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And now Kosta is trying to take me after I was just down to do an alliance with him and Rob. Thanks a lot, Konstantinos! I've tried to help you throughout this whole game and now you're gonna take me to the Death Match so I can have a FOURTH death match.
tom and nick are a duo. does nobody else see it? i want them out and apparently if i want that i have to do that myself


"Being in the same alliance as Kon is fucking terrible. He's a huge coward who's trying to appease everyone. It's final 6. He offered Carson and I an alliance and now when his ass is on the line in a death match, he doesn't want to pick either Tom/Nick for the death match because he thinks he can beat Carson.

First of all, Carson's won fucking 3 Death Matches in a row, what makes you think you can beat Carson?????

Tom and Nick are fucking Final 2 and theyve been giving each other the Token of Immunity every match when they win and he wants to go to the final 5 with the two of them.

Here's the situation: Ben and I are final 2, Nick and Tom are final 2. If Kon picks Carson and wins, at Final 5 either Ben or I win, both of us will be safe. If either Nick or Tom win, theyre both going to be safe. No matter what, Kon willl be in the Death Match unless hes the sole winner.

I don't understand his strategic gameplay AT ALL. Why not break the final 2 of Nick/Tom?? Tom and Carson are against each other and would pick each other if they lose, so fucking pick Nick."


Kon is a terrible liar




OK maybe theres no f2 between Nick and Tom???? Maybe it's Kon and Tom?? I don't fucking know. Who cares if they're f2 or not, I just need to make it believable.