"Pricked My Finger on the Wheel"
Season Survivor: Tokelau
Episode Number 7/16
Episode Chronology
Previous Pick Up That Hatchet
Next She Reeks with Goatentcial

Pricked My Finger on the Wheel is the seventh episode of Survivor: Tokelau.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Reward Challenge: Hexagon

Winners: Lunata.

Immunity Challenge: Sabotage.

Winners: Atafu & Toloa.

Tribal Council[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 8: Lunata[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 8:
Austin (3 votes)
Chris, Danielle & Yannick
Chris (2 votes)
Austin & Blaine

Voting Confessionals[edit | edit source]

Let's hope this works. YAS.


I was willing to let everything go, but you had to stir the pot. I wasn't able to send you home during Hawaii, but hopefully this vote finally sends you packing


Austin sweetie it's either you or me going tonight, and just know I don't go down w/o a fight


austin, youre a super sweet guy but we dont talk in pms and chris told me to vote you out. plus, im probs going this week, so w/e


You're next Toloa


Final Words[edit | edit source]

I expected this, but I'm obviously still disappointed. I have a few things to say to my tribe mates Chris: I don't know how you do it?? How do people trust you after your history on the org but good on Ya. Blaine: I'm rooting for you, the only one on Lunata to stick with me and it means a lot. And lastly, Yannick, you're dumb as fuck. You really think you can trust Chris and he won't slit your throat if he has to?¿ Honestly go fuck yourself. If you wanna help Chris get further to the end so be it but damn are you stupid, fuck you Yannick. Fuck. You.


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