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Day 31[]

Loren's gone, yay. If I had been blindsided this vote I would have looked like such a moron with my hammy speech. I've still got my idol, and three votes to use it. I hope Indingai sticks with voting out Kilimbit, I can save my idol for the final 5 vote and I'll be very close to the end. I'm a little worried though, I think JT's closest with Shellie/Erin, and I know Shellie and Erin are close, so maybe I'm screwed when it comes down to the five.


Day 32[]

Day 33[]

So fucking boring. No one talks to me about the vote at tribal Maybe people think my vote doesn't matter. OMG I think it's true 'cause right now it's like me against the world lol :). Im so happy that i have this immunity necklace and i can't wait to see the votes tonight haha. What if someone goes home by my vote, it's so interesting :)


Ok so I basically said everything that was on my mind and if the minions of purple don't do anything then they are a lost cause. I didn't survive 33 days with these people just to seem them float their way to second place and hand Bas the title! I have my idol and that whole speech wasn't a last goodbye it was my last shot at making a new majority that hopefully could get me deeper into the game! I'm in the same exact position as Erin was when they were plotting to split the vote on her and Fabi so in that situation I told her then in return she told me they were splitting on me and Fabi. I'm getting so many messages right now with people spilling the beans and coming to me which is just what I intended. I might even play my idol as one big middle finger to that alliance because Purple can burn as far as I am concerned. I think I have done enough to form a new majority because right now I'm hoping that Purple will crumble and mass panic will consume them. I didn't come here to mess around that's for sure!


please token God's find your way to my hands I need you


Once again they wanna give me some votes but I just hope that JTs speech put a bit more of a target on him.. and he also wants to go after bas so I hope ist between those 2


So JT's decided to frame me as the 'mastermind' of the alliance. I love that position and I think in general I try to take that role in games, but I felt like I've done a good job not coming off as too bossy/ in charge at all. But apparently not, lol. I'm pretty sure I've still got a majority, but I don't have enough people to do a split, and there are votes coming my way. So I'm worried my second idol's having to come out


okay so trying to get my head around these people. We say stay original strong but two flippers but the others can't see that. I just don't get how these people are social butterfly's and know. And I sit here knowing either way I go I'm screwed. My heart is loyalty to my original day one person. But I also don't feel she (Erin) is using her head. I know she has played before and I'm laying back to watch how these work but I think after this vote if I'm still around I'm doing something else