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Day 22[]

So, I made it to merge without doing shit. So scandalous!


Yay for merge! Damn, 9 vs 3 This is not going to be pretty. Hopefully I can get back into Sam's alliance, I heard they didn't exactly trust me anymore. Augh well. Whatchagundo? Augh, anyways, Its great to be at merge, FINALLY! Daz all I have to say about that :3


I'd bet I get voted for lol. oh... its just reward...


Day 23[]

I'm just glad to make it to merge and that my mangatar isnt in the challenge


At the reward challenge Sam really painted himself as a threat. Not only did he win by a landslide, but he also chose to send himself to Exile Island. That move was strategic for two reasons: One, he gets an advantage in the immunity challenge, and two, he doesn't have to show who his allies are. If I was him though I wouldn't of done that. By sending himself to exile he gets the choice between an idol clue and an advantage in the challenge. Either way that will make him a threat, either everybody thinks he gets the idol, or he wins the challenge and people see him as a physical threat. The biggest threat right now though is Kevin. He is a huge physical threat so if he stays around long enough he could win his way to the end. It was a smart move from Sam to eliminate Kevin from the challenge. Now we can vote him out without a problem and move on to other threats. I just hope I people vote the way they say they are and I'm not just being played


Day 24[]

"Oh, this person never submits anything??? Lets keep them around the whole fuckng game, and see how much they wont contribute, till it comes time to vote for a winner..." fuck inactive fuckers


Fucking Jo... now, she will probably make it further than me, and I just want to punch her in her shitty playstyle type face