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Day 16[]

When I realized that Zama deadlocked I knew that I was jumping for joy..this is just awesome.

From what I’ve heard from Jerry and Danielle, I’m pretty sold that it was Jerry/Jack O./Gilad vs. Carson/Danielle/Fariha. I’m really tight with both sides there, so I know that when the merge comes, they’re both going to try to use me and Tharros to take out each other.

I should be able to pick and choose who goes from Zama, and then hopefully keep the people that I trust. Need to save Andy’s ass again in this immunity challenge though..


According to Jack C it was Danielle, Jack O, Gilad vs Jerry, Carson, Fariha.

Color me shocked, it doesn’t really matter and it might be better for my game this way. Just didn’t expect Danielle to be standing by Gilad.


After Jack C returned from his trip to the other tribe, I was able to smoothly exchange info between each other as Observers, by saying I gave the extra idol clue to Benj, and in return he said he gave it to Danielle before Will can, who's been talking to a Observer each time they visited the Zama tribe. Then we became social with each other for a while, in a positive way!

So a big thing happened earlier! Will asked me to be his f2, so I accepted it. I preferred playing more independently, but I liked the fact he trusts me and wants to work with me as well as keeping me protected. Hopefully merge will be as chill!


brb gotta make a vl about how i must save their stan or someshit so they can be like "r.obbedt king" when I inevitably get voted out


’ve spent a lot of time on Tharros and a bit of time on Zama, and the tribes really are different. Everyone on Zama is a bit older and they’re smarter players, it’s all around a bit more formal. Tharros is just more young and less serious, we call ourselves the meme tribe and it’s true lol.

But if I’m being honest, I really feel like I was put on the wrong tribe. It’s not that I don’t like my tribe mates, I love that we’re the underdogs. But I just don’t feel that comfortable with these people. Except for Ben everyone is pretty immature, and half of the time in the tribe chat theirs some conversation about something memey, or sexual, or just all around childish. I don’t want to sound like I’m stuck up, I have fun on Tharros and I get it that people want to joke around, but this tribe just isn’t me and I don’t think I’ll form any lasting bonds here.

But it is what it is! I’m not turning on Tharros because of personal bullshit, I’m going to play smart and move forward with the people that benefit me, whether I like them or not. And really these kids on Tharros have worked so hard to win challenges and stay strong, I’m really proud of them and I wouldn’t screw them over just for being different from me.




I've never done one of these oops but honestly, i love and hate my tribe and i am so ready for a merge or a swap, something. i thought i could have trusted every one on my tribe, as they seemed to really want to work with me but jerry and carson screwed me on that last vote. its sad to say but im pretty much over them. lie to me once, shame on you, im never fucking coming back! lol so that's really how i feel about them. jack is great !! !


Day 17[]

Honestly, I feel a little anxious because Tharros tribe seems like it's such a tight group based on the tribe chat and we might still head into a merge with a strong majority. I'm pretty sure we'd win this immunity challenge. The thought of having to turn on each other is going to be painful and stressful, unless I have to make it so there were legitimate reasons to vote them off.

Thinking of the merge plan once again, it really plays with my heart. A group of 6 can't make it to F3 or F2, and only one can be the Sole Survivor.


Before I go off for a cool shower, Will actually talked so much of his strategy for the merge with me last night. I mean, granted we have a f2 pact now, but as much as I appreciate him game-wise, I rather have things my own way for my own jury case! I'll go along with him for now, and still not try to control things head-on with him and other people. Just being weak and accommodating for the time being.

When merge comes I'll look at my own options and see what I can do - having proper jury management and making moves at the right time. I want to ensure a winning case!


So following everything that has happened recently, I pulled off the move that I really wanted to make. So I am pretty proud about that. However, I stabbed 2 people in the back and I have been working to see if they will let me apply the bandage like the school nurse and send them on there way. I wanna work with Jack and Danielle moving forward, but I am honestly worried they may try to pull a fast one on me this round. I wanna take my blinders off but at this point, I think I may have opened up a jar to hell if push comes to shove.


Stop me if you’ve heard this before... another challenge, another loss. This was a big one too, but I have hope for this immunity challenge. Live typing comps are pretty good for me, I know it’s basically gonna be me vs Jack c (and all the other castaways competing too). If I can carry us to victory that will be unequivocally the sweetest thing to happen in this game yet

–Jack O

Day 18[]

ANNNNDDDDD WE LOST. Not the outcome I was hoping for, because at this point, cutting off someone in our tribe is going to be difficult, because everyone is so active and lively. It's honestly such a shame we have to cut HIM off for being the odd one out... :\


I was THIS close to finding the idol. Who knows how slow I was. But now I know for sure that somebody on this tribe has the idol. (Well I mean, I guess Jerry could've snatched it, but...) This makes things... tricky. We're trying to get Andy out, but now there's the potential of Andy idoling.

–Jack C

We lost the challenge, but I'm fully sure that I'm safe and in an alliance, as well as having allies who trust me!

Jack C. found out the idol was discovered, so to earn his trust I told him I found it a few days ago and that I was wondering whether if I could tell it to the group or not. He had no idea that Will also knows about my idol. For now, Jack C. and Will knows about my idol. I'm still debating whether if I could tell my idol to the alliance as of now.

I'm trying to lean for a single vote on me by Andy, to confuse other people about me being a "social" threat. It's my own tradition to self-vote in every org I play in, I don't think it's happening in the merge with these tribe dynamics so I'm hoping this would work this round. I feel bad that Andy will have to go here.

I have a feeling it's going to merge after this tribal, so I can see it being a really messy one.


Damn, what a close challenge. Now Andy is leaving us and I feel bad :/ but I’m not going to stick my neck out for him, Ben, Jack, Nadine and hopefully Keaton all trust me right now and so I’m going to have to play with the hand I’m dealt instead of making myself a target come the merge.


So I volunteered to have a vote on me by Andy to gain the alliance's trust and to try to lessen the image of me being a social threat if I ever get to merge with no votes on me. Even if it means losing my perfect game, I'm not really a perfectionist about these things as long as it helps me setup my moves for the merge. Hopefully Andy does vote me, because it will help what I planned to do next - playing a fake idol to hide my real idol even further, to confuse the other tribe! Let the fun begin.