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Day 16[]

I am glad I am still here tbh, but I'm kinda salty Ryan's gone. Brandon has made the ABSOLUTE DUMBEST DECISION EVER, and he'll see that for himself. Hopefully however, we can win immunity and that way I'll be able to make the Merge 😍😍😍 but I'm scared. I'm most likely in the minority and idk how I'm going to get out of it. We'll see kiddies!


The TC Results come out and the vibe on NuCatarina is kind of a state of surprise. We were all hoping one of the returnees would go, since it's a tight threesome. I don't know which idiot (Brandon/Malik) swapped to the tightest, most dangerous alliance in the game. How stupid is that! Whoever made that move has to be the dumbest survivor player ever and literally sold their soul to the tri-headed devil.

Now, that puts us in a weird position. NuCatarina is basically just the 2 Tacana members and Nathaniel pandering to the Quetzalliance seperately. Chris and Andrew are both against each other, and Nathaniel was on the outs of Old-Catarina. We're all slowly gathering our ideals of who we'd like to send home if we get sent to tribal.

To trust Nathaniel or not to trust Nathaniel, that is the question. If we are keeping Nathaniel, it's likely we are going to have to flip on Renz, who possibly has an idol. Flipping on a member of Quetzal will change this game, but Renz is so passionately against keeping any returnees in the game, while both Me, Jenna and Elmo prefer Nathaniel to any of the members of Tacana.

It's a weird dynamic. You have one tribe of newbies who are super loyal to one another, and one tribe of newbies who are so divided and messy. Then you have the returnees. If this was an all newbie season, it'd be different. In a season like this, you have a strong premade of 3 people with a possible idol. That's so insanely dangerous and then you have people stupid enough to side with that force.

This game is only gonna get messier.


Seeing the new Tacana now, I don’t know how to really feel, but if Shea’s telling the truth, and they lose the next Immunity Challenge, I could totally see Sim getting voted out.

I would say that it’s a dumb decision for them to not get rid of one of the old Catarina, but since they voted out Ryan, one of the challenge beasts in this game, then that’s good for the rest of us.


I'm so happy as to where I stand in the game right now. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Nick survived, but it was all thanks to Rhi. I was very warmly welcomed back into the game by my tribe, and I've been told Malik has been MESSY AF. I've got my eyes on him because he is definitely talking to me in attempts of saving himself, because it's clear at this point he doesn't have an idol.

Moving forward, not to be overconfident but I really think I can merge for the first time. Malik and Claudia are on the chopping block as is, so with those basic dynamics and a probable early merge considering the size of this cast, even if we lose all the upcoming challenges we'll be fine. + Honestly, I kind of want to throw the challenges to save Nathaniel, except I don't want to make that a big deal because I don't want to give off how close to Nathaniel I really am, but I really hope he can merge, and that him being alone on the other tribe doesn't put him in any danger.


The tribal council on day 15 was a huge dilemma for me. I was basically deciding whether I was going to side with Tacanas or the Catarinas, and a lot of factors were taken into consideration when I made that decision. Some of the reasons to side with the Tacanas were that it would make my original tribe happy because they are very anti Catarina. Siding with the Tacanas would've also avoided a Catarina majority, which possibly leaving me in a vulnerable position to be eliminated. I felt there were more positives to siding with the original Catarina members though. Having played with Rhiannon for 33 days on the main org I have a sense of trust with her, and so I considered how loyal she will stay to me in the longterm. I feel as though I can use my relationship with Rhiannon to my advantage in the future, so I wanted to leave that option open. I also get along with the original Catarina tribe better than I do with the Tacanas unfortunately. At the end of the day, both options were risks and I ultimately decided to side with Rhi, Nick, and Austin in hopes that when Sim came around he wasn't going to replace me as #4 and leave me on the bottom. I'm in a precarious position moving forward, and I pray that this tribe swap is short lived because it'll be difficult to navigate through this tribe in a long term sense. The plan is to try and win challenges so I have more time to get in with the Catarinas even more than I am.


Day 17[]

You can run, but you can't hide from Death. With the 5 point headstart of Tacana for this advantage, are we going to be able to catch up? If that 5 point advantage will make them a little comfortable, then I believe so. At this point, the death is either us as we try to catch up to them or the five point advantage that will surely bite us in the ass just because WE didn’t try hard enough to win the reward.

Brandon is obviously a beast and could have won that challenge without the help of his people, and I’m so proud of him because we were aligned pre-swap, so hopefully, when we merge, we will be able to reconnect, along with the people that we’re working with now, and use those alliances to our advantage.


To be honest, I’m not really going to put any more effort into this challenge because I feel like Sim and Brandon needs this win more than us. The way I see it, it’s Sim, Brandon, Claudia versus the other 3 Old Catarina and Malik. Helping a friend out? Hopefully. Is this suicide? Hopefully not. I believe I have madde enough genuine connections to be able to pull off the next vote.


I'm very excited we won the challenge, all politics aside it's nice to know I have immunity and will be safe for at least another round. Hopefully we merge soon, as that is the biggest goal for me right now.

I really wanted to throw this challenge for Nathaniel, he was really trying hard and I don't know if that was because he's in danger, but I guess that will be revealed very soon. I'd be crushed if he were to leave, I consider him my closest ally and it's been somewhat lonely playing without him.

However, I'm glad to be on a tribe with familiar allies, I trust Nick, Rhi, and Austin very much, and I'm getting to know Brandon and Malik as well.

On the flipside, I've also heard a lot of SMACK about Malik, and he's impossible to have a lasting conversation with, and normally I'd just refer to talking strategy, but I don't want to? I don't want to lie and lead him on, I'm in a good position and he needs me more than I need him.

I'm definitely abusing how lucky from the tribe swap but hey, this is rare for me, it's a first, so I'm allowed to enjoy it.


At the Purple Blood Summit, the old Quetzal tribe member comes together to discuss the strategy we should use to vote in the next Tribal Council. After careful deliberation, we have decided to go for Andrew, and here are the following points as to how we came up with that conclusion:

-Chris is working with Malik who is possibly working with Catarina because he can’t work with Claudia. Keeping Chris would help us evade the wrath of Malik who, if I might add, is not smart for voting out Ryan when another Catarina is obviously joining them. Chris is out of the options. -Nathaniel said he’s working alone, and we’re speculating that he might just be saying that because he’s alone, as in the only returning castaway to be put in a tribe of newbies. We don’t know if he’s lying, but we hope that saving him will show that we trust him, and that he would return the favor when it’s needed. Nathaniel is out of the options. -Andrew didn’t do shit in the challenge, and although he is working with Claudia, who I speculate is working with Brandon, we have no other option but to let him go.

And that concluded the Purple Blood Summit. Praying to deity Quetzalcoatl to help its Purple Blood tribesmen to succeed in this not-too-risky but still nerve-wracking expedition.


As for my personal agenda, I am throwing my vote to someone else just because Andrew could potentially play an idol. As someone who just went to rocks, I feel like it would be smart to take out someone who takes on risks which are too big, but still doesn’t talk to anyone post-swap. Like, what is that? Who does that? ANDREW.


Losing the challenge sucks. We worked so hard and the fact that we lost due to penalties and the reward is really unfortunate. I hate that challenge with a burning passion and I'm glad I'll never have to play it again.

I did have a very OTT moment today, and it almost got me removed from the game but it is what it is. I'm a very emotional and passionate person and that gets me in trouble on occasion, but whatever, I'm still here and happy to be, for how long tho idk.

The Quetzalliance is really close on a personal level, we all really do enjoy each other's company and care about one another, but sometimes the game goes beyond that personal connection.

If I go tonight, I won't be surprised and I won't be dissatisfied with my game. I was passionate, strong in the challenges, and loyal as hell. If I stay? great. I just have a sinking sense I'm being voted out tonight and that's alright with me.

Nathaniel was gone with the Oscar for his performance as ""oh my god i'm in tears you guys are keeping me"" which tells me he probably is going to whip out the Catarina idol and vote with Tacana and take one of the Quetz 4 out. There was a bit of strategy with being so over the top and confrontational. I decreased my charisma and likability this tribal, so if that is the case and an idol is played, the likelihood of me getting the votes is low because I basically just showed I'm not a threat to win.

Whatever happens happens, I'm just happy to have been here.


I BEAT MY TOKELAU PLACEMENT FUCK YES!!!!! That was my overall first goal for returning on 703, now my second goal is to make merge! And after that? Win. I'm hoping I can end up at the end and have a good case to win but that's a long time from now, so let's talk about what's going on now. This challenge went overall pretty good for us, in the end we won of course, but on the way there some really annoying shit happened, I totally like Malik as a person, I do. But in this game, Malik has done some of the stuff that annoys me most in orgs, blatantly lying to my face like I'm an idiot and can't see through the paper thin lies, then coming back an hour later telling me he was in fact lying, taking me for an even bigger fucking idiot thinking I couldn't already tell he was lying, then today during the challenge he's online for basically the whole challenge and isn't answering any of the questions, when we discuss the questions in the Tribe chat he literally has no idea what we're talking about, when one of the questions came up instead of him trying to find it he messaged the chat "FIND IT" like why don't you be productive and try like ??? Plus when he DOES message the challenge thread, he gave us a penalty >_> I realize Claudia gave us 2 penalties and Nick gave us 1 but at least they were putting forth an effort to win? Like come on dude, I think Sim put it pretty well while i was talking to him when he said "A Cheerleader isn't gonna help us win the challenge." And that's exactly how i felt TBH. Like I said, I genuinely like Malik as a person, but in this game he's been doing a lot of stuff to irk me. I definitely feel like he could cause trouble for me at merge so I'm hoping we lose next round so I can attempt to vote him out, unless we merge, then that changes shit of course.


Day 18[]

Andrew might go

I hope that it’s so Because otherwise It is me that dies Andrew said to me: “Tacana’s Idol’s gone, you see Ryan to Claudia gave it So now we’re both deep in the shit” Luckily, however I think I was rather clever ‘Cause Quetzal want me to stay And they’re bringing Chris along the way With all of this in mind Me going home would be a blind- Side, which I fear a lot So please, let there be no evil plot