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Day 32[]

Waking up today at camp feels amazing, its day 32, we have 7 more days left out here, and Ally is gone!

I am beyond stoked, though now at this point of the game, having a plan to go to the final 3 with Christine and Torsa, I'm a little worried, I cant win against either of them, and feel more comfortable against Joey, Tate or Asa. I have to tread so carefully because if Christine and Torsa catch wind of my scrambling, I'm definitely screwed.


Day 33[]

YESSSSS GOD IS SO GOOOOOOOD!!!! I won f7 immunity and got ally out, then i got f6 immunity and with joey having the idol, the both of us are GUARANTEED f5!!!! i am fucking shaking in my boots ladies. also since tate give me immunity, i'm in no position to fuck him over so like i did last round, i'll keep it 100 with him this round. i was kinda shook he told me i'm his closest ally though aaah


I feel a little mixed right now. I'm happy to have beaten my Caracol placement and am at least guarenteed to make it to final 5, but I wish I could've been able to make a big move with my legacy advantage or something here. I don't think I'll even be getting any votes which is cool I guess but I'd rather play it and be safe rather than look like a complete idiot. On the other side of things it looks like everyone wants to go to the end with Torsa, and don't get me wrong she's iconic and I love her, but I feel like she's the biggest social threat left and if she makes it anywhere near there she'll win and it's like...I don't think the numbers are ever gonna be there to target her so I'm not entirely sure what to do about it...Then there's Tate who I have no idea what is happening with, I'm curious how he'll be perceived if he makes it that far, but then again he probably doesn't care so...I think my ideal final 3 would be me, Joey and maybe Asa? I have no idea where Asa is right now like I never talk to her and I never hear a mention of her from anyone else so maybe that can work in my favor? Not sure. Maybe I'm paranoid over nothing right now but I guess we'll see...