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The Player of the Season is selected by the hosts for their strong gameplay during the season. This person will usually be selected because the hosts felt like the played the best game of that season, whether they won or lost. 

List of Players of the Season[]

Season Winner Runner-up
Survivor: Wales Susie.jpg SusieQS Brittnayy.png Brittanyy N
Survivor: Africa Natalie.png Leelong2012 Kevin as cash.png KevDog660
Survivor: Italy Dominique.png RubyMistress Nuno.png LudicoManao
Survivor: Australia Jessy Kinalla.png JessyPop Not Announced
Survivor: Mongolia Bailey.jpg VogtOut Jace.png 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88
Survivor: Japan WesJapan.png Staticburst WillJapan.png Willfc3
Survivor: Chile HeatherChile.jpg Heatherjac TylerPChile.png Typoirier
JaceChile.jpg 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88
Survivor: Resurgence PerryS8.png Thatsmyidol BryceS8.png B7yc3
Survivor: Canada SzymonCanada.png Moonsik TylerRCanada.png ForeverTyC
Survivor: Isla Del Sol ZaneS10.png AlmightyTodd IvanS10.png IvanLaurence
Survivor: Minoan Empire SarahS11.jpg Jadedgeekgirl UgniusS11.jpg UgniusS
Survivor: Skye Islands DomAS.png RubyMistress EvanAS.png NWTSEvan
Survivor: Siem Reap JulianS13.png Jpowers76 CharleyS13.png Dangrayne
NathanS13.png Jtiathericequeen
Survivor: Tokelau SoraS14.png TLazyS KimS14.png Kim.Huong
Survivor: Socotra BryceS15.png Brycer2 LexusS15.png HexusLerren
Survivor: Papua New Guinea Bas16.png Lan1990 Linh16.png Halinhvn
Survivor: Antarctica MihaiS17.png Mihai22 JoshS17.png Heyjoshua
Survivor: Visayas AmirS18.png amir6661 DuskS18.png DuskofSkulls
Survivor: Sumbawa DanielleS19.png Danipero32 LinusS19.png Radfiddler
Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains SoraHvV.png TLazyS SzyHvV.png Moonsik
Survivor: Kerala JakeS21.png DatStafford TuckerS21.png Mymixtapeisfire
Survivor: San Marcos ClaudiaS22.png Claudiaprescott AustinS22.png Broyate
Survivor: El Salvador GevonteES.jpg TotalDramaNaruto MiguelES.jpg TheSoleSurvivorCY
Survivor: Caracol AnnabelleCaracol.png Brighterblu ForrestCaracol.png HawkHD
Survivor: Resurrection CharlieS25.png Charchkii Not Announced
Survivor: Chaos DavidS26.png hobandav ArasS26.png Sfarasxx
Survivor: Bora Bora TorsaS27.png zombijou Not Announced
Survivor: Carthage S28Nadine.png cinnanie S28Danielle.png danielle1123
Survivor: Hallasan CammyS29.png Cammywoop AllyS29.png Allyreyes
SamS29.png Sami 171
Survivor: Legends AlissaS30.png AlissaMarinxo Not Announced
SamS30.png Sami 171
Survivor: Byzantium S31Priscilla.png Prisceel S31Luca.png JohnBatman
Survivor: Kiribati SammyS32.png Sitys AliettaS32.png Queen Alietta
Survivor: Tibet S33Damien.png Kjbi Not Announced
Survivor: Romania S34Julia.png xjuliarae S34Anthony.png Eatemuptigs
Survivor: Mount Olympus CammyS35.png cammywoop NicoleS35.png Nicol Stone
Survivor: Mohenjo Daro S36Lex.png Wkze S36Antoine.png Ant362
Survivor: Egypt DavidS37.png Hobandav TaraS37.png seisle
Survivor: Rhineland S38Annajane.png Annajane S38Tobi.png StarGuardianTobi
Survivor: Poveglia JordanS39.png jordanpines1 ScottS39.png scootytoots
NataliaS39.png Colombiana22
JohnS39.png Katanashark
Survivor: Annihilation S40Grace.png Soulscriptxd Not Announced
Survivor: Phi Pan Nam TylerPPN.png Tycar5694 ShanePPN.png ShaneKenaston
Survivor: Mexico MontyMexico.png awildmonty ColeMexico.png ColeTheBoat
Survivor: San Andrés S43Andrew.png Agonzo7988 Not Announced
S43Mackie.png Chronic Messiah
Survivor: Age of Victoria S44 Isaiah.jpg Isaiah958 Not Announced
Survivor: Mount Vesuvius S45Isaac.png Turbofrog S45Sam.png Drachus10
Survivor: Meanjin S46Catnip.png Catnipfields S46Morgan.png Powerofdeath


  • Susie is the first person to earn this award.
  • Bailey is the first male to win this award.
  • Domonique, Sora, Cammy, and David have won this award twice.
  • Susie, Natalie, Domonique, Perry, Sora, Nadine, Cammy, and David are the only Sole Survivors to be Player of the Season and simultaneously win the season.


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