Qualifications[edit | edit source]

In order to be the Sole Survivor, the castaway must be not be removed from the game (either by being voted out, disqualified, voluntarily quitting or by forced evacuation by the moderators) - unless a twist returns them (e.g. Redemption Island) - until the Final Tribal Council (usually done during Day 39). Then, the castaway must get the most Jury votes among the finalists that also reached the Final Tribal Council, which usually consists of 2-3 castaways.

List of Sole Survivors[edit | edit source]

Season Winner Runner(s)-up Jury Vote
Survivor: Wales Susie.jpg SusieQS
Brittnayy.png Brittanyy N 6-1
Survivor: Africa Natalie.png Leelong2012
Alex.png Borneolover3 8-1-0
Ometepe.png Ometepe03
Survivor: Italy RubyMistress.png RubyMistress
TJ.png TJRandjr 7-2
Survivor: Australia Marco Kinalla.png Eperson
Tommyo.png KuT 5-2
Survivor: Mongolia Martynas.png 5martis5
Kaeden.png Kuzuri 5-2-1
Bryce.png B7yc3
Survivor: Japan LucasJapan.png MickTesso
WillJapan.png Willfc3 6-1-1
JoanJapan.png District3
Survivor: Chile SethChile.png Seth9876
JaceChile.jpg 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88 5-3
Survivor: Resurgence PerryS8.png thatsmyidol
IanS8.jpg SonOfMyRightHand 9-0
Survivor: Canada TylerRCanada.png ForeverTyC
JamieCanada.png Jamievdw101 4-3
Survivor: Isla Del Sol GraceS10.png Soulscriptxd
ZaneS10.png AlmightyTodd 5-2-0
TraceS10.png Tdemarest23
Survivor: Minoan Empire AlexS11.jpg AlexVivor
BrianS11.jpg Coldmanner 7-0
Survivor: Skye Islands TylerAS.png Typoirier
NunoAS.png LúdicoManao 4-3-3
SarahAS.png Jadedgeekgirl
Survivor: Siem Reap CharleyS13.png Dangrayne
HannahS13.png Hannah_Banana23 6-1
Survivor: Tokelau SoraS14.png TLazyS
JakeS14.png Jakeyrider 4-3-2
BlaineS14.png Blaine7275
Survivor: Socotra YukiS15.png Yuki Yukie
NamS15.png Summer B 7-2
Survivor: Papua New Guinea Linh16.png Halinhvn
AhnMerge.png Vuanh0710 5-3
Survivor: Antarctica JRS17.png Digitalpants
MihaiS17.png Mihai22 5-1-1
JoshS17.png Heyjoshua
Survivor: Visayas AyhanS18Merge.png Ay.han21
LukeS18Merge.png Ham King 6-1
Survivor: Sumbawa LinusS19.png Radfiddler
BrianS19.png XKC 6-2-1
TylerS19.png Tylerjordan93
Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains DuskHvV.png DuskofSkulls
SoraHvV.png TLazyS 7-3-0
BryceHvV.png Brycer2
Survivor: Kerala TuckerS21.png Mymixtapeisfire
AsaS21.png AsaKusuri 6-1-1
KonstantinosS21.png Bolet36
Survivor: San Marcos NickS22.png NickCity
NathanielS22.png Nlby001 5-3-1
SimS22.png CakingCake
Survivor: El Salvador MaxES.jpg THGQueenYT
MiguelES.jpg TheSoleSurvivorCY 5-2
Survivor: Caracol HunterCaracol.png WolfRebel0
RoodmanCaracol.png Broodman 7-0
Survivor: Resurrection TrentS25.png T-hunna
AdrianS25.png Adriantheaustralian 10-1
Survivor: Chaos LucaS26.png JohnBatman
EliasS26.png Gwux 8-1-0
JakeS26.png rainbowbadge
Survivor: Bora Bora AsaS27.png AsaKusuri
ChristineS27.png ChristineMGlam 4-2-1
JoeyS27.png MrSimtastic
Survivor: Carthage S28Nadine.png Cinnanie
S28Ben.png Ilovezak123 6-1
Survivor: Hallasan AllyS29.png Allyreyes
DevonS29.png Witherda 6-1
Survivor: Legends ChristineS30.png ChristineMGlam
AsaS30.png AsaKusuri 5-2-1
EvaS30.png whatevereva
Survivor: Byzantium S31Augusto.png Ashley Hikari
S31Andre.png FirestoneAC 7-1-0
S31Nicole.png Nicol Stone
Survivor: Kiribati AliettaS32.png Queen Alietta
TalS32.png TAL98 6-1
Survivor: Tibet S33Jp.png Jpriced
S33Liam.png Bleak Moonlight 9-0
Survivor: Romania S34Maya.png Sonarimo
S34Ellie.png XoEllbell123xo 4-2-2
S34Morgan.png powerofdeath
Survivor: Mount Olympus CammyS35.png cammywoop
GevonteS35.png TotalDramaNaruto 7-2
Survivor: Mohenjo Daro S36Antoine.png Ant362
S36Zack.png zackbish 4-3-0
S36Courtney.png cwithers99
Survivor: Egypt DavidS37.png hobandav
TaraS37.png seisle 7-1-0
AndreS37.png FirestoneAC
Survivor: Rhineland S38Nora.png zNooraaZheart
S38Matt.png beastman2764 6-3-0
S38Willow.png ricericebabyy
Survivor: Poveglia DevinS39.png DevinChubb
JordanS39.png Jordanpines1 4-3
Survivor: Annihilation S40Linus.png Radfiddler
S40Rob.png Hixrebels24 5-4
Survivor: Phi Pan Nam TylerPPN.png Tycar5694
ShanePPN.png ShaneKenaston 5-2
Survivor: Mexico LynnMexico.png Lynnnnnnnnn
ColeMexico.png ColeTheBoat 4-3-0
MichelleMexico.png Michelle2100
Survivor: San Andrés S43MackieMerge.png Chronic Messiah
S43AndrewMerge.png Agonzo7988 8-2-0
S43JimMerge.png JimboVA

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