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Day 13[]

Oh boy do I have a flame lit under me! I can't believe this is happening to me again. I didn't even get a chance to play with her again, and now she's never EVER going to play another game again. Like this is literally so fucking stupid and annoying, Ry is a petty ass bitch, and I hope to GOD I get to cast the vote that sends him or Ali home in this game. DEAD TO ME!!! You hear me?? DEAD!!!! Ali is a RAT and he probably thinks he has me wrapped right around his annoying ass finger. I AM PRAYING we swap onto the same tribe and I can show everyone I CAN avenge someone on 703 and not flop directly afterwards!!! I'm so pissed!!! And I feel so guilty!!! I'm so fucking sorry that Ry stays petty and I feel so guilty and I didn't even do anything


Zak & I are gonna avenge Josephine if it's the last thing we do.




Everyone in this tribe, including Josephine, fucked me over, so they're all dead to me. I'm praying for a tribe swap at this point. Cali apologized and told me she absolutely wants to work with me again, buuut girl, couldn't you have think that sooner? Before we actually lost Josephine and let the boys get control??? I don't trust her anymore and I don't think I ever will, I just need to work with her just to survive and get one of those boys out. Hopefully, we'll win this challenge.


I've had a little time to collect myself since last night. I'm just feeling my chances at being in the majority in this game come merge slowly slipping away. I don't really know that there are necessarily two sides yet or if there will be two explicit sides if I end up making it to merge, but I have a feeling I'm gonna be on the wrong side of it. Three votes in a row, a potential ally of mine has gotten voted out. Nick, Posie, Hunter, all three of them, I at least think, could have been useful to me later on because I have a bunch of Azorellas out to get me apparently? I really don't know what I did to Ry but if what I've pieced together is true he wants to take out everyone I could be aligned with. As far as I know, right now I have Cali for sure, Aren, Trent, Charlie, Joan, Nathan, and possibly Jenna. I have a HUGE question mark placed next to Julia, Andy, Adrian, George, Nifty, and Miguel. I have no idea where they're gonna land later on in the game, if I ever end up with Nathan I think he would be able to fill me in on them. Then there's the bitches who I know are actively against me. Ry, Ali, Felix, and Marie. I want these four people gone more than I want to win.


I'm Felix being so confident he can vote me out that he's practically throwing this challenge. I can't wait to cast a vote against him even if mine is the only one for him. :)


Given the fact that every single tribe except for one will be winning immunity, I feel like I should be alrighty this round??

Additionally, I now have a chat with Trent, Felix & myself. I'm glad that this is a thing because it means that hopefully Felix won't be a paranoid mess and it also solidifies Trent & I as close allies.

It's funny, because just like the OG Azorella tribe, I feel like every single person here feels like I'm their #1 lmao. Of course, this might not be the case, but as far as I know every single person here trusts me a lot?? And on the OG Azorella tribe, everyone wanted a piece of me... Jeeez, I wish I could say there was enough Aren to go around at this point but I'm not sure that's entirely true!!! I have so many close connections and strong bonds and I really do feel confident that I can hit the merge and then beyond!


Final 18!!! I feel I'm a weird position after I received that vote I really want to trust Nathan but idk if I Can and that sucks Sooo much, but I mean this is my second chance and I'm gonna completely use it!


First of all they voted out Hunter on his birthday. That's evil. Even I'm not THAT evil. Smh. Everyone is super upset about Josephine going. She was clearly well connected. Boots like that really bring people together, y'know, to take down a common enemy and such.

As for Ali, well I find him to be like Aren as a player. A RAT. And you know what I do to rats? I run away and let someone else deal to them. In this case idk how I'm gonna handle people like that. I'm gonna take it a day at a time but one thing I know for damn sure. No dirty rats on my watch!


We had a scavenger hunt immunity challenge and I was kinda nervous. I don't usually feel comfortable leaving out so many items but hey, we won anyway. The tribe that's going to tribal, just no. I love Zakriah and Julia, great people, big hearts. I have a really bad feeling. It doesn't help that their fate probably rests in the hands of a RAT. I'm really gonna be upset one of them goes. Time to pray to Heather Leigh Cameron that they stay safe.


Day 14[]

I am so glad we won immunity and so glad that my dancing got us that first place win lol. I really feel like I handled the Miguel thing poorly and probably screwed that up royally, so it's nice to know I redeemed myself thru this challenge if only momentarily. ALSO! Last time I played 703, I got out on Day 14. But this time, I made it past Day 14!! #Progress I think! Now I just need to beat my original placement and I'll truly have made progress. Although I'm betting that idoling someone out on Day Nine already counts as making progress to playing a better game than last time lol.



Tbh though, I'm preeeeetty confident in my odds over here??? Like, I think I'll be safe?? Ugh, I just don't wanna leave now so I best play well from now to the deadline.


UGH, Julia has me fucking done right now...

So, I was telling her about how Felix was LEGIT shit-talking her, and now she's like super paranoid and I think she doesn't believe me?? If she flips like a fucking dumbass and gets me voted-out because of this... omg


I'm going to have to talk to Zak about this when he gets on... We really have to keep Julia secure, and if we can't do that, then shit lmaooo. I really don't wanna go for the same reason I went in Socotra :/


Okay so honestly after thinking it over I kinda feel bad for Julia?? I actually think she's still with me but she just liked Felix a lot so what he said really hurt her...? Jeeeeez, I really was the bearer of bad news lmao

I am paranoid but I can't let the paranoia control my game. I need to just do what will benefit me the best going forward. I need to stay...


Honestly I'm shook I made it this far, I just neee to make it to that merge and we just don't need to lose anymore. And honestly we're did you find Marie? The girl barley comes online, doesn't even show up for the challenge it looks like she doesn't even care about this game. So if we go to tribal again Cali and I need to evict the shady threat in Ryan or the liability in Marie either way I don't care for both of them. I can see why ry is hated in games he is a loser bye. Even talking to him I dont trust him with anything. I voted with him the first vote for his trust but now I might vote him off sorry not sorry


Okay. Wow. This is fucking insane.

There's information going HERE, then some messages being sent HERE, and some alliances over HERE, and some messiness JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE. After finally losing immunity, I've come to the conclusion that this game is the biggest, messiest shithole ever created. What. The. Fuck. This is craaazyyy!!! Omggg


Tbh I kinda think I'm going home now lmao


so we're at tribal again. coolio. this kind of annoys me because julia should be leaving, she just claimed the sitout without discussing with the tribe at all which was annoying. but whatever i had to work and i still got a huge chunk of the points for our tribe, so if i leave ill be #pissed. but it seems like its between zak and felix which is good. i really don't care for felix at all, he's screwed himself over in this game and has had this coming for a long time. zak however is really starting to grate me. he's incredibly selfish and wants to get rid of felix because felix is talking shit about him or something. he's also friends with julia, which scares me if we have to go to tribal again. i mean he does talk about how messy julia's been but still, something to consider. it's annoying having to work closely with someone so stubborn and me and aren were talking about that but we're swapping soon prob since tribe numbers are gonna start dwindling down so hopefully i'll get some time apart from zakriah and everything will be back to normal for our relationship. anyways hopefully this tribal goes as planned and i take my crown as the highest placing tokelau returnee this season


OK so yeah Azorella is crumbling. Ryan and Marie are off in their own world, Adrian's not in the Slaughterhouse 5 (NOW SLAUGHTERHOUSE 4 ;-; ) oh god I miss Josephine, I mean I still talk to her (of course not any game stuff) but it doesn't feel the same you know? This meant so much to her after Sumbawa and it's just so frustrating and I know this is going to be a continuing theme in this game...my closest friends in the game in the azorellas are basically going to not be a thing. I presume Cali's fucked on her tribe and hers is a weak one at that, so that leaves, if the next challenge takes her out, 3/16: Aren, Jenna, Mеня. I don't like this because I get paranoid about what do they know? do they know things? if the exact correct people on the bottom of the tribe rose up against Josephine that isn't a good sign and maybe I can't trust them. I don't fucking know these things. Not a good sign. Anyways, ever since I got on this tribe I have felt the need to branch out and I have done so. I will say, I get along far better with Charlie than I do with Jenna and Adrian, and Joan and I get along rather well. I know that I can't vote out Charlie and I can't vote out Jenna if it comes down to it, basically I'd definitely prefer Adrian. I need to maintain relationships on these two sides (Aren, Cali, Jenna and Zak, Ali, Charlie and Juan) because the whole goal here for me is to, for better or worse, destroy this 3 tribe hierarchy. I'm trying as hard as I can to get in people like Charlie who are on the bottom of certain structures and bring them into a majority that isn't just, OK there's 3 tribes that will pagong each other. It has to be more complex than that or I go home immediately. If it's 4-3-6, or 3-2-4 or whatever distribution there is with my tribe on top and me as a challenge threat, there is no winning that game. In a sense it's a race against time to not be myself from PNG where I'm making all these alliances that won't stick, but also not be Mongolia. I'm dying from the pressure because I have no idea what to do not even on this tribe but in general. The one thing I know is that there are certain people I get along with and certain people who fucked up my best friend and that's where I draw the line :) fucking hell why am I on a tribe with people I get along with I need to be swapped where I can rally those people with me against those guys. I need an enemy because I can't vote out people I love and adore this early in the game ;-; it's not even a game thing it's just on a personal level I love this cast and I have very specific enemies that I want on my tribe so I can remove them. Is conflict and dislikable people on my tribe so hard to ask? ;D I feel like most people get that without asking.


I feel like right now, my game is kind of stagnant. Like yeah we won immunity and that's all fine and dandy, but there's only so much I can do with a tribe of four, especially considering that we don't have the stress of tribal. I'm just ready for us to swap again and hopefully to a bigger tribe, so that the fun can finally begin.

P.S. Every tribal, Nifty seems to be determined to make himself appear as the shiftiest player ever. Should we go tribal next round I need him gone.


before results: *agnostic*

post results: I'd like to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ for bringing Zakriah & I to safety on this fine day. Amen.


I feel fucking bad tbh, like holy fuck, I love Felix and the parchments were so harsh and it was unanimous like fuck he's probably really upset right now ugh

This is so so bittersweet. I'm insanely happy to still be here unscaved but holy FUCK poor guy


Wow. Okay. Tf

This is the first time in Aren's main + 703 ORG career that the swap hasn't gotten the better of him <3 this is a step in the right direction for Arenkind!!!