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Day 23[]

So we got in this big fight in the chat yesterday and I am very pleased with how it went :^) Eve is a really insecure person so it was easy getting her to explode and reveal some things... I called Kyle a goat and he gave the perfect reaction because it was very evident how much it bothered him =D Aras and Wendy have officially flipped (this has been known) but Wendy still wants to work with me (so they say) Anyways, Eve has her side and I like to think of myself as having a bit of a posse too (though my side has no definite leader) Here is the breakdown of where people are on the spectrum of siding with Satan or Chaos's hero ;)

I left Kyle on read YESTERDAY and he is STILL bitching about it, I live for being under that boys skin.. but like why would I respond to him i legit have no interest in talking to him, especially since this is how it would go due to his lack of social skills

The player with the most power rn is actually Emily... Eve blindly and incorrectly assumed she could scoop that queen up with little to no effort (she is SO entitled) but Emily is a thinker. She knows she is just a number to Eve's army. She likes me and Jake, and even Elias. I would scream from excitement if Eve's tribe throws and Eli stays, LETS DO THIS EM~ILY~

"hi" "Hey Kyle! Whats up dude" "nothing" "ah gotcha man that can be relaxing though somtimes :P" "yeah hbu" "just at work! its a bit stressful but its keeping me busy" "cool" "yep!"

Things I will not HESITATE to expose if I go home: - aras's idol - aras and wendy's final 2 - that kyle is a loser - that nic is my new stan


Analyzing the ulterior motives of the players in the game and the potential twists always tends to be a fun game. At this point there's a lot of things to discuss. First and foremost I think this game has become divided between three trios and two outsiders. The trios consist of David, Elias and Jake who are the outspoken ones of the beavers, David and Elias are mainly the ones who I see as together, Jake is completely a wild card but I think he has finally come to the conclusion that he has nowhere else to go but with those two. Then is myself, Luca and Wendy, we occupy the middle almost, Wendy and I have been middle of the road and have friendships with both sides, and have also made moves that benefit both sides at different times, and both sides think we're pretty much loyal to them and don't have the balls to compare notes because if they openly tried to get rid of us we'd likely catch wind of it and sell them out. Luca is a slightly different story, he's solidly a beaver until the shit that happened with Jake and he feels as weirded out as I do. Luca and I have a lot in common and he's a really likable guy, he's been pretty under the radar due to being busy but now that he's in the same position as Wendy and I he's more with us. Then there's Eve, Kyle and Nic. I honestly have a whole new respect for Nic, he realized his mistakes of causing drama and has chilled out, and he can sit back and perceive now even with a self vote, keep in mind he was right about Jake the entire time too. Eve and Kyle are an emotional wreck and can't keep their cool in chats and are alienating the two wild cards (Emily/Mikey) which could very well cause rocks and take their game with them if they lose. Despite Eve's obvious hatred for male comp beasts would normally be something I'd take offense to (and I find it hypocritical, she's a female comp beast) but her and Kyle kept their mouths shut about the idol which means they clearly still trust me. Ugh, I wish I could vote all of them off :(


So I've made it to final 11! Shit went down in the tribe chat and if all goes well, David, Jake, and Elias will be the next 3 to go! David is so annoying saying I'm Eve's sheep when I'm literally planning to cut her later on, I just can't do it now!!!! Rn the plan is to throw the immunity challenge and get Elias out so I'm hoping we will be able to do that!!!!! I'm just glad David, Elias, and Jake have shown their true colors hiss hiss!


So basically I blew everything up because I'm at the bottom of my team anyway and it's about time for this stupid division to be over and threats to start going. I wanted this to happen a LOT sooner but Alex and Matthias wouldn't play ball when I brought it up so now the worst has happened and I'm sitting at the final 10-11 with a TON of comp beasts. So might as well stir shit because without it I'll be a dead ass drag or flop anyway.


Day 24[]

So the game has taken a couple of twists and turns at this point. Me, Aras and Luca seem to be a solid three and id really like to go far with these guys. Eve, myself and Kyle are the other trio I'm committed to and overall I trust them more, but Luca and Aras probably have more game influence so we'll see how that turns out.

Elias and Jake are snakes 🐍 in the grass 🌾 and not to be trusted. I want to trust David but I don't know... I feel like he trusts Elias over me which is very questionable. Emily and Mikey are just kinda there and Nic is still annoying. Not quite as insufferable but still annoying. I'm just praying (by Kesha) for a merge at this point like plz gawd 🙏


I've got a LOT to cover. I haven't done a confessional in a whileeeeee

So I'm put on a tribe with Alex/Mikey/Aras/Elias/Me. I'm paranoid that they're gonna throw the challenge but they don't soooooo I'm safe. Then we swap... Me/Emily/Eve/Kyle/Elias/Mikey There's a ton of drama because it's obv we're gonna throw the challenge to vote out Elias but lowkey I felt bad about that.

We end up losing and Elias gets immunity, fucking up our plans. It's an easy vote to vote out Mikey... or so Emily wanted us to think. She flips and we're tied. I don't wanna flip, or go to rocks, but I'd rather go to rocks

People are being ugly and condescending to me and it's ultimately what drove my decision to not flip. Y'all can't tell me what to do and disrespect me at the same time.

Sorry I've been so LAZY with confessionals my edit is probably so bad. Also people think Eve is some leader which... she's not lol up to this point i trusted emily the most... then she flipped.

The majority is supposedly cracking apart but i dont BUY it ive been told im an easy merge target cause of my self vote which is so cheap


So rip I couldn't get the immunity in time! (I tried) Elias won so our group of 4 is cutting Mikey I guess! I just hope no one flips :// This may be my last confessional pray it's not!!!


EMILY UR A FUCKING JELLYFISH U FLIP BACK AND FORTH OH BABY WHAT IS YOU DOING? I hope I'm rlly safe but apparently Mikey is going 3-1? Pray!