Day 11Edit

Great a swap...Ha...ha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Luca is honestly amazing. We talked a bunch today, and he's incredibly open, and it's clear he trusts me. I can see us sticking together long term, both within and outside the game. He even called me "mature." Wow. No one EVER calls me "mature" in this community. Luca honestly made my day, and I hope he realizes how amazing he is.


So we're swapping, and on the one hand it'll be sad to say goodbye to the beauties since I love almost all of them, but on the other hand it's good that we're splitting before we have to go to a second Tribal and vote another member of our happy beautiful family off. This is probably the most stressful swap I've ever been through. Augusto looked at the tribe color template on the wiki (what a game changer) and found a new tribe on it, meaning we'll be swapping into four tribes of four. YIXES. Being on a tribe of 5 is stressful enough, but going to Tribal Council on a four person tribe sounds like a NIGHTMARE. And the smaller the tribe, the bigger the chances of getting swapfucked. A large tribe like two tribes of 8 would probably be a mix of all three brain brawn and beauty groups, but a small tribe of 4 could easily be 3-1. The thought of being the 1 absolutely terrifies me. Going premerge in my last newbie shot on the "big 3" would be absolutely devastating. The good news is I (and later Liam) suggested in the tribe chat that the beauties who get the best swap positions should throw to save the ones who get swapfucked, and the other beauties seemed to agree it was a good idea. But nobody likes going to Tribal even when it's safe, so I'm not counting on them to actually do it. I know if I get a good swap position, I probably won't do it. Well, I'm really hoping I can survive to the merge and make it further than I did in Bali. We'll find out.




I highkey just lost my most important ally (Adam). Goddamnit out of everyone it had to be him. One of Hannah/Luca/Augusto/Liam has the idol and its super concerning since they could turn and screw the rest of us over. I told Konrad all of this infomation hopefully it wasn't a dumb move. He's alone right now since he's the only person from the smart tribe here and I feel like after our tribe throws the challenge we're going to go for someone from the strong tribe since they're bigger threats to us when merge happens.


Not what I was hoping for... I've been put with 2 of my tribe members, which in theory should seem good, but in reality it just gives the other 5 an excuse to band together and vote us out... gotta start making connections with people which is what I'm good at in Survivor. Make sure this doesn't happen! I love Sam and Justin but at the end of the day my strategy is always "anyone but me"...

Also worrying that Claire is on my tribe. I really hope she doesn't gun for me after Tahiti....

–Charlie W

Byzantium has always been a place of power shifts and rampage, so I wouldn’t be shocked if this tribe swap doesn’t share the same legacy. The question is, would the power shift in my favor or would fate snuff my torch before I can even react? All the questions! I honestly hope I can stick with an Edessa majority for this stage of the game because I’ve built solid enough relationships to hopefully stay in a good position. A swap is start or end my game, so I better choose my lamp wisely or else my flame will go out.


help me great lord above

these people want us to throw immunities. premerge KALSKDJ why not like try for them and let the other tribe vote out people we haven't talked to


I’M QUAKING WITH ANXIETY RIGHT NOW! I was debating between Lamps 7 and 16 because they are my lucky numbers but decided to go with number 8 for whatever reason and I’m so glad I did or else I would’ve been swapfucked to no end. Adam unfortunately did get swapfucked and I hope he can survive because the River Vixens are an iconic trio that need to make the next swap or merge together.


On the New Edessa Tribe, we have 5 Beauties in myself, Luca, Hannah, Liam, and Nicole. We also have 2 Brawns in Linus and Charlie P as well as a Brain aka Konrad. On paper, things are looking great for me! That being said, if things feel fishy I might jump ship in some capacity cause I know Liam is a bit of an interesting player and my connection with Nicole isn’t the strongest. At the moment, I want to focus on getting close with the new tribe members so they don’t see me as a major target or liability down the road. I hope I can charm them enough to want to work with me but if not, oops.


Day 12Edit

Things have been relatively chill here on Edessa and it’s nice, I guess. I just feel my social ability is lacking a little bit when it comes to our new additions and it may just be me who isn’t feeling 100%. Charlie replies with super short stuff, Linus doesn’t seem fully interested, and Konrad is just weird haha. If I can’t sway them socially, I might have to do it strategically.Augusto

So the old Beauties wanted to throw this challenge to keep Adam safe, but guess we don’t have to cause the new Chalcedon tribe did THAT and murdered us in that challenge, like a bitch barely had time to breathe and look at the damn post! Good for them and equally as good for us! Now, we need a game plan when it comes to the vote and I do have a bit of my own agenda to push. I tried to take Linus’ name out of the running just because he’s an obvious target, whether it be now or at a merge. He’s a nice juicy shield that could protect me from getting a target on my back. He’s a dangerous player, but I do think if you are aware of the danger he could cause… it minimizes the damage he could make. In terms of Charlie and Konrad, I’d like to see Konrad go just because the Brains have the second most numbers overall plus Charlie and Linus are a package deal I could potentially use if need be. Now that my conversations with those two are getting way better, I myself feel way better about it.


So the Edessa Squad is facing a dilemma as we don’t know who to use as a scapegoat and I decided to be the team player I am and offer myself up as a name. Objectively, me constantly being a target makes it look like I’m at the bottom end of the totem pole and not that big of a player. It could also help form bonds if need be because people assume I’m a disposable number, so if we were to swap again or merge… I could be in a decent position. Who knows, I may be idol’d out because of this but sometimes you gotta risk it for the biscuit!Augusto

Day 13Edit

I'm in a very good position right now. Obviously I was worried about getting swap-fucked but with four members of my former tribe, and the majority I couldn't be in a better place. On top of that the three new members of my tribe seem very easy to manipulate and I don't think We're to have any issue voting them off and keeping the beauty tribe strong. We likely will just vote them off, but I've been talking with each of them all day today because I like to not only keep my options open, but the target off me. I never want opposing players, should they try to go against my alliance pick me is the target .I told Adam about my idol just before the swap and I'm kind of regretting that now because he's the only one that's not here but I don't think he'll tell anyone. The goal right now is to keep original edessa strong. I really like everyone from the tribe and I want to see us be the final six. The swap will be tough and who knows how long it will last but we have the majority and we're on the same page so I think if we can get through this and play our cards right we could enter the merge with the majority.


So things may be looking up for the brawns... initially we thought we were doomed, but Adam was super keen on working with us and made an alliance chat pretty quickly! Always sketches me out a bit when people do that but I'm taking what I can atm.

The main positive thing to report is that Claire told me and Sam that her and Pris felt on the outs cos there is a guys alliance. She has trust issues with us cos of Tahiti but we talked about it a bit yesterday and I feel like I can actually work with her now... it would be so great if this worked out. Tyler and Andre are both two of the biggest threats in the game so to get them out before merge would be hugeeeeee

–Charlie W

Alright so this is way over due, but it's time for a real confessional about whats going on in the life of sam in byzantium rather than just posting a lot of vls. so far my main objective in this game has been solely focusing on creating strong 1 on 1 relationships with everyone i meet. im trying my best not to talk game except when i have to go to tribal, and just talk about anything with anyone depending on their interests. and honestly, ive been having a lot of fun with it. ive been genuinely enjoying getting to know everyone ive met in the game so far, and i also think game-wise it's put me in a decent position. i mean it definitely put me in a power position on chalcedon 1.0, but those days are over. at first with this swap i thought i was gonna have to fight real hard to stay if we lose, and though that might still be the case, ive managed to get in an alliance with the 3 OG chalcedons and adam, who seems eager to work with us. i also figured out that claire and pris were seemingly on the bottom on treb 1.0. they told me how there was an all male alliance and that if hesh hadnt gone all crazy n shit, one of claire or pris were going to leave that tribal. and claire has told me she actually wants to work with me this game, since we had some real talks over the typical hey, how are you? talks. she went straight into game and charlie told me she told him the exact same shit, so the dots are connecting. im still praying for linus and charlie p over on edessa 2.0 though, since those are 2 close allies of mine, esp linus. although i have a bad feeling that linus is gonna take the boot but we'll see, im hoping for the best. as of right now though my number one is charlie w, as he and i get along REALLY well and tell each other everything (well he doesnt know about my idol, but then again neither does anyone else). all in all, im feeling pretty solid so far in this game. and obviously that could change at any second but for now, i would just like to keep this win streak going on haha. but if we do end up losing soon, hell maybe even this next challenge, ive got a good feeling me and my allies will be able to survive, and ive been having a hell of a time. we got a lot of really chill people in this cast and ive had some great convos with them all!


With the tribal time extension, there’s more time to discuss the vote… but I seriously don’t want to cause it’s so awkward lying to people or not responding at all! Konrad messaged me asking if I knew anything about the vote and I didn’t want to lie to him, so I just didn’t respond hgfjdk. We need to get this vote over with, chop chop!


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