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Day 1[]

First Impressions: Gross I like no one on my tribe. Not even myself. I look at the other tribe and I see 1 person I super want out (Szymon) and 1 person I super want to marry (Scott)

–Ryan M.

Here we go! I'm really excited to play and thank you for pickingn me in cast. Im in tribe with couple of few for me faces and Im looking forward to meet themm and feel them . i had a conversation this morninng with Ryan and he seems like he wants to work with me aand Jamie. I guess he said to me that he wants to woek with Jamie because he knows that we are close (which is true). Im really happy to see Scott and Jamie in my tribe. This two will be probably my main bitches in thsi season. However i dont want to be the one to make alliances by myself. Im gonna work on maling close individual bonds with people in our tribe, and then let them propose alliances. Im just really excited for this and ready to S L A Y


Day 2[]

Eh I'm so scared at the moment, no one is talking to me! I hope it's time-zones because if it's not I may just be the bad egg in the tribe and be sent out the door sooner than I wished...


so my tribe seems pretty sweet. I'm stoked to be on a tribe with Tyler again. He and I were tight in the abomination that was St Giles. Sczymon is here too, which is cool. He and I weren't exactly allies in St. Giles, but luckily we've gotten to be good friends since it ended. I'm interested to see how all this plays out


Yesss!!! I've officially joined the Canada cast, I'm so excited to play and get this game started. I'm glad theres people I know here, especially Tyler who i think I can trust. Topaz I wanna work with too but I just hope he's not bitter with me over Rome. I usually start games having an under the radar style, but I gotta go right outta the gate here and talk to people and try and get in majority. The other thing that worries me is the fact that Jamie's playing also. If we meet up we can do major damage, however that's what I'm worried about also. People could see us as a pair and want to break us up. We'll have to see how the game goes and see what happens. BUT HERES TO NOT BEING FIRST BOOT.


Soo, we lost. That sucks. The good thing is that if everyone submitted we would probably win, so we do have potential in this game. Right now i think i talked with everyone. The person i mostly trust is Scott <3 Im also willing to work together with Brian and Jamie. I talked with Jamie and she prposed to make a majority alliance with us, Ryan, Brian and Scott. That would leave JA, Lukas and Chuck/Nick/whatever he goes by guy. I want to work with Lukas for sure, and JA is really nice, so i need to keep them close and make sure that this vote would be towards Chuck, just to make sure we can win challenges.. That should be the key to succes to go to the merge. I can't effort to blindside big players yet but i know ithat if it will benefit directly my game , i will try too :~)


Hi, this is my first epic confessional! We won immunity so thats great. We need numbers going in to the merge. But first I have to make it there. I socialized with Dennis, Tyler, Nathaniel, Jack and Ryan already, they seem like nice people. I hope they think Im nice too, so they will give me 1 million dollar in the end. Dennis is also from the Netherlands, I knew him from another Dutch forum, he is the one that told me abiout the survivor orgs. He arranged an Alliance between, himself, Tyler, Jack, Nathaniel and me :D We are callled the Insurgenoy, which is a stupid name, but if it brings me far in this game, Im good with it :) Everything is going great in the game right now. See ya later :D


Hmm I want Jack to think I wanna go very far with him, because I do, but I dont wanna use the words final 2 to fast lol.


sooo Chuck and Lukas both stated that they want to contribute and stay in game and both are going after each others. But I'd rather vote out Chuck because im not getting good vibes from him, while Lukas is someone who i would be able to use on my advantage and furthermore eventually have him to take target away from me, since we both are clearly big threats


Day 3[]

Hey, look who just found the confessional part of the game! Anyway, I'm Nathaniel, as you may've guessed, and I'm going to make this season an amazing one together with my fellow competitors, and, of course, our magnificent hosts Luke and Jessy! Anyway, let's get this confessional show started! So, the game began yesterday, or well, more like 2 days ago. It started during the middle of the night for me though, so it's only been like one day! First off - I love my tribe. I love the entire cast honestly, but I especially love my tribe. We have Bjorn in it. Bjorn is a player that's not too good at the game, if I can say it myself. However, he has a great will, and that leads to commitment. Bjorn WANTS to play, and that could take him far. We also have Jack! Jack's a player I've played with once before, but we went on a huge winning streak there, and we've never really talked. That changed today though, and Jack's a decent person, actually. Maybe not someone I'd take to the end, but someone I'd work with. His main drawback is actually the complete opposite of Bjorn. He is not interested enough. From an outside POV it may seem like that, but he told me today he doesn't care too much about these games. He did say he wanted to focus on this season though, as compared to our last, but if you've admitted not playing your best in a season, you've admitted not playing your best in a season, and that's not something you can take back. I admit that I myself put different amount of focus into the seasons I play (I have 5 ongoing currently, and I don't put the same amount of effort into all of them), but I try to do my best with what I do put into things. I mean, Jack didn't even know we were playing together in that ORG, despite being on the same (small) tribe for weeks! In Okak we also have me, but we'll talk more about me in all my other confessionals to come. I'll just summarize it by saying that I've talked to basically everyone in the tribe, I did decent in the challenge, and I'm in a majority alliance - as long as it sticks together... And now the only person I haven't talked to - NJ! I don't really know what to say about her, but... she's good, I guess. She has two accounts to play with, and she's also the only female in the tribe, but yeah, I haven't really talked to her yet, so I dunno. Someone I have talked to is Ryan, though! We talked for a while, mostly about Kamchatka and CV, but I didn't feel like we connected very well. That's a shame, since I'd love to work with him, but I guess things are how they are. Next up is... Sora! I've played quite a few things with Sora previously, actually, but we've never really been allied or so. I do love him as a person though, and something tells me he'll make it far this season. Dennis is also someone I've played with before. We were allied there, and since the season's at its F5 and our alliance is still intact, we decided to carry it over here. Dennis is just such a great person to hang with and be around, and he makes seasons fun to play. I really look forward to playing with him again. He's also good in challenges and has a plan for the game, so I'm glad to be on the same side as him. And last, but not least, Tyler! Tyler's one of two great 703 people playing this season. Tyler's hosted EVER SINGLE SEASON since the beginning of 703, up until now - and I get to be on the same tribe as him! Also, I've been so close to Tyler for a long while now, but I've never actually talked to him before today! He's a good person, and although I'm not sure I can trust him yet, he seems kinda trustworthy-ish. Also, we have another tribe, our enemy - the Nain tribe! Although I can't talk to them at all (love that rule), I still know half of them since earlier. Szy, Jamie, JA and Scott are all people I've talked to and played with, and whom I know quite well. JA's the only one of them I don't think is a huge competitor for the win, but we'll see how that plays out. I've never seen Nick nor Lukas before, so, umm, good luck to them, I guess? Brian I've seen play once, and he didn't do too well that season, but he was also on a bad tribe there. Ryan Gibson is the other 703 legend to play this season though. He, like Tyler, have hosted every season up until now, and I know he's a massive threat in both challenges and the overall game. Although I'd love to see him go far, I kinda don't want to have to face him further down the game. Now, to the other parts of the game. I'll make this rather quick, since I really have to go to sleep now, tired as I am. First off - we won immunity! Woohoo! I love my tribe already for that! We randomised one of the inactives to Belle Island, and Nick was the lucky one! He in turn did the complete opposite and chose our highest scoring member, Ryan. I really hope they're havin fun out there, being all alone with the nature... Oh, and if you didn't figure it out already, I'm in an alliance! The insergency consists of me, Dennis, Bjorn, Jack and Tyler. While I do like our members, I am not so sure Ty's completely with us... Anyway, I'm finishing this off with a shoutout to our amazing hosts! I know Luke since before, and he's honestly one of the best hosts there is, so I'm sure he'll do just as great this season. Jessy I've heard both good and bad things about, but my perception of her has always been good, and I haven't heard bad things about her as a host, so I'm sure she and Luke can do wonderful things together! Now, have a great day and root for me, and I'll see you all again soon!


Well shit, I forgot to compete in the challenge. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw my name on the parchments tonight, all I can do is campaign to vote out Nick.


Well, tribal looms. There has been a lot of chatter around camp regarding who should go. It's kinda strange since there is really only one option to me, and that is Nick/Chuck. He has been fairly unresponsive and didn't submit for the challenge so....it's rally the troops, gather the votes, and make sure that the idea seems to come from someone else. Luckily, Lukas was very quick to throw him under the bus.

JA approached me about working with Lukas, and that's an option worth exploring since it's early. I'm not over committing to anyone just yet, and the majority of the tribe seems to be coming to me with plans. Eventually that could lead to being in the middle, and a situation that I will have to diffuse when it comes to a forefront.

I've been spending a lot of time building a report with Scott, and he told me he trusts me the most, and wants to keep our alliance on the DL. Which is perfect for me because I want to keep the people I'm working with in the dark about the others.

All that's left to do today is cast my vote, and then it's back to camp and sleep. Good thing we went fishing today, so we will have something to eat. I just hope the fire is still going.


–Ryan B.