Returning Players of Big Brother UK
BBUK12Andrew.jpgBBUK12Andrea.jpgBBUK12Rhys.jpgBBUK12AllyR.jpgClaire, Dani, Julia, Andrew, Andrea, Rhys and Ally, all seven three-time returning players.
Survivor Gameplay
Description A twist where former housemates are brought back to the game for another chance against new housemates or other returning housemates.
Appearance(s) Big Brother UK 3
Big Brother UK 4
Big Brother UK 6
Big Brother UK 7
Big Brother UK 10
Big Brother UK 12

The Returning Players twist in Big Brother UK offers the opportunity for former housemates who have won or been voted out to return for another shot at becoming a BBUK winner.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Big Brother UK 3 brought back 5 former housemates on the basis of them being “robbed” in their original season.
  • Big Brother UK 4 brought back 2 former housemates who were believed to have the ability to perform better a second time around.
  • Big Brother UK 6 brought back 20 former housemates from the first five seasons as “All-Stars” in an all returnee season.
  • Big Brother UK 7 brought back 4 former housemates on the basis of them being “robbed” in their original season.
  • Big Brother UK 10 brought back 14 former housemates to compete against 14 new players.
  • Big Brother UK 12 brought back 24 former housemates from the first eleven seasons as “All-Stars” in an all returnee season.

Success in the Game[edit | edit source]

Returning Players by Season[edit | edit source]

Season Returned to Future Season Season Returned to Future Season
BBUK1.jpg BBUK1Kassy.jpgBBUK2Alissa.jpgBBUK1Malik.jpg
BBUK2.jpg BBUK2Tom.jpgBBUK2Winter.jpgBBUK2Wendy.jpg
BBUK3.jpg GloriasroomBBUK3Dani.jpgBBUK3Asa.jpg
BBUK4.jpg BBUK4Anna.jpgBBUK4Miguel.jpgBBUK4Eddie.jpg
link= Charchkiilink= KathyzapiltnyBBUK4Zach.jpgBBUK4Regan.jpg
BBUK5.png JennamaclennanBBUK5Will.jpgBBUK5Aras.jpgWhitneyBenson
BBUK6Logo.png BBUK6Claire.pngBBUK6Andrew.pngBBUK6Winter.png
22090128 507729076252385 515427662823050405 n.jpg AllyBBUK7.pngRhysBBUK7.pngJaymeBBUK7.png
23794930 529937750698184 2069315157773361994 n.jpg HalsBBUK8.jpgLouiseBBUK8.jpgWillowBBUK8.jpg
9Logo.jpg BBUK9Victor.jpgBBUK9Nic.jpgBBUK9Emily.jpg
10Logo.jpg BBUK10Rhys.jpgBBUK10Cammy.jpgBBUK10Zack.jpg
BBUK11Logo.jpg BBUK11Luke.jpgBBUK11Jake.jpgBBUK11Nathaniel.jpg
BBUK12Logo.jpg Current Season
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