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Day 27[]

as much as i loved talking to toby (lol he could rly blow my game up if he wanted to with his last message that he can send later) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'M SO GLAD HE'S OUT THAT'S FOR YOU JARED!!!!!


Day 28[]

So its been a while since my last confessional.... let me catch you up.

Tate was supposed to vote for me last tribal in order to keep me safe which I knew NOTHING about!!! Instead he voted Aro because of some stupid promise to Jon to vote Aro every tribal, like what a fucking joke right?!?!?!

Then! Toby goes home and Tate so confidently gives away immunity to Christine, so why not get Tate out if it looks like hes so confident in this game!!! But no, no one wants to make a fucking move so here I am following Torsa and Christine, this is so frustrating!


oh noooo ally realized that my social game is hella strong LGHIFDHGSFG i'm dying. if she takes me out call it a day sweeties


Final confessional? I think so, I've been trying to swing Torsa and Christine all day and I don't think I've had any concrete responses from yet. Hopefully our mutual love of sour cream onion rings, the office and parks & rec is enough for Torsa but as always I'm expecting the worst.


Whew ok so a lot has happened since my last confessional. I think the last thing that happened that was Jared leaving and honestly seeing his goodbye message was so sad cause I liked Jared but everytime he talked to me it just sounded like the vote was decided and I was never gonna get a say cause the one time I did say something else, they left me out entirely so...I think I made the right decision. And now Toby's gone and I'm shook the reset idol was actually a thing. I would've preferred Aromal going that round but Tate couldn't ruin his streak so....I honestly don't know what Tate's doing at this point but I think it's hilarious. I'm glad I got safety out of this, even if I didnt need it cause at least now I'm guaranteed to tie my Caracol placement and I'm one round away from being able to use my legacy advantage so! I feel like I'm pretty set right now. My closest ally right now is definitely Torsa and I feel pretty close to Joey, Jake and Tate as well. I've been talking with Ally a bit more recently which is awesome, but as much as I adore her I can't get too attached cause she's an amazing player and will definitely win if she makes it to the end, so I gotta keep an eye out for her but for now everything looks good!