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Survivor Gameplay
Description A new tribe being introduced to the game in the premerge phase
Appearance(s) Papua New Guinea

The Outcasts is a twist in which eliminated players resurface as part of a new tribe to compete against all of the remaining players, in an effort to return to the game.


Survivor: Papua New Guinea[]

On Day 19, a tribe of six previously eliminated castaways, Wombun, was revealed. They competed in the immunity challenge alongside Kilimbit and Indingai, where their placement in the challenge determined how many people would be returning to the game. Placing second, Wombun voted Linh back into the game.

Survivor: Chaos[]

On Day 25, alongside the announcement of the merge, a tribe of ten previously eliminated castaways, Uhane, was revealed, with Alex returning to the game after winning a challenge against the other nine eliminated players.


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