"Sold Their Soul To The Tri-Headed Devil"
Season Survivor: San Marcos
Episode Number 7/15
Episode Chronology
Previous I Feel Nothing
Next My Current Dilemma

Sold Their Soul To The Tri-Headed Devil is the seventh episode of Survivor: San Marcos.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Reward Challenge: Tetris. I think we all know how Tetris works but here's just a quick refresher: get pieces, place them down in rows, try not to lose :v The tribe with the highest combined score wins reward. You're playing for an idol clue and an advantage in the next immunity challenge, so you definitely want to win this one.

Winners: Tacana.

Immunity Challenge: 24 Hour Trivia. the hosts will ask you questions about the show Survivor, 703 ORG Survivor, and San Marcos the location. Answer a question correctly and score a point for your tribe! Incorrect answers do not incur penalties. Questions are asked at random times, so try to make sure you have a tribe member available whenever possible. The tribe that finishes with the highest score wins immunity and is safe from tribal council.

Winners: Tacana.

Tribal Council[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 8: Catarina[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 8:
Andrew (5 votes)
Nathaniel, Chris, Shea,
Jenna & Elmo
Nathaniel (2 votes)
Renz & Andrew

Voting Confessionals[edit | edit source]

I'm almost sure this is me but yolo


Sorry fellow Newfie things couldn't work out for us. Good luck with everything moving forward


Sorry, you contributed to the challenge the least.


GET SHOOK! I am voting for you because there's a possibility that Andrew has the idol. I didn't really want to vote for you, but ya know this is a throwaway vote if anything...


Final Words[edit | edit source]

I hope shea chokes and gets what's coming to him. Jenna's cool I guess and I wish Chris the best even though he's taking the token piece of shit spot I wanted in the merge. Nate is playing a great game and I hope he wins to show these idiots it was a mistake to take me out instead of him. Xoxo fuck shea bye


Trivia[edit | edit source]

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