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Day 10[]





As for Asa, I'm so happy I'm stuck with her, she's very loyal and an absolute sweetheart, and I won't throw her name under the bus. I hope if anything, Michael goes home first.

I hope Konstantinos remembers what we talked about, AND JACOB, as to stay Periyar strong and throw the challenges to save the minority of the other tribe, and to eliminate Thekkady one by one.

Of course, Thekkady did seem to have an alliance, with 2-3 people that seem to be at the bottom, so I'm hoping to exploit that crack.

Things look grim, and I don't have much hope, but I'll be fighting to make that merge, while at the same time appearing non-threatening.






So yeah, we got ourselves a pretty good swap, I'd say. Us outnumbering Periyars by 1 was good enough, but Michael's evac put us in an even better position - Anna will HOPEFULLY be likely to work with us, and HOPEFULLY we can safely split in case we need an idol or two flushed. After that, we'll have our numbers and will be able to throw out another Periyar and, if needed, Anna. Oh, yeah, a few challenges might be needed to be thrown in order to execute this plan and also save our lost ally, Julia. If we pull through with it, we might just have the numbers at merge.


I'm trying to warm up to my new tribe. Here are my thoughts.

I like Catherine, although she acts younger than her age as expressed by the xD emojis.

Nicolai is Russian, which is fascinating, and also horrifying.

Jake and Daulton are fucking nerds, and I mean that in the most offensive way possible.

I don't know Anna at all, so she is my favourite Thekkady so far.

I see no cracks, and even if I did I don't think I could actually make a move with any of them!


On second thought, I love Catherine. She is a sweetheart. If I have any chance on this tribe, it's with her. She's the only one who's made an effort to get to know me, so perhaps she needs me? and I DEFINITELY will help her take out whoever she pleases.

My dream alliance at the moment is myself, Asa, Catherine and uhhh Anna? I'll do anything though, I'll even EAT THIS ROCK.


TRIBAL SWAP!!!! And yes the Periyars have immunity. And I have Tucker with the idol who is trying to lead without much of a success but he is kinda getting the target off of me. I have Violet, with who I feel very well and I she the funnest person to be around out of everyone. Jacob is a solid partner. This is GOLDEN for me.

And we get Vikram with who I am kinda friends from the challenge, Patrick who is almost invisible and queen Julia on our tribe. Julia is GREAT. I am having a lot of fun with her. And she was very fast to kinda want to jump to Periyar tribe.

I kinda want to lose immunity so we can get Patrick out. But I am totally minvgling with Julia. Julia can be a game long ally. I am not feeling very confident about the Eggplant alliance since we will probably lose members from the other tribe. I have a great social game so far, I need to decide how it is going to play out.




I had to start my entire idol search all over today, which sucks but I believe it's located in the same spot so at least there's that. I don't think I'll be able to find it if we lose the upcoming challenge, but I'm not just gonna..not guess, so yeah.

The worst thing is, even if we do find the idol, the Thekkady majority of 4 could easily split the vote between me and Asa, and flush it out before next tribal. and these things take way too long to find, so there's no way I could cough up a second idol, if there even IS a second idol.

Honestly, someone probably already has the Thekkady idol since they won the first reward challenge anyways.

Everything seems so pointless, why do I even bother :(


Day 11[]

The Immunity idol is my only friend at this point.

I've warmed up to my tribe now, and I actually feel bad for all the mean things I said earlier LMAO. It was in the heat of the moment because I felt so ripped off, this tribe is full of lovely people. However, they're not lovely enough to want to screw themselves to work with me.

I just hope that the fact that they'll still have a 3-2 advantage if they wanna pull of a blindside will sound appealing, and besides that I'll be spending my days looking for the idol and slaving away at these challenges.

I'm not even a person of faith, but I'm losing my religion! I'm still praying tho...


I’m really into my swapped tribe! Which probably means I’m the one leaving if we lose this immunity challenge, lool. That’s the thing about Survivor -- I feel like I’m in a good position, but all it takes is for one or two people to notice that, and BAM, you’re blindsided for “being a threat”. It scares me a bit, but I already said I’m not holding back this time around, so we’ll see how that goes in this somewhat quiet group.

Catherine wants Nic gone soon, it seems like. She’s complained more than once about him coming off as rude or something. Me, I think Nic is great, but Catherine is definitely somebody with more use to me, so if it comes down to it, I’ll let her use me to get rid of Nic. We’ve been helping each other with the idol, so I’m hoping that builds trust. I don’t really care which of us has it, just that she trusts me enough to share her clues and shit.

Anna came at me and said she wanted to make an alliance with me because I seem like a “stand up guy”. Lololololol, me getting called that is kind of funny, but so far in this game at least, I guess that’s true. The weird thing was, I kind of wanted to boot Anna if we lost as a compromise and a sign of good faith to the rest of Periryayryr, but my group is ADAMANT about pagonging Sim and Asa. Which I’m okay with, I guess, but I don’t want to throw challenges just to do that and save inactives on NuPeriryryar. Daulton and Catherine seem to agree, at least for now. Nic does not. We’ll have to see how that goes, lol.

The idea for TC is a vote split, 3-2-2, with Anna outside of the majority in case she tries flipping. This is completely fine with me, since I plan on making friends with Sim and Asa anyway, so the axe probably won’t fall on me for that. If Sim will ever message me back, anyway.

I definitely plan on reassuring the two of them. That’s something people can overlook in this game. Simply telling somebody “I/We want you here”, or “We’re/I’m treating this like any other challenge” can be big when you’ve just seemingly been swap fucked.

I think Juliaviv should be fine on the other tribe. She’s got two inactive shields in front of her, so the other tribe would honestly have to be stupid to vote her out first. That’s basically a declaration of war, and it’d get Sim and Asa pagonged so friggen fast. Almost in the same way voting Asa or Sim over Anna might, to a lesser extent. Hmm.


Day 12[]

Wow. It's a nightmare come true!

It's funny that Konstantinos was the one who pushed the Eggplants agenda, and throwing to ensure that we survive a tribe swap, and yet he gets a million points!

I'm definitely over the Eggplants, and I hope Asa is too.

In regards of the upcoming tribal council, I'm freaking out because I'm idol-less. I've been searching for that thing like crazy but nada.

Therefore, I've employed Plan B, which is desperation. I've laid my heart out to Catherine, I've offered her the possibility of me and Asa as two potential FREE votes, like she can tell us to vote off a host and we'd do it. Additionally, I reminded her that Thekkady will still have a 4-2 advantage in the following round.

She replied almost immediately, but I couldn't gather the courage to open her message right away, and when I did she said she'd consider it, which basically is a polite way of saying maybe, and maybe is a reluctant way of saying no.

I've decided to avoid Jake and Daulton. I have many reasons for this, but I think they threw the challenge among others. They've been the least welcoming, I haven't really talked to them at ALL, and I don't think they're very sympathetic to begin with.

Unfortunately I'm avoiding Nicolai because I do think there's a cultural barrier. I don't mean to, but I've just had trouble conversing with him in general, and that's entirely my fault :/

My next option is Anna. Anna seems like a badass, which I admire. I think she might actually go for the plan? Like Catherine is too nice to be a backstabber, but Anna is here to play bitch! and hopefully she can bring a friend along and I can bring Asa forming a new majority of 4??

I'm getting ahead of myself, but I really want to stay. In my first ORG, I was swap fucked, and in my second ORG, I'm swap fucked even harder, but there's one thing I've refused to do both times, and that's go down without a fight.

In the words of Sia, I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down, won't open my eyes...


So I'm sitting pretty with 3 other old Thekkady's. My problem is i adore asa. So I'm trying to think of a way to keep her safe down the road that doesn't involve just voting off her other Periyar buddy, Sim. Sim is also trying to desperately strike deals at me that I might take. I just need 1 other person to vote with Sim, Asa and I for a blindside. Do I want to blindside and go against my original tribe? If that doesn't work I'm screwed. Or do I want to just stay in the easy lane and sit pretty with this OG Thekkady tribe..... We'll see! All I know is I wanna keep asa safe.


Anna is Asa and I's saviour. This tribe has been pretty closed off, but she has been super easy to talk to and I appreciate that so much. She's a total badass, and our only hope, except in a shocking turn of events, she seems promising!!

Unlike Catherine, she has given me the time of day, and has genuinely tried to talk to me, which has been great because I've been looking for that this entire time.

I do believe she'd be willing to flip, if only we'd have one more person to do it...I have no idea who though. Whoever it is, Anna will have to convince them, because me and Asa have no say to influence anyone.

I've tried to express my desire to not have this game be stuck as Thekkady vs Periyar forever, which I genuinely mean, but I know that sounds kinda sketchy..

Anyways, if Anna goes through with this, I will value this alliance above the Eggplants, as they're long gone, and me and Asa were abandoned on the Thekkady beach.

Also I just realized, this entire confessional has been an Anna appreciation post, and that was all I really wanted to say <3


I've decided to vote Sim. There is no point this early in making waves in the game and I have a pretty tight alliance as of now with my old tribe. We'll see what happens!


I'm going home tonight. I've treated this tribe swap as grief apparently.

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

I denied even being in minority at first, I was so angry I belittled the entire tribe in confessionals, and wow did I ever bargain to Catherine and Anna, and after realizing I couldn't do anything about it all, I was depressed, but finally I've accepted my fate.

As much as I've tried to change the dynamics of this tribe, nobody else wants to, and why would they? I'd like to think that I would be willing to make a move like that, but if I was them I'd probably vote me off too. Anna was my only hope, but she's been offline for a long time now, and I assume everyone's already voted by now.

I've had a great time playing this game, but it sucks to go out like this. I'll be rooting for Asa to survive, and maybe one day, in an alternate universe, I will merge in a Survivor ORG.