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"Szymon's Little Bitch"
Season Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains
Episode Number 12/16
Episode Chronology
Previous I'm Still Running Everything
Next This Game Is Insane

Szymon's Little Bitch is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.


Reward Challenge: Loved Ones Challenge. With their loved ones, the contestants will play Sunny Day Sky! The duo with the highest score will win reward!

Winner: Emma & Justin.

Immunity Challenge: Cookie Challenge. Everyone starts off with 8 cookies. They must distribute their cookies amongst themselves and their tribemates. The goal is to have exactly 10 cookies! The person who gets 10 cookies or close to 10 without going over will win immunity.

Winner: Jennifer.

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 12: Terra[]

Tribal Council 12:
Miguel (6 votes)
Dusk, Sora, Eddie,
Emma, Bryce & Szymon
Alissa (3 votes)
Alissa,Jennifer & Miguel

Voting Confessionals[]

i didnt want u out at first but your paranoid and you being shady is to much... I dont wanna ruin my chances of making it to day 100


You're smart but there are people who have eyes everywhere


Miggy. I honestly trust you with all of my heart. But if I vote with you, I'd be burning more bridges. I am so sorry. But it is what it is.


im going home but idk i have to vote for someone and idk you so


keep my name out ya mouth lmao


I really like you and wanted to work with you, but you clearly didn't feel the same or give me a chance anyway! Farewell and you are the last obstacle I have in this game(thats not f3 scenario) so bye


Final Words[]

alissa: step up your social game, you never came and talked to me so i would find it very hard to vote for you in the end, although our first convo was nice

bryce: dont get messy & fuck u for not playing your idol on me when i played mine on ur sorry ass, u bitch
dusk: your jury management is awful GOD lmfao you literally shaded jen yesterday in the chat and then you came aggressively at me for no reason at all like... You called Emma a sheep which is funny bc you're literally Szymon's little bitch and everyone knows it. There's literally no one left you can beat imo
eddie: you have some NERVE calling me a liar, saying that I was telling people you were aligned with everyone when I never did that, i was actually rooting for u until an hour before the deadline when u started being a bitch to me. Have fun being in the bottom and good luck finding those long term allies you wanted so badly, im sure thats gonna work out for you with alissa/sora/emma/szymon/dusk being the majority
emma: This is not Resurgence, Szymon is not Perry, stop being his sheep, make your own decisions
jen: 💪
sora: i was against u all merge long but i had fun talking to you today lmaao thanks for being honest and straight up, ur really cool. Althooooough surprise surprise, jamie told me once that u cheated on the main org 😮 so you have some explaining to do in the end if u want me to vote for u bc i would hate to vote for someone who cheats by looking at vl confessionals etc gl in the game thoo, if linh couldnt pull a sandra maybe u can!!
szymon: where do i start? playing with you has been HELL, you have been nothing but rude and condescending to me ever since the merge started, not only you have lied and been shady time after time again ever since the game BEGAN yet you think you can come and interrogate people as if you were the fucking godfather. Oh and also, you are a CHEATER, you keep sending screenshots to people and receiving screenshots from the villains idk if theyre from alissa or sora but yeah that's against the rules and i hope the hosts do something about it bc it's very disrespectful of you to do that to tyler, nuno, dani, blaine, alex, ryan and felix's game




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