Day 22Edit

So, I made it to merge without doing shit. So scandalous!


Yay for merge! Damn, 9 vs 3 This is not going to be pretty. Hopefully I can get back into Sam's alliance, I heard they didn't exactly trust me anymore. Augh well. Whatchagundo? Augh, anyways, Its great to be at merge, FINALLY! Daz all I have to say about that :3


I'd bet I get voted for lol. oh... its just reward...


Day 23Edit

I'm just glad to make it to merge and that my mangatar isnt in the challenge


At the reward challenge Sam really painted himself as a threat. Not only did he win by a landslide, but he also chose to send himself to Exile Island. That move was strategic for two reasons: One, he gets an advantage in the immunity challenge, and two, he doesn't have to show who his allies are. If I was him though I wouldn't of done that. By sending himself to exile he gets the choice between an idol clue and an advantage in the challenge. Either way that will make him a threat, either everybody thinks he gets the idol, or he wins the challenge and people see him as a physical threat. The biggest threat right now though is Kevin. He is a huge physical threat so if he stays around long enough he could win his way to the end. It was a smart move from Sam to eliminate Kevin from the challenge. Now we can vote him out without a problem and move on to other threats. I just hope I people vote the way they say they are and I'm not just being played


Day 24Edit

"Oh, this person never submits anything??? Lets keep them around the whole fuckng game, and see how much they wont contribute, till it comes time to vote for a winner..." fuck inactive fuckers


Fucking Jo... now, she will probably make it further than me, and I just want to punch her in her shitty playstyle type face


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