The Amazing Race
Season Run December 20, 2014-January 31, 2015
Teams 11
Winners Perry & Natalie
Runner-ups Tata & Ganda
Ruby & Shannon
Countries Visited United States of America United States of America

Italy Italy
Wales Wales
Iceland Iceland
Russia Russia
Taiwan Taiwan
New Zealand New Zealand
2000px-Flag of Bolivia (state).svg Bolivia
Tanzania Tanzania
Jamaica Jamaica

TAR 703 ORG 1 Leg 12
Series Chronology
Previous Season None
Next Season The Amazing Race 2

The Amazing Race is the first season of 703 ORG series of The Amazing Race.


Reid Ryan3
Reid Ryan

The GameEdit

Leg From To Eliminated Finish
1 Arizona, USA Rome, Italy Kordan & Najim 1st Eliminated
2 Rome, Italy Arlon, Belgium Ian & Cameron 2nd Eliminated
3 Arlon, Belgium Cardiff, Wales Purry & Nuno 3rd Eliminated
4 Cardiff, Wales Reykjavik, Iceland Non-Elimination
5 Reykjavik, Iceland Moscow, Russia Anthony F. & Zac 4th Eliminated
6 Mosow, Russia Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia Rich & Anthony S. 5th Eliminated
7 Kamchatka Peninsula,
Taipei, Taiwan Fonda & Ziggy 6th Eliminated
8 Taipei, Taiwan Auckland, New Zealand Tyler B. & Tyler M. 7th Eliminated
9 Auckland, New Zealand La Paz, Bolivia Superleg
10 La Paz, Bolivia Stone Town, Tanzania Solar & Blake 8th Eliminated
11 Stone Town, Tanzania Ocho Rios, Jamaica Non-Elimination
12 Ocho Rios, Jamaica Key West, USA Ruby & Shannon 3rd
Tata & Ganda 2nd
Perry & Natalie Winners


Photo Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + 10 11 12 Icon-Roadblock
Perry & Natalie
Team PlatyBadAsses
2nd 1st 1st 2nd 1st 1st 4th 4th 2nd 1st 1st 1st 7-6
Tata & Ganda
Team East Java Strong
3rd 2nd 2nd 1st 3rd 4th 1st 1st 1st 3rd 2nd 2nd 7-7
Ruby & Shannon
Team Gemstone & Hen
4th 5th 4th 3rd 4th^ 3rd 2nd 3rd 3rd 2nd 3rd 3rd 6-5
Solar & Blake
Team Frenemies
7th 7th 6th 7th 5th 2nd 3rd 2nd 4th 4th 2-6
Tyler B. & Tyler M.
Team Tyler
6th 4th 3rd» 5th 6th 5th 5th 5th~ 4-2
Ziggy & Fonda
Team Malaynesia
9th 8th~ 7th 8th 7th 6th 6th~ 4-1
Rich & Anthony S.
League of America
8th 6th 5th 4th 2nd^ 7th~ 6-0
Anthony F. & Zac
Team Polyester Monkeys
5th 9th~ 8th 6th 8th 5-0
Purry & Nuno
Team YasTBH
1st 3rd* 9th 2-1
Ian & Cameron
Team Persia Smash Bros
10th~ 10th~ 1-0
Kordan & Najim
Team Worldwide
11th~ 0-0


Red = team eliminated.
Orange = non-elimination leg.
Coral = superleg.
Purple * = team used the Express Pass.
Green » = team won the Fast Forward.
Brown ⊃ = team used U-Turn or Yield.
Brown ⊂ = team received U-Turn.
Brown ᐁ = team received Yield.
Blue ^ = team had a penalty.
Red ~ = team didn't finish the leg in the allowed time and were brought directly to the pitstop and were given a 2 hour penalty at the start of the leg, or, were eliminated.

Notes Edit

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