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Perfect Game
Survivor Gameplay
Description When a contestant receives no votes against them and receives all Jury votes.
Appearance(s) None

The Perfect Game is a rare feat achievable in Survivor game play, and is achieved only by a Sole Survivor who never received an elimination vote against them throughout the game, and then receives a unanimous jury vote at Final Tribal Council in a single season.

List of Sole Survivors by Closeness to Perfect Game[]


  • Currently, Natalie has come the closest to having played a Perfect Game. With her having received no votes against her at Tribal Council, and losing one vote at Final Tribal Council.
    • Going off of that, Tyler P. and Augusto have so far played the least Perfect Game. Tyler received 8 votes at Tribal Council and lost 6 votes at Final Tribal Council, while Augusto received 13 votes at Tribal Council and lost 1 vote at Final Tribal Council.

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