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Day 6[]

Oh thank god for the swap. I was kinda doomed otherwise.


WHEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW ME AND MY WIGGA DAVID HOBAN ENDED UP ON THE SAME TRIBE. since i basically have a tribe of the best challenge players theres no point in being sketchy and alienating people seeing as like, we're probably going to win every challenge until we swap again or something like that. david and i are both social and with the idol paranoia i dont want us to end up sketching out the other at tribal and inadvertently but brad in the middle. this is a worst case scenario but im prepared for it. bradley is clearly on the bottom here since david and i are both part of beavertown but reagardless im going to buddy up to him and make him feel like my friend and david's friend so hopefully he shares information with us down the road, because all info is useful in this game.

the plan for me rn is, chill out for this premerge phase and maintain friendships with everyone because i'll probably end up being swapped a few more times even after this, plus i dont think this is the last we'll see of eliminated contestants, it is Survivor: Chaos after all.

for beavertown it looks like we are currently in a good spot but im always weary. for the other tribes, luca and wendy have a majority but kyle is also active and im assuming somewhat close to wendy so i could see a potential flip but idt wendy would try and make waves this early lol.

ohana is gonna be a comp flop tribe for sure but i hope emily survives it thats all im sayin, axupa is lit, luapele is definitely another comp flop tribe though, i basically told jake it would make sense for him to try and align with gabe and pull him into beavertown, getting gabe close to them will also help me plant the seeds about beavertown, because gabe is someone i know i can trust and i can totally throw beavertown under the bus to him and make a move if i ever need to. as for mikey, hes who i hope goes out of them, hes not very social or strong in challenges and all that jazz.

elias i think is the most fucked over by this out of anyone in beavertown because alex and matthias were a pair at first, so this will really have to be #SaveEliasPartII

eve and i had to part ways sadly but for her shes staying on our old beach and could very likely find the idol and she said shed be willing to play it on me so!!!!!! its pretty lit


Today we switched tribes again. Although, I'll miss David, my new tribe members seem pretty cool. Our challenge is to make a flag. I'm going to make a homemade flag. I think I can do a cute homemade flag, but I'll see what the tribe thinks about it. The last thing we want is to go tc.


So we had a tribe swap! I am happy with my tribe. Wendy and I are obviously extremely close and I feel I have made a good connection with Luca over the course of the game. If we lose the immunity challenge, Luca will likely leave but I am hoping we can win the challenge so my ass, Wendy's ass, and Luca's ass can all make it to merge so I can work with them!


Ok Sorry i haven't been doing confessionals but I'm going to try and do one a day from here on out. So anyways the start of the game has been good for me I've formed social connections with a bunch of people and on the first tribe me and Elias got two idol clues and were safe. But I'm a highly nervous because I got swapped with two power players in this game, so I'm nervous if we lose they will team up and get me out. Right now I'm just trying to get to know them better but I'm subtly trying to paint on target on David with Aras. I feel this is my best bet because David is a huge threat so I feel like Aras' ego may get a little bruised and hopefully he will side with me, but right now finding the idol is more imperative then ever because if we ever go to tribal unless I feel locked in, i'm going to play my idol. Its better to know where the cards lay earlier than later, and I'm not afraid to burn an idol with up to 10 floating around. Rn our flag is looking good so I'm hoping we can pull through.


The more I think about it the more scared I am at my spot socially. Ive realized that I just haven't been connecting with people and that makes me really scared. I have social anxiety so its really hard for me to go out there and form the bonds I need to in order to survive. Thats part of the reason I wanted to play this game in first place, to get better at talking to strangers. I feel like I have a pretty good strategic mind but in order for me to use that i need to start talking to people. To make matters worse, it is one world so I have a have to keep up my social bonds because in a season called chaos you know there is going to be a crazy amount of swaps. I think i just need to open up and everything will work out. O gosh wish me luck.


Day 7[]

oh im pissed. Alex fucking didn't do any work on the flag, not even throw in a single idea. his only job was submitting it and his dumbass submitted the wrong one omg im so fucking PISSED. if i go home cuz of his dumbass im gonna literally pop all the way offf grrr


My bitch ass is safe again and I'm ecstatic! This tribal should be interesting! I think either way I lose a potential ally but I'm hoping Matthias pulls through because I feel closer to him than I do Alex or Elias.


I think if we go to tribal I shooooould be safe and Eve shoooould be going home by virtue of my impeccable social game. I hope. BUT there's always a chance it'd be me. So I need to try and get that idol, pronto.


Day 8[]

Ayyy I think it's now time to CRACK OPEN A COLD ONE WITH THE BOYS™ because we pulled through in that challenge even though we most likely would've got 2nd to last in the event that Alex, Eli and Matthias submitted the correct flag. I'm a little bit worried Eli could be fucked at tribal which is a bit concerning since he's part of my alliance, but Alex has been a bit MIA as well (according to Matthias but I disagree since Alex has been social with me) this tribal will be interesting and will definitely reveal what I'd need to do later on. If Elias goes, I'm considering firing a cannonball through the sinking ship that is beavertown. But if he stays I still have a reason to be loyal as it's a functioning alliance.


So.... This tribal kinda makes or breaks my game. If Alex goes, I'm gonna have to re-evaluate my game plan. I'm banking on him, Wendy and Eve making the merge so that we can team up and rule. Also I really don't trust Aras that much, something is screaming to me that he isn't trustworthy. I mean I'll work with him if I have to get me further in the game, but I dont really trust him lmao. Also whitney can go already, like if you make me end up in tribal imma go mad at you and say goodbye to you.


So here's what the fuck is up. I have an alliance of like 8 people. We are the beavers. I know. Right there with you. It consists of me, the sorriest suckiest player in the history of flash games, and everyone else who's actually good.

We're in 3 teams of 6. The team that lost immunity has one member of the mega super awesome beaver alliance, and two who are not, but whom I have an affinity for. I spilled my frijoles to them about the alliance, so that they could take a shot and take out Elias, who I see as kind of a core member of the Beavers.

I know I'm exposing a lot of shit this way. It's nothing against him, I actually really get along with him and pretty much everyone else in my alliance. The problem is, I see them really dominating the premerge, in which case I'm going to end up with like a bunch of really stellar players and me the lone derp who can't ever hope to win a single comp.

If there's any hope for me late game, I have to take some of them out as subtly as I can. I know this is a house of cards, but it's a risk I have to take. I'm walking this mine field so that I'll have at least some shot later on.

Hey kids, day 1 alliances where you are the turd amongst tons of good players isn't great unless you're like some UTR fan favorite, which I am not.


Also I'm gay.