Day 16 Edit

Well Sarah can fuck herself for beating me in the one shark challenge that I couldn't get more than 4 millions in


Frankly it's not really that horrible that I lost, because if I lose I can idol a bitch out and I will be SO looking forward to that


okay so last night's vote was a massive flop, I had a feeling Trang was going to be out and that we didn't have enough votes for Yannick but w/e. Yannick seems to be under the impression that I voted with him - I did tell him I would but I wasn't sure he'd take me at face value, so I just played along (sweat). At least I won reward/immunity today though, that's a confidence booster! Woohoo!


Last vote was a close call, but I am aware of who voted for me and who influenced that vote. I'll be sure to decimate the competition, one by one.


Day 17 Edit

So I gave my idol to Clairie, she will hopefully play it on herself and I hopefully gained 3 allies just like that

If these bitches play me, however, they have got one coming, because this bitch right here still has a second idol, and I am not shy to flip the pancake around and chew on their games like it's nothing


Day 18 Edit

So.. considering that nobody knows I have that second idol from the labyrinth, I might as well try out if that one is decoy too, because there are 5 votes on Aaron and I doubt he has anything

If he does, oh well, it's obvious that I'm a "I dont even care" player LMFAO no risk no fun


These shady bitches have got one coming.. unless the idol is fake and I get votes then it's most likely going to be a Firework made of Awkward LOL


That moment when you're added to an alliance because you gave someone an idol, fabulous

Do I plan on staying loyal? lol nope, why? Because Brian was my initial final 2 and I'm sticking to that ^_° It's gonna be a fun time, we're gonna sip some ice tea, watch a movie and have a fun time, but when it's gonna be me who pokes a needle in the bottle and makes it pour out like there's no tomorrow

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