Day 12[edit | edit source]


THEY ALL LIED TO HIM TOO?! The heck? They're just as guilty





Two tribal councils in a row where my #1 ally has been voted out by someone I thought I could trust. Blah.


I hope these motherfucking rats know that I'm playing t he r e s t of this fucking Goddamn game for ash

when I fucking win this fucking thing. Ash wins too. fuck you


if you don't have car insurance you better have dental bECAUSE IM GONNA SMASH YOUR TEETH INTO

DUST Brian in this game? Dead to me. Ty? Dead to me in general. Dani? Follower, dead to me. Jess? You're my new number 1. Ride or die bitch ride or die.


it's gonna be me and jess in the fucking finals and there's nothing that will stop me. Ash was literally the

only person in the entire game I felt comfortable talking to and she was the only person there making sure I was doing everything right and I feel like but making her trust Brian I completely let her down. Her entire blindside tonight was my fault and I know it. I just wish luck was on our side a little bit more. Our luck was just way too unbelievable


Zak, why do you keep trusting Brian? He's been against us from the very beginning, he forwards everything

you tell him to our main target, why do you continue to give him information? Why do you continue to trust him? Can you imagine FDR doing that? ""Y'know, Hideki Tojo may have bombed Pearl Harbor, and he may have committed atrocities in China, and he may be allied with Hitler, but y'know, I think we can trust him. He's different."


So this game just took a huge turn for me. Ash, who only happens to be my best friend, as well as my

closest ally, was just blindsided. So now she probably feels like a failure because people like Lex and Ty get to move forward and she doesn't. *sigh* I don't think they understand what they just got themselves into. If I'm coming for someone, they can't escape it. It's never happened before, it's certainly not starting now. Hell is about to break loose.


Ash blocked my ass, and that hurts a ton because I wanted to stay friends. But I guess... stay pressed,



This is funny. When y'all first announced we could apply for the next season, heroes vs. villains, I honest to

God was like ""hm. Me and ash have pretty much been CPN this entire time."" But now Oh boy now Now it's a different story. I will stop at nothing to make sure that these bitches made the worst mistake of their lives


mfw when Ty leaves Ash a 20 second clip of him laughing hysterically.dude is a psychopath



SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 6a



so basically what Brian did to me hurt me more than anything anyone has done to me in a long time.

But I made him cry so we're even. (Jk I'm genuinely incredibly upset at Brian being upset and I never wanted that. But he hurt straight up hurt me personally whether intentionally or not)


y'all may hate me or whatever but you're the only ones who do ;*

Here's how I'm gonna win even though I'm against 14 other players and 5 hosts :)


So my strategy with this Captain nomination was to try and get two people from the Cool Kids alliance to

be captains so our group of 6 could have 3 people on two alliances and easily take control of them :D . Sadly, I found out from Big mouth Zak that Ash's alliance had preemptively thought of that. So a lot of my work today was talking to them and making sure that even if the numbers don't turn out in the cool kids favour I can always swap over since I have a good relationship with them too as far as I can tell. Now, Josephine who I was close with was also playing a bit of my play everyone game I found out, apparently she is an official member of their alliance, while I hadn't heard from her that she was 😏 . Now, does it suck that she hid some info from me, yes obviously, but I've hid info from her too, and thats part of the reason our alliance works I think. If we were running telling each other about all our relationships I think one of our big mouths would screw it all up, but since there is some things we can keep hidden while still trusting each other, it allows us to control both sides and have each others back to an extent still. I've also made big gains into joining that side should I have to so ezpz.


My strategy with picking these teams is to be able to put myself in a majority alliance regardless of which

tribe I'm on, and be able to keep my large alliance with 3 on each tribe that I'm not on. I'm trying to force Lex into choosing Tribe 1, which if they were to lose, Ty/Lex/Linus would have majority, but they would vote out expendable people in our alliance or potential swing votes. If I get stuck on that tribe, I can go with Ty/Linus or Josh/AJ. The same thing goes for if Brian picks tribe 1. On tribes 2 and 3, I put 3 people each from our alliance with 1 person from the opposing alliance. I'm trying to force Brian into choosing team 3, so if teams 2 or 3 leave, it leaves us with a 3-2 or 4-1 majority on either tribe, with an expendable player in the 4 majority if something crazy goes down. I don't know if that makes sense but that was my thinking.


Day 13[edit | edit source]

Okay, so my team was not exactly what I wanted, but I at least have Dani. Maybe I can convince people to

keep me longer. Who knows?


me and Tyler got on call a few hours ago and had like, a long call. He told me everything that happened on

the Ash vote on his perspective... This could be me making another huge mistake but I'm gonna cling to Tyler....for now. I feel like he trusts me so much that he's comfortable enough for him to tell me the idol clue...which he did but i fucked up and forgot what it was because he said it on call and i have lousy memory. But yeah, Tyler could very well be my Mihai in this game. A huge threat, very social. Sounds like a perfect player I can hide behind to!



SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 6b-0



I'm wet... and not in the good way.

SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 6c


im gonna need Lexus or Joshua to get online because I'm not trying to lose our lead! I stayed up until 6 AM

playing this shit :S


Girl I love you Lexus, but please don't turn inactive on me :S I've seen less and less of you as the season

has been progressing and you're like my ride or die chick.


This challenge is WAYYYY too close I'm about to shit myself


I highkey hate my tribe.

Also ""Well let me see what he thinksif we go to trihal hun wont lv u out in cold"" saaaaaaaaaameeeeeeee



Day 14[edit | edit source]

Man, this is going to be the toughest vote for me to make probably in any ORG I've played :( . I think Josh is

with Ty, which basically means I have to vote AJ out, but AJ is such a cool person who is putting his trust in me. Damn, as cocky and arrogant as I act at times I let myself get way to personal with my votes sometimes, and AJ is my only option, but I feel like such a scumbag right now, and whats worse I'm going to have to lie to his face until tomorrow 😭 . I hate this I hate this I hate this.


I'm honestly so confused about what to do for Tribal this round. Yesterday Linus came to me suggesting we

team up with AJ and go against Tyler and Lexus. Now, after the challenge Tyler asked me to get on call with him and Linus and they're talking about voting off AJ????? What??? I'm so confused with where Linus stands. Either way I'm not going against Tyler. Right now the plan should be voting off AJ. If we end up going to tribal again, Lexus is going. We should be merging at around 11 or 12 so honestly give us a challenge where we can win because after Lexus and AJ are gone idk if Tyler would keep me over Linus.


I'm a tryhard. Expect nothing less than perfection from me (except for in challenges).


AJ posted his vote in the tribal council group chat. Why does it look like every time we may make progress,

someone acts like a dumbfuck and ruins it for the rest of us. This is why we can't have nice things.


So this is basically the hardest vote I've had to cast in any org because AJ is such a great guy, and it's

scary because although I'm aligned with Ty I know this will give him all the power on the tribe should he decide to blindside me at a later date, but it's my only play right now :/ .


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