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Day 10[]

Confessional 6 - Day 10

IC3 results didn't go exaaactly how we wanted them to go, unfortunately. We lost 11-10, which was bound to happen eventually given all the close results, so whatever. It's not that bad of a thing, really, because now at least we get to see where alliances really stand and how everything is going to play out between the nine of us. I lost my own personal little challenge with Tyler and Uli. I kinda expected to lose that though, tbh, since that game was really annoying, and I didn't have much time to work on improving my score substantially. Oh well! We fought hard. ??

Anyway, our first tribal! How exciting. ?? The Ice Blasters' plan was to get out Micah, because of his relative inactivity and somewhat poor challenge performances. My philosophy (if you can call it that) in ORGs is to get out the players that are inactive or contribute the least first and leave the players who actually want to play the game in the game, so I was fine with Micah. Our plan was to pull in Chrissa as a fifth wheel of sorts, so that Micah would leave (at least) 5-4. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to pitch for Micah, so I might do that for our next tribal if it's before a swap.

Unfortunately, as soon as everything seemed set in stone, Jamie from Ferrar throws a wrench in our plans and exiles Ivan, which makes him ineligible to vote at tribal. So, now IB needs two people to join up with us, so that we would have the five-person majority out of eight. Since I'm on good terms with Nick and was planning to talk to him anyway, I suggested doing that, and Ci'ere said he would talk to Mihai, so that we could try and get at least 6 and solidify a majority. Nick was on board with it, but also mentioned that he was targeting Marc or Chrissa, which is interesting. I would be fine with Marc leaving, but Chrissa I see as a good ally, so I wouldn't want to vote her out. I also talked to Chrissa about the vote to make sure she was on board, and she was. Thankfully, no one was lying to us, and Micah got voted out 7-1! I'm glad that (1) everything worked out and (2) I'm not the first boot, lol.

Our next immunity challenge (and reward technically, but like at this point an idol clue is worth as much as a piece of crap) was the flash game Flood Runner 2, where you do high-speed platforming to collect little gems and get the best score you can. It's pretty fun! There's definitely a learning curve, since after playing it more and more you kinda get the hang of how everything works and the little tricks you can use to boost your score. Hopefully this challenge works out for us, but if it doesn't, I feel pretty safe anyway! ??


Ci'ere just straightforward asked me "are u and Jamie close?" omfg xD

It def raised a Red Flag for me. I can honestly see Ciere confessing in his confessional "OMG ivan is sneaky" , "OMG ivan has connections on the floptribe Ferrar"...

Ofc this could be a figment of my imagination and paranoia; but I need to be very cautious. I dont want that Exile idol gift from Jamie which I never needed in the first place to screw my second chance... xD


Day 11[]

Confessional: Don't you hate it when your whole tribe loses a challenge over one powerhouse player? Well I'm not mad, because now's my chance to make the move that needs to happen!


Confessional - Episode 4

My targets for this tribal: NICK or CIERE

why nick? He is the only one i didnt talk to during the Micah vote - and I'm least connected with him at the moment. The fact he knew the vote was micah means he has far better connection with another person.

Why Ciere? There's just something about this guy........ ..... i really feel he's sneaky to the nuno level.

We'll see.


Confessional: After Micah's elimination, I completely earned Marc's trust and got myself a new ally. During this time, my bonds with Mihai and Ivan grew stronger and its awesome! What isn't awesome is the fact that John and Ci'ere never try to make any sort of bonding with me, and they make it so abundantly obvious that they are a duo. I'll play the goat role in our alliance for as long as I'm on this tribe, but taking out one of them at some point has become essential.

Now I've found myself in two separate power duo's: Myself and Mihai vs #Ivandrew. <-- As much as I love this hashtag, I gotta have Mihai as my go-to man in hand. We click like brothers! And the best part is nobody would suspect that. He also spilled the beans on every Ivan detail and how he's trying to bring together the outsiders. This proves I need to keep an eye on Ivan so in return, I showed Mihai my idol and black pearl ?? Marc also trusts us both which is why I need to keep him around.

Despite Ivan the fact Ivan is playing all sides, he's fully aware of the Ci'ere+John pack. I don't know why this happens, but we almost have the EXACT SAME strategic mindset, interests, ideas for jokes, you name it. Its absolutely mind-blowing and I really want to stay loyal all game long, but that can't happen. Like I said, he talks to the outsides to gain options, and that's my style of gameplay, but hopefully I can use that and stack all odds against him.

So anyways, we lost the challenge again, and Chrissa would be the easy choice but I'm placing my bets on a swap and trying to focus on loyalty. The more I got to know Nick, the more I learned how incredibly smart and crafty he is. Plus his him knowing people on Ferrar and being good with John sends the wrong message. I want him out this tribal, but its gonna be risky executing this task. But hey, if I can convince people to eliminate Micah for such a small and silly reason, how hard can it be? #ObviousSarcasmIsObvious

I approached Ivan, and big surprise, we share a brain. I asked if he'd rather keep Marc over Nick, he picked Marc, and I pitched for a Nick vote out. I couldn't tell if he's being serious so I asked him to bring up a Nick blindside to the alliance. This is beneficial as this proves he can be trusted, and the odds of John and Ci'ere listening to Ivan are MUCH stronger. Buuut John with his big brain wants to vote out my two wonderful allies. I played dumb but in my mind I'm going AW HELL NAW SON. Ivan proposed to me the idea of lying to them and saying Nick has an idol. I didn't know what would happen if he did, but better him than me ??

And oh my stars this works!!! They even admitted to solving the idol correctly, and John got it in 30 MINUTES!! I am so glad I have it and they don't realize that at all. My fake idol is probably useless now, but its so pretty and it'd be such a waste of remove it. Anyways it looks like a Nick blindside is officially happening and I feel like a fucking king now!! This probably sounds pretty boastful, but seriously, I got Ivan to do all my dirty work, I have an idol piece + an extra vote, the complete trust of half the tribe, and pretty much controlled (hopefully) two eliminations in a row to secretly save my allies ??

All that's left is to decide whether I should have Mihai and Marc vote for Nick or not. Having a 6-1-1 vote might look suspicious, but its good to have as many numbers on him as possibly since John is throwing a vote on Mihai. Anyways I'm stoked that everything is falling into place correctly, and I'm anticipated to see the outcome. ^-^


I'm voting for Nick and I'm not happy about it because the ice stuff alliance will take control, but I trust andrew. Ivan is a stupid player who cannot be trusted, john wanted to get me out and ci'ere,well, liar liar, burn in fire. I wanted to make a big move and then out john, but nick is so naive that he doesnt think there is a majority alliance in the game, chrissa and marc wont consider making moves. I had a weird feeling all day along and even dreamt about being voted out, but there's nothing I can do. I just hope it's not me and a swap comes so I can fuck john and ivan. I feel like it's so stupid to take out nick when john and ci'ere are so close and when andrew has an idol and a good item, but as long as I'm not going anywhere, I will let andrew think I'm his puppy. This is a sad day…