem to be a really nice girl and I am so sorry that I had to vote you out. But right now, you're just floating around in space. Good luck.


the reason i'm voting her out is because she didn't really communicate with the other players, and did poorly in challenges.


Final Words[]

I'm not surprised by the result of this tribal council. It was obvious and in their eyes it'd be a good move. I wasn't the most active/social/strong contestant. But hey, I tried.




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