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Day 25[]

First of all, cheers motherfuckers! I'm still here!!! I managed to survive the rock draw and Stephane got the boot. Can't say I feel too bad though. He should've made that big move he was always whining about. So anyways my main goal this round is definitely get in better with the Pailins. They felt ignored by us kandals and were frustrated about that so I need to fix that and make sure that I'm seen not as Nathan from Kandal, but rather as just Nathan, as cheesy as that may sound.

Also, Julian won ANOTHER challenge. Im actually struggling with when I should take out Julian. He's honestly one of my closest friends that I've made this season and I still have a little apprehension on backstabbing him. (He's also kinda cute but shhhh). But this may be my one chance to play. I can't be that scared little kid who doesn't know when to make a move or when to pull the trigger on someone. I need to figure out how to solve this Julian problem and I need to do it fast. It looks like my efforts to connect with the Pailins are already paying off somewhat. Alex came to me earlier and offered an alliance of the gays. That is, me, him, Julian, Andy and Jake. In theory this is a great alliance plan. I'm in the majority for the foreseeable future, get to avoid rock draws and the people in the alliance are pretty fricking cute and awesome. The main thing I worry about though is the makeup of this 5. 3 Pailins and only 2 Kandals. And the other Kandal in the alliance is the dude who can't lose a freaking challenge, so guess who's at the bottom. It's tough. I need some more time to think and maybe finally figure out exactly what I want to do.


Drake - Started From The Bottom (Explicit)

(Now I'm done.)


Day 26[]

so Andy just pissed me off & Alex pissed me off earlier. I've never done anything to Alex but I'm the most annoying? How about you suck a dick, you rude, anti social fuck face? And then you want a gay guys alliance? Fuck you and that shitty ass alliance! And then Andy basically accused me & Hannah of cheating and then speak to me like I'm an idiot and I can't read between the lines? That's not okay. So the two of them can go. Fuck both of them. I hope one of them draws the purple rock at tribal tomorrow and their slimy stupid asses go home


I got the idol, now we're coming up with a way to fuck over Andy I think


Day 27[]

We drew rocks, Steph was eliminated. This sucks, because now my plan with Andy and Steph is completely gone! But well, that’s how it is, I’ll have to change my plan now. For now, one more rock should do it


In my last game, in Azerbaijan, I played a low key game in the hopes that it would get me farther than final juror, and could potentially get me to the end. It ultimately got me to be the first boot in that season, which was the biggest blow to my psyche that I have ever taken in my whole life. I felt angry, attacked, personally picked on and it really sucked. Then I came to this game, I came in this one knowing I was going to have to go all out and swing for the fences and make my mark and go for the win after the humiliation that I had face prior to this. I made close friends with two awesome guys and I feel like no matter what, this is my best game, this is the game that I want to be the pinnacle of what I can achieve playing Survivor and I want this plan to blindside Nathan to work because this game means so much to me and I don't just want to win this, I need to win this to prove to myself that I am as good as I feel I feel I am in the game of Survivor. If this is my last day playing this game, I played giving it my all and I can go knowing I tried to make a big move


So Andy created the gay guys alliance & I'm talking to Alex. It's honestly awkward as hell knowing he thinks I'm annoying and he can barely carry a conversation without sounding like he's consistently bored. It also doesn't help that I don't want to talk him like at all. Also they want to vote for Charley. I'm not voting for bae unless it's to win heart emoticon


Remember how I said, omg I'm not gonna stick with Kandal if my fricking life depends on it? Yeah well I may have to stick with them this time. I really was seriously considering the Rainbow Brigade alliance that Alex was spouting off. Unfortunately, some people, and by some people I mean Andy, don't know when to let a good thing just be a good thing. He basically gave me a freaking interrogation on my plans even though immunity wasn't close to decided yet. It's like, chill the fuck out dude and dial your intensity back por favor. He's also apparently really condescending to Julian as well, so guess what bro? Alliance, cancelled.

So the Kandal alliance is voting for Andy. Even though the gays alliance says they're voting for Charley, Charley is taking a risk and playing the idol for me. So hopefully that works out and we're not just wasting one. If we did waste if though, I'm safe on a rock draw, so halleloo for that. Ultimately, I'm just nervous for this vote and I feel like I'm playing in a room full of shadows.


So the plan this vote is to try and predict their play and then play an idol on whoever needs it. I'm nervous as hell, I think I may be their target, but Nathan is also a strong possibility, hence why he's getting the idol. I know there's always a chance I could go though, Julian couldbe pulling some crap to get me out. Idk, I trust him but the paranoia is real. I'm doing what I need to do to get to the end. If I have to play Russian Rocklette (punpunpun) again, I'll do it. I don't care. Down to Palins, am I right?