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Day 4[]

Confessional 1

"Ah, that went well. I'm glad. TBH as soon as I heard he wanted me out I knew he had to go, well, obviously. I'm glad everyone was on the same boat with this. Sorry, bro."



Not me being in an all guys alliance omg #meninism! Guess there's a first for everything lmfao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Huge personalities on that group. I need to chill out for a couple of days and be like, irrelevant or something. Now that the first vote had happened it's time for me to sit back and fly under the radar now that I have a foundation to work on.



Jimmie is out. Jimmie is out. JIMMIE IS FREAKING OUT! Yes! I am soooo happy right now. This is just great! And you know what, I didn't even get a single vote! He voted for Shiloh. And I know why. Toby. I believe that he's the one that told Jimmie to vote for Shiloh. I won't target you right now because I like you but I will.

Side note: wow, my calligraphy sucked. I'm never going to do that again!

When we were back at camp, Toby approached me to make an alliance. How ironic! The person I want to target later decides to be closer with me. Now, I want to follow saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But I reality, I really have to be close with everyone but they are ALL my enemies.

Anyway, the alliance is made up of myself, Toby, Uli and Josh. Toby wants Rhi with us but she didn't answer so sucks for her. Guess what our alliance name is? ........ Done?........ Alright, you're not going believe it but It's called the Party! Of the two alliance that I ever had with Toby, he named them the same! OH MY GOD! What the hell? Come on man! Be creative! Think of another name! Also, why do does he have to name the allaince? This isn't Big Brother! But whatever, I have to put up with the alliance name because it's the only one I have right now. I have to thank Toby though. If it werent for him, I wont anyone right now so thanks Toby!

My only problem with this alliance is that it doesn't have Shiloh. I like her and I want her to stay. But I think that she's going to the target of the alliance at the next tribal. Bummer.


Confessional: Okay, so the thing is I couldn't care less if we win because the idol has already been found. I just need to prove to the tribe I'm valuable to us winning so they will not want to vote me off.


Confessional: Game's been moving slowly yet efficiently, which is a really nice pace.

During the immunity challenge, we all pitched in an coordinated very well. Ci'ere made the calls and it was great! The only person who seemed to slack was Marc, which automatically makes him the best person to pin a target on to "keep the tribe strong" and yada-yada-yada.

But in the end, we won immunity with flying colors and received our first clue to our piece of the Hidden Immunity Idol. When I got a nice first look at our clue, the immediate thing that comes to mind is: Ehh I'll try solving this some other day. Buuut I figured it wouldn't hurt submitting at least one guess ??

I hit my encyclopedia, googled specific ideas and methods, and quite frankly, I had no idea what I was even looking for in terms of the "term." Probably 10 minutes later I came across a website with a ginormous list of 7-lettered words. While scrolling, the first word that caught my attention was "gangsta." The new Kaoh Rong episode was airing soon so I went with it.

I wanted to create the snazziest quote ever and came up with "I'm a gangsta in an urban crib" 10/10 quality idol material ?? But literally as I was typing the guess, my inner-survivor fanboy noticed something awfully familiar. The quote hit me and I was freaking out while I was double-checking on Cirie's Survivor Wiki page.

Sure enough it lined up so I turned in my guess, and wow, I've never felt so accomplished before. Found the idol 15 minutes after receiving the first clue, and I was excited!! But only being half an idol, I needed someone from the Ferrar tribe to align with and I picked Toby. We talked for a bit and agreed to an alliance.

After that, I realized I still needed someone on this tribe who'd have my back at all times. No way was I making any deals with team ICE BLASTERS. I was practically the last person to get recruited for the alliance, and I feel they click more than I'm comfortable with. That doesn't mean I'm against them, but its good to have more options.

Looking at the rest of the tribe, I've already talked to Micah, Nick, and Chrissa. But all of our convos went nowhere. I do like Nick and Chrissa on a more personal level so I'm not gonna completely scratch them off the list. Marc is already someone who I want out first if we attend TC so that only left Mihai. He mentioned that he didn't talk to many people, and actually proposed a small partnership to keep us safe. Its better than nothing so all that's left is to let patience form its beauty.

Soooo that's pretty much a summary of Andrew's world four days into Survivor: Antarctica, and this is quite a thrill ??


Day 5[]

Confessional: I think the best thing I can do in my state is to tryhard the fuck out of these next few comps so I can prove myself in my tribe since 90% of the Krill peeps are extremely mediocre at challenges. The last thing I want to do is go to tribal AGAIN.

The Ferrar tribe chat is legit so quiet and barely anyone is willing to revive it and it creeps me out like are ORGs usually like this? Not even a hey chain would give it some pulse like instead of a tribe chat it's just a library that nobody goes to cause it's creepy af and someone died there AND IT WAS ME The One World chat is also dead to an extent I expected to have to post in there everyday but I'm kind of glad I don't have to do that idk how I could handle posting "Good Morning" for 20 days.




Confessional: so I get we had 24 hours but when I asked to sit out no one said anything until like now so


Confessional: There are no words I can use to describe this grade a fuckery like it's just a game but I am THIS close to leaving and I'm just not ready.

If I were to leave even unanimously it would be a braindead move on their part, they have absolutely nothing to gain from it, even from a strategical mess like me can see that.

I'm doing everything in my power to make sure I stay and it better be worth the effort.


Survivor Antarctica Confessional

Episode 2 - Part Three

NICK. Nick has been a delight to talk to and I feel like we have the same level of understanding about the game. We don't talk as much as I talk with Mihai or Marc or John but he is one of the people I def want to stick with. ??????

CHRISSA. Chrissa was the invisible girl on day one. Until I reached out to her and we would talk almost everyday. I learned that she is not really watching the real survivor show, but just enjoy these games. Right now, I want Chrissa on my backpocket. Altho in reality she may be the first target due to her poor challenge performances, I feel like I connected with her enough for her to be loyal to me in the long run. Everybody wants a Natalie Tenrelli on their side, right? Chrissa will be my Natalie. ??????

MICAH. We had a decent Day One talk. I told him I was stanning for him in another ORG. However, there is something sketchy I feel about him. Either he is just really so busy juggling FOUR freaking ORGs or he is silent now because he has settled into a majority alliance. Once we lose, I already have my eyes set on actively campaigning for his ouster. ??????

However we've won two immunity challenges in a row. So I will just continue my social work in the tribe mates but will be ready once we get to that inevitable point...like a tiger ready to pounce on the lamb. ?????? . . . . . . End . . .


Confessional: I forgot that most of Ferrar is in UK timezones so I gotta stay up till like 3 to strategize efficiently which sucks, it gives me time to watch Coachella but at what cost???

Fr don't be surprised if I pull a Lanzetti and trash my own game, I've been running on mountain dew kickstart/dr pepper and 10 things of panda express for hours so maybe I'll succumb to the sweet release of ponderosa soon.


Confessional 4

Our second immunity challenge was the flash game Minute Hardcore, where we had to maneuver a little spaceship around the screen, dodging enemies and bullets, while changing colors to shoot colored bullets to attack differently colored enemies. I know that sounds confusing, because it is; I really didn't know what I was supposed to be doing in the game for the first few tries. Once I got it though it was pretty fun, but got annoying after a while, lol. My strategy was to always take the time bonus if I was at less than 45 seconds or so, and the ship upgrade otherwise. Plus, what's interesting is that the pattern at which the ships come in never changed between plays, so for the first few minutes it was easy to just attack the ships right as they came in to rack up bonuses quickly. I ended up with 14,856, which was like pretty much the best I could do after playing it through the afternoon and evening on and off. Not the best score, and I'm sure if I played it a few more times I could do better, but whatever. What's pretty notable about this challenge is that our sit out was Chrissa. In the last challenge (RC2), Chrissa also wanted to sit out, but ended up having to do it anyway because of Micah's prom and getting the fantastic score of 8, plus she's admitted plenty of times that she's just not good at flash games. (Which is a pretty broad statement...you suck at *every* flash game?) Anyway, I don't think it's worth it to keep her around much longer if she's not gonna participate too much in the challenges, because like every damn challenge is a flash game, and she can't sit out every single week. She's pretty useless challenge-wise for Krill right now, tbh. Nevertheless, we won the immunity challenge! And it was literally by the skin of our teeth, since we won by only 290 points! Incredibly close, just like RC2. Toby's screenshot apparently screwed up somehow, so had he not messed up we would've lost, which is crazy to think about. Ferrar might just be becoming a challenge threat, lol. Whatever though, immunity is ours! Even though we won, strategizing still happened! I talked to Ivan about potential people that the Ice Blasters could vote out were Krill to lose an IC. I mean, of course, Krill's not gonna lose, but you know, just in case. He suggested going for Micah because he's been relatively less active then everyone else despite his good challenge performances, as opposed to Chrissa who's been weak at challenges and therefore is hardly a threat at all. Ivan wants to use Chrissa as a fifth wheel to vote out Micah with a majority, which I agreed to! (Here's a screenshot of Ivan's proposal, in his own words: http://i.imgur.com/CfhymzS.jpg) I still don't think Chrissa is good for our tribe, but since we're likely to have a tribe swap at F14, we're not going to be around her much longer, and if I am, I can always go for her in the swapped tribes. Anyway, it's good to know that we have a definitive plan in place in case we go to tribal, so that we won't get voted out or anything. smile emoticon


Confessional 2

"This is going really well! It's nice to be in the majority and I really get along with Toby and Rhiannon. So far we all seem to agree too."


Confessional: It's over.


Day 6[]


First off, I am really sorry I have been inactive these past few days. I had a final exam yesterday and I needed to focus on that. I have four more to go but I have more time to study for those so I hope I'll be more active.

Reward challenge-----

We won the reward challenge! As much as I want to win a challenge, this is definitely not the challenge I want to win. I don't want the idol landing in this camp because all the does is provide chaos. WAIT!!!!!!! I love chaos! Nevermind what I said before, I live for chaos. I just hope it doesn't come and bite me in the ass.

When we read the clue, my jaw just dropped. I don't know how to do this so I started jumbling words until the sentence makes sense in Survivor universe. Surprise, surprise, it was wrong. I have a feeling, though that this clue is the same for the other tribe. Then in my alliance, Josh just confirmed my thoughts when Jamie told him that someone has already found the half of the idol. I believe that someone in our tribe is aligned with the other side that I think that they already found the idol. I have to find that person!

Immunity challenge and Tribal-----

Soooooo we lost again. ALL BECAUSE OF TOBY! Dude! What the hell happened? Reading through the chat, it seems that his screenshot is actually right. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL HIM TO POST IT IN THE CHAT! Oh my god these people. Also, we live in the fucking love tribe! No one is too argumentative so no drama. Without it, I'm forced to watch penguins have sex with each other. Can you believe it?

My alliance decided that we should vote Scott out. Great! Another one gone. It gets me thinking however, I need to secure myself in this tribe if we keep losing more challenges. So I talked to Uli. While talking to him, he told me that he two girls told him that they were also voting for Scott. And then he told me that once Scott is gone, the next tribal would be guys vs girls with guys in the majority! I don't think he knew that he gave me enough clues in the tribe dynamics. Uli is in the middle with his alliance with the guys and his alliance with the girls. However, it's not guys vs girls necessarily. It's actually UK vs the world! It's just what I said before! The UK people could band together to get rid of us. Damn it! It's too late to save Scott now so what I did is secure a final two deal with Uli. He's the swing vote after all.

If I survive this tribal, my next plan is to talk to the other side. I'm actually in full on stalker mode! The people that I have something similar to are Chrissa and Ivan. Chrissa, she also lives in Canada, and Ivan because he's also a Filipino. Get ready guys!


cf: i can't believe my sister broke my laptop i am dead and in hell

now people will think i was inactive smh