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Day 23[]

Fuck yes!!! Malik is G O N E, im really happy, I know I said in earlier confessionals I like Malik as a person, and I do, he's a nice guy outside of games, but in this game, he got so far under my skin, he's an extremely emotional player, he talked shit about me and sim + nick, then when we vote him out I'm a fake friend, when he's been talking mad shit and been throwing me under the bus, sorry Malik but the double standard shit isn't flying here. Anyways, moving forward I feel like the path looks a little less rocky for the time being, most quetzals have been very apologetic with me (Elmo, Jenna, Brandon) I'm not sure how much I actually buy into it, but I feel like I can at least somewhat trust Jenna and Elmo hopefully. Aside from that, us Catarina are planning on teaming up with the last two Tacana to weaken quetzal once and for all, now that Malik is gone, it's so much easier to have a working relationship between our two tribes, he was definitely what was keeping us apart. So our plan now is to go for Renz or Brandon, From what I've heard Renz lead that vote which is so confusing considering I haven't talked to him yet he told everyone I made him "uncomfortable", I dunno how you make a guy you haven't spoken to uncomfortable, but I guess I somehow did that for Renz, anyway, I think i could possibly need immunity this round just for safe measure, this is the first round in a while without my idol, pretty much my security blanket that definitely came in handy, so let's see how things go!


You can assume that every strategic thing that comes out of your mouth will make you look like a jackass until the votes are read. Damn, that was really good on Austin.

That brings me to this: There were 8 of us, there were only 7 Austin votes, which means one of us screwed it up. And guess who it is? OF COURSE, Shea - the Joe-blocking, Tantrum-throwing ""friend"" of mine from Orlando, FL.

I was just talking to Chris about my suspicions that Shea is flipping on us because he is not a ""fan of the color orange"" and also because of his eagerness to work with Catarina, and fast forward to a few minutes later, Chris is telling me that Catarina is already approaching him to flip on is and revealed to him that it was Shea who voted for Claudia. I don't know if there's logic here, but of course, that would bring me to the conclusion that Shea told Austin about the votes which resulted to an idol play negating all the 7 out of the supposed 8 damn votes that we worked hard on.

So Shea, honey, your days are numbered.


I need to do serious damage control.

I flipped on the Quetzal Alliance and gave Austin information which led him to use the idol. I voted Claudia to try and avoid any major backlash, but it turns out that move was less than favorable for me. Renz is on the hunt for who leaked the info, and if he targets me, that's an issue. I didn't plan to be such a huge target this early on.

My loyalties don't lay with Austin either. They lay with myself. I gave him that info so he would get rid of the idol and not use it against me. With it gone, He's a lot less threatening, and Malik leaving was probably the best possible outcome.

My next decisions are crucial. I don't fully trust anyone right now and deflecting blame from that huge move is what's going to keep me here.


Day 24[]

Nathaniel won Immunity again, He's really strong physically and having an ally that has good physical aspects is nice to have. This tribal is either going to be really good for me or really bad. Most of Quetzal is busy and is fine with laying down and having an easy vote, which is amazing. It's breaks tension and it gives my suggestions more impact.

Right now other than my allegiance to Nathaniel, the lines are blurred for me. I'm not truly loyal to anyone. I'm going to be working with Quetzal this vote however to get Nick out. Voting out Austin doesn't serve me any purpose right now and if I can get out Nick, I'm going to. They all seem content with following and at the end I think the jury will recognize that I'm the one making these decisions. I'm just doing my best to downplay that right now.

Nobody has been pointing the big fat finger at me for feeding Austin information which is good. I can't cut myself off from Quetzal just yet in case I end up needing to stick with the Quetzalliance. People are being quiet this tribal which does concern me, since it's possible my name could be written down, and if it is good on them, It'd be a blindside.

This vote can be simple or disastrous. Let's hope it's simple and goes my way.


My instinct is telling me to vote out Shea, but my conscience is telling me not to. Well, in this game, I think instinct is more important because sympathizing with a player who could screw up your game in the future should never be glorified in this game.

Within our alliance, we were talking about voting either Austin or Nick to make sure that Shea doesn’t get air of what’s really happening. Chris and Claudia are down with the plan, of course.

I was talking to Shea about voting Austin, and he’s hesitant about the plan proving that he is so much tighter with those people than the Quetzalliance. Apparently, he told Claudia that he had to vote for her because he couldn’t vote for the people being targeted. Now, this is where we are, so I hope this serves as a lesson for Shea if the plan to him out is successful. Another great example is Michelle who won the game although she voted out Julia, and that’s because she wants to prove that she can be trusted and that he’s loyal to the alliance that she’s with.


Back at tribal, Nathaniel with immunity again, and me not immune and without an idol, considering I got 7 votes last round that's pretty frightening, I mean that idol has been my security blanket for most of the season and now it's gone, luckily it was a successful play but now that I'm without the idol, it's rough, I have to be much more careful, and much more wary of people, so to set ourselves up for this round we had to vote out malik, although Malik is a weak competitor all around, socially, physically(that's a strong word considering these are computer games lol but you get what I mean), and strategically, even though he wasn't a threat, he prevented us Catarina from working with Tacana because 3 of us voted him on Tacana 2.0, so in order to work together the next vote, we had to get Malik out. So now we have a Tacana/Catarina alliance going and the quetzal still trust the Tacana luckily so we're able to get info from them, and apparently their plan is to blindside Shea, they don't trust him for his throwaway vote last round and they think he has an idol, which I'm hoping he does so we can let him know to play it and get one of Brandon/Renz out. Ideally this round, Shea plays his idol, Claudia and Chris don't flip over to quetzal after that, and then we keep a 7 majority at final 10, that would be perfect but obviously wouldn't last long, probably just one round, but the issue is that Chris hates Shea, doesn't trust the guy, wants him gone, while I realize Shea has done questionable things, I think he's definitely not the biggest threat on quetzal, especially considering he's not even voting with the quetzals that are together, the thing is Shea won't benefit Chris' game, but in my opinion if I get shea to play his idol and stay around, that secures his loyalty, I usually don't like playing by tribal lines but I'm gonna stick with my Catarina guys for quite a while because I genuinely like them all as people and we get along pretty well. Oh yeah, as far as talking with the quetzals, they seem to be being pretty straight up with me, I've told the names they've heard are Shea/Nick and the Nick is bs just to get Shea to throw his vote, but all the quetzals are telling me I'm safe, so unless they're trying to burn their chances at my jury vote, I feel somewhat alright with my position right now, here's hoping for another successful tribal, and possibly a third successful idol in a row for the season from Shea.


This is probably my last confessional. What should've been an easy tribal turned into me leaving with almost no chance to stay. That sucks, to follow MALIK to the jury, ugh, like dude.

Causing mass confusion probably isn't a valid strategy, but at this point it's the best thing to do. If all else fails, start screaming at people and being messy. I'm beyond frustrated with the people in this game and tired of this game tbfh. If I go, ok. I just hope I destroy Renz's game on the way out.

  1. ChaosShea


Omg, call the drama police Shea just found out that we're going to blindside heeeeeeeeem 😵

Call the teatective, I need to know who's trying to screw up our gaaaaaame 😵 Dear God, I got Shea under control like oh my gosh what am I gonna do nowwwww I JUST LIEEEEED.


Shea promised that I will not get his vote at Final Tribal Council if he’s going home this tribal. I was like, okay, I played in my previous orgs with my honesty always in check. Well, honey, I’m so sorry, I learned from my previous games, and being honest rarely takes you to the end. It may not always give you the W, but deception plays a big role in a game where you have to outwit, outplay, and outlast. SO HERE YOU GO, HOLD THIS L. I don’t want to screw up the future of my game.


This vote is so hard

I might get to dictate it I hope all goes well


This vote is making me sick. It's been a long day so here goes.

The entire reason we voted out Malik was to make Quetzal appear a threat, because Tacana and Catarina could then join forces, and without Malik leading anti-returnee propaganda we could pull it off. We created that alliance, and despite it being quiet we were good to go. However, OG Quetzal was ready to dump Shea. They probably figured out he voted for Claudia, which was actually really stupid, but Claudia/Chris used that as an excuse to take out a Quetzal, and the rest of us would just vote out Renz to make it seem like we were in a clueless minority.

This is great and all, but Catarina was nervous that Tacana was just going to flip back, and they wouldn't have anything holding them back since they didn't actually vote with us, and stayed loyal to original Quetzal. Nathaniel was especially worried about this that he was willing to use his idol.

Holy Shit, Catarina is FIRE. Our entire plan changed, because we were unsure of it to begin with, and we wanted to save Shea, convert him into a Catarina, and eliminate the link between Tacana/Quetzal to ensure that we weren't just walking into a rock draw next tribal. Who is this link you might ask, none other than Elmo!

We all like Elmo, but that's because his social game is fire, although he doesn't have much competition between Quetzal, who have literally ignored me personally since the merge feast!

It's super secret, not even Shea knows about it, Claudia and Chris certainly don't know about it, and it's totally out of next field since they're suspecting we're gonna vote Renz or Brandon, well SURPRISE BITCH! ARE YOU SHOOK? I'M SHOOK! IM CONSTANTLY SHOOK AT THIS GAME TBH.

Now I've had my doubts, it's actually obvious Nathaniel has the idol, I mean come on, and they know that Shea is the target, so as long as they don't switch we'll be fine. They have no reason to suspect a move like this, it's completely unpredictable and I believe that Catarina has finally earned their threatening returnee titles.

Also talking about that, I want all of Quetzal to promise to never return to a future season again, all they do is BASH us for accepting a second chance? Bullshit if they'd say they never want to play again.

Anyways, with most sources confirming they're voting Shea, I doubt anyone would care for reverse psychology right now, so fingers crossed, because I'm way more nervous than last tribal, but this could work, and we'd literally run this game.


So I'm voting Elmo this tribal, and if it doesn't work out, it won't be my last time doing so, because I will for sure vote for him as a juror. I mean, if he survives that means Quetzal will run this game, and he'll be sitting up there with possibly the messiest, or shall I say obnoxious tribe uh ever?

First of all Renz is literally Russell Hantz stuck together, don't you see it? It's pretty accurate. He's confrontational and condescending, but it's funny because nothing has gone his way so far in the merge, so he hasn't really warranted that behaviour, not that it's ever appropriate.

Brandon won't be there because I will personally go out to buy some Guatemalan snake repellent. NOT IN MY HOUSSSSSSSSSE HUNNY! He's literally ignored all of the Post-Swap Tacana after the merge, it's hilarious lmao.

Jenna won't be able to type anything longer than a 3 word reply, but if she does I can't promise that I'll be able to stay awake through it.

And Shea has defected from the Quetzals, and it was for his own good.


Oh my god I'm so nervous, and I ramble when I'm nervous so here I am.

I really hope this works because there's no way that I'll be able to confront Elmo if it doesn't. I really like him, and we agreed to tell each other everything, but I know he's said that to everyone, I know how dangerous he is socially as literally everyone feels the same way, he might possibly be the glue between Quetzal itself, and Quetzal + Tacana. If we take him out now we could possibly ensure that Tacana would come with us, I mean, they have to choose.

Join us, or draw rocks? I mean, they've already drawn rocks so I might be overplaying how scary that threat actually is to them, but nonetheless it's better than giving them the power to flip, and taking out Shea who is a secure Catarina ally.

GOD DAMN GOD DAMN. This merge has been chaos. Is this what every merge is like? Every round is fluid, the game constantly shifts and it hasn't been set for any direction yet. Although being on the right side of the votes from the wrong side of the numbers is really fun NGL, and watching Quetzal squirm is my favourite part. I obviously have to give credit to Nathaniel and Austin, which could be a problem late game, but for now we are a team, and we have to figure out how we as a collective group can survive this early merge, and secure the late merge for OURSELVES.

  • Cackles*



I love Nick. I talk to him the most at this point. He's so hilarious and fun, and probably the easiest person to talk to. We can talk shit together, laugh at all the embarrassments on this season together, and stress out together. I definitely trust him the MOST right now, and I'd definitely want to go to the end with him. I haven't told him that, and it's also partly because we're both the least flashiest Catarina at the moment hahaha.

Nathaniel's great, I doubted him at first, but he's been our most valuable ally. He's done all the heavy lifting for Catarina so far, and he's probably the most ""deserving"" to win right now, which is a threat later on, but for now we all owe him our entire games. I don't know why I ever doubted him to be honest, he was factually my first actual alliance member, and the swap may have created some unwanted distance, but the Catarina's are like a military unit.

Austin's great as always. Austin has probably been the one constant in my game, no my entire Survivor career. I mean he did host me in Kerala! We've been close since the first day, and I believe he was friends with Hannah and Brian, so the fact that he stayed loyal to me over them is actually such a sacrifice, and so nice, I've relied on him during my highs and lows in this game, and I'm so grateful we got to align.