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Day 21[]

That idol play was the face crack of the century. Claudia just lit this game up and it's gonna be a bumpy merge from here.

My priority is to lay low. The Quetzalliance has a new member (Brandon) and I'm working on just making connections. I want to lay low, seem kinda quiet, not make too many waves. Me getting voted out was always because of my overstrategic mindset and strong emotions, I can have them but I need to keep them on the down low. As for staying loyal to Quetzal, I'm not sure. Loyalty isn't an important trait for me to portray. You have to backstab and lie and I can't do that if I stay loyal to an alliance that will, at best, guarantee me Final 5. It's a good option, but not one I will probably stick with.

I don't want to seem like too strong of a threat just yet. At the end of the day, I need to run this game without seeming too obvious. I need to do it so the Jury will perceive it that way, because from now on every move that I make is to pander to that jury and to further myself.

My sub objective as of right now is to take out Austin, Nick and Sim. I don't trust them, they're all shifty. One of them has the Catarina idol, so those are votes we need to split. Sim possibly having the Quetzal idol throws us a curveball as well. These few votes need to be done sensitively and with precision, one miscast vote and it could send me or an ally out of this game and I can't have that, I will not be in the minority.

Everyone is pandering to Quetzal right now and I want it to stay that way, but this train has a limited number of seats and not everyone can get a ticket.


We have made it to the merge, and I'm so happy that the five pre-swap Quetzal members are still solid. Basically the Purple Blood Summit and everyone wants in on the Purple Express. Shea said it tho, not everyone is going to get tickets! 💜💜💜

This is also honestly exciting because the merge changes everything. With Rhi on the jury, someone who I haven't played with, I'm going to have to be wiser with my jury management. I'll take it day by day, of course, this is just so exciting.


I was just talking with Elmo and he thinks that there is a post-merge hidden immunity idol hidden somewhere. Also, with Claudia playing one, that would sort of raise that speculation. We decided to look for it together, and I hope this search is not for a hidden nothing because that would suck.

Analyzing the people that I’m working with now, Elmo is the one I could only trust, along with Brandon. I want to trust Shea, but I don’t know. I’m a little suspicious of him because he’s too on board with Nathaniel and Sim. We clearly talked about getting rid of Catarina the moment we get the chance, but now, he said he’s not on board with the oranges. Confusing, but whatever. I have other people I could make a plan with, and hopefully, whatever I tell them is not going to reach Shea, because surely he'll go nuts.

Next tribal, my priority is to get rid of either Nathaniel or Sim, and maybe telling the Purple Blood Summit AKA Quetzalliance is going to help me go deeper into what Shea thinks about the two. The only risk is he might end up telling them, and if those two very smart people have the idol, WE’RE SCREWED…


In a game where you have to play with bees, somebody will get stung. Winning this challenge is going to be a double-edged sword because if you have no immunity there is a possibility that you will be voted out, but if you win immunity, people will view you as a threat. What to do? What to do?


Nathaniel just made a target out of himself. He could have won with like 8k or something but he had to go all the way past 10k.

Based on the challenge scores, if we're eliminating a threat from our opponents, I'm thinking we should go for Austin. The other option is Sim, just because I'm suspicious that Shea has an alliance with him.

Anyway, I'll try to convince the Quetzalliance to vote for either of the two, and whomever they want to get rid of the most, it's who we're going after.


WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. Claudia whipped that idol out and finessed us hard holy shit. Gladly she felt like she could trust me moving forward so her and Malik didn't vote against me! Although I'm sad to see Rhi out of this game, I'm glad that a Catarina is gone and that I have options. WE MERGED!!! In my two orgs that I've played i'm 2 for 2 in merges!!! With this merge now I have a few different options, I have all of my original Quetzal members, I'm in good with Malik and Claudia after that idol play, and I'm still on good terms with the catarinas. I feel like I'll be able to flow wherever the wind blows for this first vote. I need to do what the LEGENDARY and INFAMOUS Dan Foley once said, "Shut your mouth, open your ears, and just watch what happens."


Day 22[]

I forgot that making the merge means non-stop tribals, I feel like I was scammed.


Honestly, from my perspective right now, I am a shepherd leading a flock of sheep into the cage where I can assure them final nine before I slaughter them one by one. That, or they’re all screwing with me and I’m actually going home right now.

The initial plan was to vote for Austin unanimously, but worried that someone could easily screw us up, I thought maybe we should split. The most responsive people right now are Chris and Malik, and I’m so happy that I am working with them because I am honestly sick of working with people who are passive-aggressive towards me. I mean Elmo’s there, but I feel like he doesn’t want to make any suggestions.

I mean I understand that they may not want to make a decision because there’s a potential that they may be viewed as a threat, but COME ON! At least respond. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (film reference ftw) is killing me and if they don’t come up with a decision before the deadline for the votes, the fallout will be earlier than expected.


Nathaniel winning Immunity is good, but this Tribal Council is going to be make or break for me.

Do I trust the Quetzalliance? No. Do I think I can make it to the end with them? Hell No. Myself and Nathaniel are now tight and I trust him, If I end up regretting that, I'll be seeing myself on Jury.

We either lay down and vote Austin tonight if Nathaniel can't get the numbers, or we make our move and send Malik or Claudia home. Or we tell Austin/Nick to play his idol and he sends one of them, or one of Quetzal to the jury.

Things won't be the same after tonight. I'm potentially breaking a bond that's been around since Day 3 of this game and backstabbing a lot of people, but that's survivor. It's unpredictable and cool and awesome and if I go tonight, I'd be happy with how I played.

Let's just hope I don't xD


I'm still extremely upset and pissed off that Rhi left last round. I'm going to get my revenge for her, which is the fire I'm going to use to get all these people out. So we merged this round and a lot has been happening. Originally all the Catarinas wanted to stick together, grab Brandon, he'd grab all the Quetzal and we'd team up to get Malik out. However, Nathaniel is now telling us that Quetzal and Tacana are teaming up and voting out Austin and that Brandon isn't with us at all. Austin also just told us that he had the idol so now he just needs to play it and we're gonna idol out Brandon. I can't believe this is happening I'm very excited and nervous at the same time because I don't exactly trust Nathaniel but he has A LOTTTTT of information so I need to work with him. I really hope this all goes according to plan because they could be lying to Nathaniel and could really be voting me or someone else!


Today is hoepfully the day Malik is finally out of this game for good, he's been talking shit about me, has thrown me under the bus, and honestly doesn't even deserve to be here because the only reason he is because other people thought he was worth saving for some reason lmao, anyway Nathaniel apparently has an undercover agent or whatever you wanna call it from quetzal feeding us Info from the majority alliance for this vote and they informed him that they're voting me, and Claudia has mentioned to me I'm getting votes and Chris also has told Nathaniel I'm getting votes and I'm probably leaving, so I'm definitely playing an idol, and after we idol Malik out, I'm hoping we can pull Chris & Claudia in, plus whichever quetzal has been feeding Nathaniel info depending on whether it's true or not, here's hoping for a successful blindside and seeing Malik get blasted onto jury : )


Welp, this is it..everyone's being funny, distant, and at this point I'm looking at my vote.. and I can tell I'm going for real this time. I just wish people had the balls to just tell me because not only do I NOT have an idol, but it's also a dumb move, because I could definitely be a number for people. Why known down a team further that's already down? Whoever strategy this was has, has a pretty dumb one to attack a Tacana instead of a Quetzal, or a Catarina, but whatever. Ponderosa, here I come.




This tribal has me all fucked up. I'm extremely nervous, but Austin straight up came out and admitted he found the idol. I don't blame him for keeping it a secret because we really need it right now.

The scariest thing right now is Quetzal. They've decided to join together and turn against us. Fuck Brandon in particular. All of Catarina trusted him and he went and became the leader of the Quetzals. Nick wants him gone next and I'm all for that.

Our plan here is risky, but it's to take out Malik so we can work with the remaining Tacana members; Chris and Claudia. Malik would be too emotional so he doesn't fit into the equation.

There are 5 Quetzals and 6 Non-Quetzal's next round, so hopefully Chris and Claudia realize that the best decision at that point would be to use the one opportunity. Why do I have so much confident in this plan? Because it came straight from Chris. He flat out rejected to vote with me/us this round, but he's high-key hinted that for next round that's what he wants to do. It's great, and since Austin is playing his idol, we won't have to deal with Malik's HATER ASS, and we can actually carry that plan through.

It's still a risk, but letting the Quetzal's remain in the game as such a big unit makes them more threatening, and besides, taking a Quetzal out this round just equalizes them with Catarina, and all the tribes will basically be equal, IDTS.

My only hope is they don't split. I can't deal with a split vote, it'll probably be me, and I worked too hard to get here for it to be me.