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The Season Fan Favorite is a special title selected by who the public deems the most popular or entertaining player. The public votes on a poll posted in the season's viewing lounge. After 24 hours, or the season's end, the winners are announced along with the Player Of The Season.

List of Season Fan Favorites[]

Season Winner Runner-up
Survivor: Wales Susie.jpg SusieQS Brittnayy.png Brittanyy N
Survivor: Africa Natalie.png Leelong2012 Kevin as cash.png KevDog660
Survivor: Italy Dominique.png RubyMistress Nuno.png LudicoManao
Survivor: Australia Jessy Kinalla.png JessyPop Tata Kinalla.png Tatasport
Survivor: Mongolia Bailey.jpg VogtOut Jace.png 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88
Survivor: Japan RichieJapan.png Richie-Bean WesJapan.png Staticburst
Survivor: Chile HeatherChile.jpg Heatherjac TylerPChile.png Typoirier
JessyChile.png JessyPop
Survivor: Resurgence PerryS8.png Thatsmyidol EmmaS8.png XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX
Survivor: Canada TylerRCanada.png ForeverTyC BjornCanada.png Bjorntobealive
Survivor: Isla Del Sol MinkeS10.png Minkemusical IvanS10.png IvanLaurence
Survivor: Minoan Empire SarahS11.jpg Jadedgeekgirl UgniusS11.jpg UgniusS
Survivor: Skye Islands DomAS.png RubyMistress SzymonAS.png Moonsik
NunoAS.png LúdicoManao
Survivor: Siem Reap HannahS13.png Hannah Banana23 CharleyS13.png Dangrayne
Survivor: Tokelau KimS14.png Kim.Huong DanielleS14.png Danipero32
Survivor: Socotra EvaS15.png Whatevereva NickS15.png NickCity
Survivor: Papua New Guinea Linh16.png Halinhvn Jessica16.png Drummelsmithjessica
Survivor: Antarctica NickS17.png YauManFan RhiannonS17.png MissPinkLegend
Survivor: Visayas AlissaS18.png AlissaMarinxo DuskS18.png DuskofSkulls
Survivor: Sumbawa JosephineS19.png Pozymandias DanielleS19.png Danipero32
Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains EddieHvV.png Eddie786™ EvaHvV.png Whatevereva
Survivor: Kerala AsaS21.png AsaKusuri KonstantinosS21.png Bolet36
Survivor: San Marcos ClaudiaS22.png Claudiaprescott JennaS22.png Jennamaclennan
Survivor: El Salvador MiguelES.jpg TheSoleSurvivorCY GevonteES.jpg TotalDramaNaruto
Survivor: Caracol AnnabelleCaracol.png brighterblu ShaquillaCaracol.png Mrszindependent
Survivor: Resurrection NathanS25.png jtiathericequeen JennaS25.png Jennamaclennan
Survivor: Chaos JakeS26.png rainbowbadge DavidS26.png hobandav
Survivor: Bora Bora TorsaS27.png zombijou TateS27.png tatehornford
Survivor: Carthage S28Danielle.png Danielle1123 S28Nadine.png cinnanie
Survivor: Hallasan CammyS29.png Cammywoop AllyS29.png Allyreyes
Survivor: Legends AlissaS30.png AlissaMarinxo EddieS30.png Eddie786™
Survivor: Byzantium S31Tyler.png ForeverTyC S31Claire.png xsonianevermindx
Survivor: Kiribati SammyS32.png Sitys RhoneS32.png Rhoneperegrine
Survivor: Tibet S33Liam.png Bleak Moonlight S33BigZ.png uprising1234
Survivor: Romania S34Anthony.png Eatemuptigs S34Rob.png Munchyoshi
Survivor: Mount Olympus CammyS35.png cammywoop JackS35.png Jackattack1234
Survivor: Mohenjo Daro S36Zack.png Zackbish S36Chieko.png BlackberryAndRaspberries
Survivor: Egypt DavidS37.png Hobandav TaraS37.png seisle
Survivor: Rhineland S38Chelsea.png Doublesea S38Anabel.png realsadbarbie
Survivor: Poveglia NataliaS39.png Colombiana22 ScottS39.png Scootytoots
Survivor: Annihilation S40Grace.png Soulscriptxd S40Andrea.png Andreageiget
Survivor: Phi Pan Nam ChloePPN.png Clohie AlexPPN.png MisterGohan
Survivor: Mexico LynnMexico.png Lynnnnnnnnn AngelMexico.png Mikegutsom84
LoganMexico.png Lolobird037
Survivor: San Andrés S43Jimbo.png JimboVA S43Mackie.png Chronic Messiah
Survivor: Age of Victoria Not Announced
Survivor: Mount Vesuvius S45Chloe.png Clohie S45Liam.png MapleAtNightxo
S45Tommy.png TommyRevolution
Survivor: Meanjin S46Gavin.png GavinTheGreatest S46Morgan.png Powerofdeath


  • Susie is the first person to earn this award.
  • Bailey is the first male to win this award.
  • Domonique, Jessy, Tyler, Alissa & Cammy are the only people to win this award twice.
  • Susie, Natalie, Domonique, Perry, Tyler, Linh, Cammy, David, Lynn, and Gavin are the only players to be Sole Survivors and Fan Favorite in the same season.
  • Nick and Shaquilla are the only premerge players to win this award.
    • Incidentally, the runner-up for the Fan Favourite Award that season, Rhi, was also a premerger.
    • Shaquilla is also the only player to be first person eliminated from a season and come in the top two for the Fan Favourite Award.
  • Dani and Jenna have both been runner-up for this award twice.


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