How did I get this far


I havee playing this really safe. I mean... the only reason I went to the DM was because I was p;aying live whileat a clas an I couldn' t verbally attack Nick. I am too sincere. Maybe I should inspect everyone when I become Sheriff. DONT SPILL MY BEANS VL <3


"Nick was confirmed to be last in the main match so he gave all of his money to Tom which kinda sucks but I've gotta deal with it.

To be honest, I was too hard on Kon with his move at Final 6, it probably was the correct move. I think he's in a really good position if Ben goes out."


"Well my Floating strategy has gotten me this far. Everybody else has been focused on winning the main matches while I've been focused on making sure I don't get picked for the DM. I'm the last remaining person who has not been to a death match but also the person with the least number of Main Match wins.

However, I think that this is as far as the strategy can go because at, Final 4, if I don't win the Main Match, I'm going to end up in the Death Match so I'm going to try my ass off.

I'm ready to lie and manipulate and show that Americans are not dumb!! (ok, I'm not even American, I'm Canadian. I'm just living in the US!!)"


Tom and Kon have been pretty rude to Carson now that he's gone about how he delayed the match, but with the exception of that one death match (Tactical Yutnori), I think Carson's probably been the first to submit for every match. I don't really see it.


This hiatus from the game is nice, it's been a little of a rough weekend but I'm ready to be back in it on tuesday!


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