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Day 15[]

I wanna do good on this challenge obviously because i wanna be immune and now that we're on tribes I'm

still lonely as hell. But if I end up getting a pretty high score (unlikely tho i hate mavbird) and I get a target again for being a challenge beast (LMAO).....BYE!


I'm having jess pretend to be on their side but I'm reality she's voting out Dani. I'm having her play both

sides so that Brian and Dani don't decide to do anything stupid. But really she's with me bc she hates Dani and trust me more than just about everyone. The reason why I'm not having PJ and Jess vote Brian is that I want him to feel what betrayal is like. I genuinely want his send off to be borderline cruel because that's the only way we'll really be even. Planning a little merge boot/fake idol ""I got your back, they're voting you out"" type thing, where he thinks I've just saved him but I'm actuality I was the final nail in the coffin, but who knows. Also I want him on the jury because he would probably vote for me to win. Anyways, as of right now Dani is gonna be voted out tomorrow night. If anything changes it'll be Brian. Worst case scenario it's PJ. 👏🙌👋


I haven't done one of these in a while but things have been quiet since Ash went out.Ash going out really

sucked because despite not trusting her 100% I did like her as a person . AJ going out kinda sucked too because it looked like he was about to join the ""Ash's Avengers "" alliance. I hope there a couple more tribal rounds because at some point I wanna throw a challenge and get Will out because he's with Ty,Dani and Lex.I really really hope that Jess uses her advantage and gets either Dani or Brian out tonight .


Can I trust Jess? I don't know. If she fucks me over, I will fucking cry. This could either be a 3-2 vote

against me, a 2-1-0 vote against Zak, or a 2-2-1 vote with a tie b/t me and Zak.



SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 7


Day 16[]

hey everyone, im currently in the middle of a tokelau level #SurvivorMeltdown, But u kno what Im not gonna

let that stop me from getting far in this game! So lets go back a little bit, To the very last tribal of anarchy. There was a plan hatched by Brian, and here it was: Zak/Ash/Aro/etc. Would split their votes 3 votes Lexus, 2 votes Brian Lexus, Brian and I would vote for Ash, abd then Brian plays the orb of negation on Lexus, and Ash went home WELL Zak wanted to change the plan, and split the votes on me bc im more of a wildcard in his eyes and im like ""ok bitch no back the fuck up"" Immediately my guard went up. I went and lied to Jessica about my items, and started scheming to save myself and help save Lexus. Brian told me that if I played my social idol at the tribal, he'd give me his orb of negation, which tbh i was happy about. Negated votes are always good in my book. For some only-god-knows reason, the plan fucking worked Halle-fucking-lujah Ash blocked me yada yada tbh i felt bad at first but girl dont be that petty, just accept the fact that we bested you.. I thought we couldve been friends after this but i guess not :/ Then, it was announced that we were picking team captains and i got really excited. I automatically assumed it was tribes, and i knew i wanted linus to be a captain bc he'd pick me and i want him """"""Want"""""" Anyways The others decided they wanted lexus and brian and i was like ""um ok tf"" but it worked in our favor bc the tribe splits actually arent that bad. The only one rly in trouble is Will, but i think he'll be okay Im weery of PJ and Zak. They seem to be close, and they also dont seem to like me very much, but on the brightside, im 90% sure they think jessica and i hate eachother when its really the opposite, So thats always good. Im so happy we won the challenge tbh if i had gone to tribal i probs woulda had a fucking hesrt attack like ive had 3 panic attacks already this week im so done


last tribal was intense tbh, and this fucking challenge is dreadful. 😭😭