Prisoners Of War is the 8th aired episode of season 1 of 703 ORG Network's The Elementals.


For a complete plot of Prisoners Of War, go here.
Hannah and Austin make a move against Drew, which results in their capture, leaving Alissa, Zak and Charlie to rescue them.

Main CastEdit

  • Austin Williams
  • Alissa Graf
  • Charlie Tchotchke
  • Drew Mikaelson
  • Hannah Strarrup
  • TJ Apostol
  • Zakriah Razzak


  • Spellcasting: Drew uses this form of magic to increase his strength tenfold from the 2nd spellbook.
    • Infernal Magic: Drew uses this form of magic to reach a new level of strength, but it begins to control and corrupt him.
    • Concussive Force: Due to the stronger magical forces inside of him, Drew can use a more powerful form of his blasts, which are much more destructive.
    • Force Field Generation: Drew uses this power to form a energy shield to trap Austin and Hannah in the basement.
  • Hydrokinesis: Austin used this in combination with Hannah's Geokinesis to break through Drew's shield.
  • Geokinesis: Hannah used this in combination with Austin's Hydrokinesis to break through Drew's shield.
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