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Day 9[]

No Confessionals Were Made On This Day

Day 10[]

Tribal stinks but it is what it is. I'm kind of not surprise but at the same time a little surprise, I did tell her that she has a 50-50 chance of leaving and for the outcome kind of not expect that she be a little bitter. Last thing she say that Tylers going to destroy me, kind of made me nervous but who knows. I mean he might in challenges but for a strategic stand point, not really. I'm not sure where the tribe swap is gonna go we'll most likely get dissolve and could be at the bottom of the barrel, but whatever happens I'm ready. I mean Luzon all made final six with one being final three, maybe that person could be me


I'm ecstatic we won immunity today. No tribal trouble so I can just sit back and relax. Anyway, I'm doing some number crunching on when the swap and merge will occur. Since we're going down to 13 NOT on Redemption after this, I'm gonna guess the swap will be at 12 with the final pre merge duel happening when there are 10 people not on RI so I just have three possible Tribals to survive until the merge. No problem. Now that I've said that, I'm gonna ge 12th


Day 11[]

So much for slacking off in the challenges. Right when I decide I need to lay off a bit, not only is a double tribal thrown at us but also the possibility for a HII clue. I decided that I absolutely needed to win that clue. Our tribe is a beast at challenges, so we will not be sending many people to redemption which means there are not many opportunities for someone to give me clues. Having just one clue cuts down the possible answers by a ton. In other news it seems we were wrong with our choice to vote off Jaylen. Evie is as inactive as ever. It’s time to put the backpack on and carry her. Hopefully if she ever becomes active again she will thank us for that and pay us back with her loyalty.


Unsurprising we lost the challenge and either Allison or Tyler are going home. Allison is not here often and shes not that great at challenges and Tyler is always here, great at challenges and he gives us idol clues but the problem is, we don't know if they are the real clues.