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Day 14[]

Feeling fucking hurt right now... it would appear from my recent discovery that Sam has the idol. And didn't even tell me!! I thought he was my number one... I would have told him straight away if I found it. But now I dunno what to think!

–Charlie W

Well fuck man charlie found out about my idol LMAO. he guessed g8, saw that someone had found it, then went back in the alliance chat and saw that i posted it before. i probably shouldve said i guessed it again but i didnt think about that...i mean he seems cool and understanding about it, which i pray to god he is because i definitely see us two being able to pull off a gangster ass move with it if we combine our brains. but it could also EASILY bite me in the ass if he decides to go around and let everyone know, esp the other chalcs, that i have it and lied to them lol. i was intending on telling charlie had we gone to tribal this swap yet, but so far we havent and i wanted to keep it that way but oh well, i just hope it only helps my game rather than hinder it...charlie please dont fuck me over. however i also told him a kind of made up story saying that with a "big" org like this i just want to get to the end with people i like and have one of us win to maybe try and get him to feel more comfortable? like i could just be a number to him throughout the game. it was pretty stupid but i tried to make it believable lmao. but dont get it twisted man if i gotta backstab him in this game i will, and will he be pissed at me? hell yeah, but thats the game. and you always gotta try and think one step ahead of everyone and play before you get played. i'll make friends after the game


So... I tried to coax Sam into telling me about the idol by bringing up the chest, but he still didn't admit it! So in the end I said I was gonna search the old alliance chat, and he fessed up once I found it. He has the idol but I still want to work with him, so I reassured him greatly that everything was cool and that i understood his reasoning.

While I do get it in a way, I am very wary of Sam now. I am going to keep him close cos he has the idol and I still really like him, but it is concerning that he still lied to me even when I brought up the chest.

–Charlie W

Another tribal and another vote cast against me, I’m loving it! Honestly, Konrad was a weird but nice dude so it was a shame to see him go but the game is a game for a reason. Do I want to win this next challenge? Oh, for sure! Is it gonna happen? We’ll see…


At the end of the last round, I told Luca what Liam told be a few rounds ago about taking out a big target in hopes that Luca is a bit sketched out by him. A part of me wants to maybe use Linus and Charlie to take out Liam and his idol, but I do recognize that it is a little early to be making such a power move that could cause waves I can’t control. Luca agreed with my sentiment, but now Liam is on his radar which is all I wanted. That being said, I plan on asking what this supposed “big move” would’ve been and maybe I can use that as amno against Liam and gather some troops.


Also, I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE MADE THE SWAP AND SURVIVED MY FIRST ROUND IN IT! In most games, I am so used to being voted out just short of a swap due to either being a threat socially or being a non-factor physically that making it to this point is anything and everything I wanted! Everyone here is the best and I’m exciting to make some more friends and hope I can make it even further and make some more <3



YOU FUCKING IDIOT YOU HAD ONE JOB GODAMMIT love me saying it's all good to adam and that im not mad that it was an honest mistake BUT IM FUCKING PISSED DUFHDHFIDSF we even said like 3 times "make sure you have the right thread" like come on adam, it isnt that hard.... now we're probably gonna lose so rip. here's to hoping the other tribe fucks up even more!


LOOOOOOL WE (well adam) FLOPPED SO HARD AND STILL WON WOOOOO NO TRIBAL BUT PRAY FOR LINUS AND CHARLIE P AGAIN. here's to hoping the beauty's somehow separate, which probably wont happen but one can hope!


Day 15[]

Okay time to vote Adam out for fucking up shame but he's gotta go-*ed tribe fucks up* AHAHAHAH THANKS TIME TO HAVE A PARTY BITCHES WE'RE SAFE AGAIN F2 AND ME STILL GOT AN IDOL LETS FUCKING GO GO GO


We won ahhhhh! So today awaiting results I solidified an alignment with Sam which means once again I’m aligned with the whole damn tribe sans Charlie (it’s not official as of yet) lmao I’m not trying to be messy & overplay though , so I’m gonna keep being social and having good convos with people, only make moves when I need to & stay as lowkey as possible, pimp out my vote because my motto this season is “as long as it ain’t me” ✌🏽✌🏽I think that was my motto in Canada too lmao


Also Justin told me the Brawns idol has already been found idk if that’s the truth or not but I don’t really wanna be on a tribe this little at tribal with him for him to potentially idol me out I rather more targets be around. I’m still gonna guess just so I can confirm for myself tbh I also wanna branch out and make relationships with everyone I don’t really wanna stick with tribal lines that’s corny BUT with Konrad leaving it has me thinking that maybe it might be the Brawns & Beauties trying to team up against the Brains (which doesn’t make sense for the Brawns because the beauties have the most numbers out of all 3 tribes so the brains can be swings for them and The Brawns still have numbers over us + none of us have the idol as far as I know). But if that’s the case and people are gonna team up against us, I need to start swaying loyalties and forming/reinforcing the relationships I have now and making new relationships so yeah (damn that was long lmao)


Also something else to address: I said in a VL confessional that I miss Konrad, Hesh and Maddie. It may be weird but I do miss talking to them on a daily basis BUT don’t mistake of thinking I regret my game moves to vote them out because I don’t. I can miss somebody’s company but not regret voting them out because ultimately I think both were the right move for me. When y’all see this @ Maddie and Hesh because I didn’t vote Konrad out, the move wasn’t personal it was straight game but I’m not begging for friendship that’s for sure just an FYI 😊😊


I think either Nicole or Liam is running things and I can’t tell which. Nicole definitely puts on that she has the run of the castle, like when she said there “maybe I’ll just go for Charlie tonight”. My guess though is this is her first non mini org, because she managed to move herself out of the position of the person I want to tell my plans to. My prediction is that she’ll be blindsided this game because despite being a gamebot I don’t think she (yet) knows how to read people well. I came onto this tribe very clearly looking to cling onto someone, and I think had she played her cards better that could have been her, even if she was disingenuous, I was desperate. Liam on the other hand I made less of an effort with due to us having much less even sleep schedules, but he I think instantly saw what could be done to get a long term ally out of me. The issue is, I need to see where Liam’s head is at first. He’s making the right moves at every step and I genuinely don’t think anyone even realizes that he’s probably the one determining boots right now. Next up we have Hannah, I trust Hannah to some extent (she’s been a lot more genuine than Nicole, and I but a lot more open then Liam). The issue with Hannah is I don’t know if she’s abrasive enough to make what she wants a reality when it comes to saving me if she is being real and wants to take me to merge. Then we have Augusto. Augusto is obviously near the bottom of the beauties, that’s no secret. I get along with the guy well enough, but what makes me hesitant to make a move with him is I think he’s genuinely oblivious to the fact that his own tribe wants to target him when they get a chance, especially Nicole, and I’m worried bringing that information to him could blow up on me, but it could also make him the perfect candidate to flip. Then we have Luca, who is self described as not being around as much as he’d like to be. We’re both winners and I think we click pretty well (he actually told me some personal stuff which I think is a good sign, but I feel it would be rude to him to go into details in case he wants it private). The issue here is, I feel like he is sort of out of the loop like Augusto, only he is self aware enough to know he’s one of the last ones information gets relayed to. He’s also indecisive (like a lot of beauty people are). I proposed us forming an alliance and he said he didn’t even know who he’d want to add, which either means he doesn’t trust his tribe, or he doesn’t trust me, and either way that’s not great news for the cause of saving my ass.


Hooray! We have immunity from tribal for the second time in the row! Haven't made a confessional in a while so here's my lil personal recap.

So our swapped tribe. Claire is with me and I am soooo happy about that. Andre is here which I don't feel too great about because I know how sneaky and against me he really is compared to what I had previously thought. Tyler is a weird one in the sense that I know he's quite the opportunist and would goes with the majority or whatever's best for his game, which is fair, just not good for my own game.

As far as the new faces on this tribe, overall I like them a lot more and I find them easier to talk to. I will admit though that I'm a lot less restrained on myself. Rather than trying super hard to be normal and not weird, I'm just letting it all out and showing my actual personality and if they don't like it, then that's whatever. I think that honesty is helping me socialize a little because it actually sounds like I'm having fun rather than pretending to have fun.

Justin is interesting because I do have fun talking to him but we don't... talk that much? Idk. Charlie is cool. He's kinda playing up how hold he is even though he really isn't that much older. He seems cool though! I can't really guess anything about him as a player. He seems loyal but as far as I know he can be super smarmy. Sam is cool I guess. It's kinda weird talking to him because he's a lot different from most of the players interest wise. Don't know how else to word that. Adam is also... cool (my vocabulary isn't that expansive sorry). He's friends with Jenna M who I adore so we have that to bond over at least.

So the first challenge rolls over in a flash and I don't even get a chance to contribute. I feel super bad about this of course because I've been seldom participating in the last few challenges. Really didn't want to make a bad impression on my new tribe mates after all. On the bright, it was an opportunity to make up some social bonds with that new relaxing environment that the immunity brought. Rather uneventful week. Poor Konrad though. Dude got fucked lol

Second week aka the most recent one. Immunity time and I really don't want to lose so I become a little more assertive than I'd like in tribe chat on how the challenge could be made easier. Considering how many fuck ups we had in practice, anything I could do to make it so we win was required. Of course, we still managed to fuck up in the challenge because Adam posted in the wrong thread the entire time. We still won though which is fucking comedic. If we did go to tribal though, I would have definitely thrown out Adam's name with no mercy. I don't really care that much that he messed up the posting. I mean it's not like him messing up this one challenge means anything about his future performance but, emotions were really tense after his fuck up. It would've been so easy to set him up for the vote. That being said, I am glad we won because Adam seems a bit loyal to me. For now.


So I'm starting to regret telling Hannah Luca and Adam about my Idol. Not that I don't trust them but I didn't need the idol to gain their trust. And we might be strong now looking forward who knows what I'll want to do or they will and I think if they ever wanna go against me, the fact that they know about my handle is a huge disadvantage to me. Honestly I'm not sure what I wanna do going forward but if there is ever a point where one of us wants to go against the other and blindside them, I would definitely have to be the one to do that first, because Luca and Hannah are good and if they tell others that I have an idol I've been hiding, it's not gonna look good for me. So idk what the fuck I was thinking when I told them. Anyway I'm feeling very good about the game right now. I did not want to lose this challenge because A. I wanted to build our relationship with the brawns and that's gonna be tougher now that one of them is gone. And B. This just forces us to win even more before the merge. We really don't have any room to give, maybe one more loss max. I'm trying to make Linus stay loyal to me by telling him we have no choice to buy vote off one of them. It's probably not gonna work but I gotta give it a shot. By the way Charlie is acting I think he kinda knows he's going tonight and I always find it funny the way you see people's attitude change when they know they might go home tonight . They go from cunning and serious play, to nervous scrambling, emojies, and bad jokes written by someone's 5th grade brother. That to me will never get old. Hopefully this vote is Taylor swift and easy just like the other 2, and we win the next challenge. After that, who knows


And yet again the 2 brawn's and stinky beauties are back to tribal council. Honestly this swap has been a living hell hole for me and Im not sure Im getting out of this hole that those damn lamps put me in.

Currently its me and Linus from brawn and the 5 beauties in Liam, Luca, Hannah, Augusto and Chaiki. The vote seems to be between me and Linus because the beauties suck but Im trying my hardest to put the vote on Linus as its me or him tonight. They may not be the brains but it would make sense for the beauties to split the vote on me and Linus and ensure one of us going tonight.I really dont think Linus has and idol but if he does well goodbye.

What ive been working off of right now is that Justin had the idol so they have no reason to split. This may seem stupid but it does 3 things that are god for me now. 1) Linus has the idol they vote him and he idols 2) they are inclined to not put votes on me 3) they see me as a man they can trust even though Im telling them absolute bullshit.

Either way I'm gonna fight till I'm out of here and I may just have to knock of Linus' king crown to get there.

–Charlie P

While our tribe lost the challenge, I do think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m, well, safe! My game at the current moment is a bit like cruise control due to my connections with my entire tribe. They have allowed me to stay steady and while my name has been written twice already, it was really because I wanted that to happen in some capacity. My strategy so far has been pretty unique and it seems to be working, which is fun cause that never happens! In terms of this vote, Charlie P is pretty much going home like Konrad did, he doesn’t have numbers or really much of a social game with the rest of the tribe (although, I think I have connected with him more than everyone here, albeit it not that much). This vote is fairly easy, but as for the next one… I’m not so sure ;)