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Day 30[]

I can't afford to be against Mihai at this point. He's really upset that we kept the Andrew vote secret from him when it really wasn't a secret. I told him before I voted that me and JR are switching votes to Andrew in case of a tie and I hope he believes me because that's honestly The Truth™. I'm trying my best to do damage control on him and I really hope he isn't mad at me. It's bad enough to piss off someone that HAS an idol. Now we're down to Final 6 and I'm in the middle of a power struggle. JR and Jamie wants to vote off Mihai and Mihai wants to vote off Jamie. I would have to choose a side this vote and this vote is very crucial whether I'll make it to FTC or flop. In my mind I know that the best person to take out right now is Mihai but if he wins this immunity then it'll be a tossup. I'm looking at the end game right now and I have the biggest chance in winning if I make it to FTC with original Ferrar, but I also don't feel good backstabbing my closest friend in this game. I've already done it once and it was my downfall and I'm trying to make the smartest possible move every round and this round's tribal council is what I fear the most. I need to win Immunity again. The only person that can beat me in challenges are Jamie and Mihai. I've already beat them a couple of times, I can do it again.


Oh my god! Final 6!!! I'm so close to the end I can taste it. Last tribal was messy with a 3-2-1 vote. That was amazing. It would have been 3-2-1-1 which is even better but whatever.

Anyway, I have to win this immunity. I don't know why but I think I have to. Maybe it's because I'll have more power and confidence to control this vote. You see, my plan is to split the vote to 2-2-2 for Mihai, Marc and Chrissa. My target in this scenario, as much as it pains me to say, is Mihai. I can't win if I'm with him in the finals because people perceive him to be the one making moves. That's the same case with Josh.


So confessional time I think at this point I might be the name people throw they got rid of Andrew who despite probably saying my name last was the last person who was not on the opposite side of me in this game and so I am gonna try to win immunity but I am also mentally ready for anything


So, I think Mihai and I are on the chopping block, I guess those 3 will go for him now and will go for me afterwards, so our only chance is try to get Chrissa with us and try to force a tie. I don't know whether will work or not because I don't trust Chrissa, but we must try or die, otherwise we all know who will go to the finale.


Day 31[]

Jamie leaving screws up my game big time. I was already planning to take Mihai out and now it seems to be impossible. Right now, I'm just hoping for a final 2 since that's my only chance of winning. If that's not possible, then my only move would be to go with Mihai and Josh to the end and hope for the best


I'm so sick of losing challenges. I mean it's not like I suck challenges, it's just that I'm always so close but even if I try hard it's still not enough. I want to at least go into tribal knowing that I have zero percent chance of getting voted out. Anyway, enough about challenges. Tribal council is tonight and right now, it seems to be between Chrissa and Marc. Honestly, I don't care who goes home as long as it's not me. Before tribal, Josh approached me today and he offered me a final 2 deal with me. Obviously, I said yes but there's no way in hell I'm going to honor that deal if I ever has the chance to take him out. Also, I'm pretty sure he offered the same deal with Mihai. Having said that, I'm working my way towards making a deal with Mihai just in case he wins out at the end to cover my ass.

In a perfect world, my endgame plan would be: 5th-Marc/Chrissa, 4th-Mihai/Josh, 3rd-Mihai/Josh, 2nd-Marc/Chrissa, 1st-Me (duh!). Of course, since this scenario is only for a perfect world, there are miracles that must be done for this to occur in the real world. First, this season has to be a final 2. Second, I have to win the last two immunities. And third, I need to be able to convince the entire jury that I played this game and I didn't just follow people. Sounds easy right?