The Morning After is the 7th aired episode of season 1 of 703 ORG Network's The Elementals.


For a complete plot of The Morning After, go here.
Charlie & Zak go over the events from the night before & talk to each other about the direction of their relationship. Drew dives even deeper into the dark magic he's tampering with to gain more strength.

Main CastEdit

  • Austin Williams
  • Alissa Graf
  • Charlie Tchotchke
  • Drew Mikaelson
  • Hannah Strarrup
  • TJ Apostol
  • Zakriah Razzak


  • Hydrokinesis: Austin uses this power to train and increase his control over it.
  • Geokinesis: Hannah uses this power to train and increase her control over it. She also used her powers to make a shield of rocks to block herself against Drew's blasts.
  • Corruption Blasts: Drew uses this power in the fight with Austin & Hannah and it knocks Austin out. He throws another after fighting Hannah, which eventually knocks her out as well.
  • Strength Magic: Drew uses this form of magic to do hand to hand combat with Hannah.

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