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Day 17[]

YES! Tom is gone. I'm so happy *does happy dance*. It's not that Tom isn't a cool person, but he's certainly not somebody I wanted to have to fight for dominance.

Luckily, all the players who would pose a threat to my totalitarian march to victory are conveniently placed in an alliance of 4-5 people which will definitely not constitute a majority at the merge. All I have to do now is not get idoled out (hopefully that shouldn't be too difficult). I'm also continuing my quest for the idol. Apparently Tom did actually find one, but it was fake lol. So I quest on in search of a real one, hopefully I can use it to protect myself down the road. It's time to gear up for merge. I have to prepare my army before I take down the last of the Qin.


with Tom's Exit i feel like i'm all alone i have no friends in my tribe all i can do is try my best in winning immunity


Thank you Shang kiki emoticon Tom was one of the CounterStrike players who was truly shrewd, and now that he is gone this game got a whole lot easier

Sucks that he was taken out with an idol. This, of course, is under the assumption that his item was an idol.


I swear there is ALWAYS a dumbass I chose to work with. I have NO clue as to why Max decided to vote for ME this tribal council. I don't know why he lets his mind wonder out that far, it's too small to think of the possible consequences that may arise. Unfortunately, I won't say anything yet because I need his vote whenever the merge hits, but once I am confident enough in having votes down the road, he is my number one target. We could've had a great an powerful alliance with all FIVE of us, and he was one I was potentially going to take to the end, but now, he's ruined that big time. He's done with in this game.


So far I have been the person in the shadows. I have had a good amount of influence on the votes but if I'm going to get to the end, I need to make a path for myself. A path that will lead to jury votes and the finale. This means further garnering the trust of the allies I have so far but at the same time, cutting ties with big players and getting them out. There are three phases of my gameplay this season. Phase 1 is almost over.

I. Gain total trust and prosperity through a strong nationalistic alliance (Original Qin -- I created that chat). Use this trust to gain information from other players. II. Use the information gained to eliminate possible threats in the game. This phase will possibly begin next tribal. III. Ruthless Throw-overs. Make one person the center of attention and convince others that this guy is the biggest threat to win to keep the eyes off me. Create a merge prospect alliance for a Finale-Detente Deal. This is my gameplan. It may change. Hell, IT WILL CHANGE seeing how things can play out in these ORGs. I have to keep in mind of idols and other things. Like I said, I already know that Gavin has the Qin idol. I gained that information through trust which was Phase I. Now, I need to use that to my advantage moving forward. Anyways, I'm thinking about making a power shift in this game. This nationalistic approach of Shang vs Qin is not going to work. If Qin is low in numbers post merge, it will be my demise because there won't be Phase III. It's time for integration. I want a cross-tribal alliance. Right now I can easily flip with Gavin and Jordan to take out Eddie or even Bryce. Both of them are huge threats. Doing this will ensure that I have control over Gavin's idol and I have him on my side. When time comes and I'm in trouble I'll rat his idol secret out to his original tribe. This will put the target on his back. There's Phase 3 for ya. I need to be extremely careful about this. If I'm going to make this work, I need to keep my head in the game and just go at it without any mistakes. I'm also thinking about throwing the challenge. Doing this, will make Noah, one of my biggest allies, safe from the vote-off. It will also make sure that I have the vote control this cycle


I'm nearly about to cry tears of happiness. Tom is finally, FINALLY, gone! A challenge threat, Idol in his possession, and overall, someone I had a major distaste for in this game. It really does make me happy to see him sent home packing. I feel way too accomplished. This just goes to show you that Qin isn't done fighting by a long shot. I don't know what this means for the tribe as a unit, but as far as I go? Everything should calm the hell down--and fast! Tom also said this season was full of liars, too. WELL, last time I checked, this is Survivor, and I'm far from finished lying to people. Assuming I keep this up? Final Tribal could be calling my name...


so the vote went fine but now we are dealing with the fact that there are 5 Qin's that were supposed to vote Tom and he only got 4 votes, Max got a vote from either Norbert or the renegade Qin, Norbert got a vote from Sean, and Tom got votes from me Bryce Noah and Max, so this Qin that didn't go along with the plan better watch his ass


Day 18[]

Fuck Qin. The tribe is a lost cause. I thought would finally start winning challenges, but nope. another pathetic as hell performance. Can anything go right for me?! This is the worst swap ever!


I have honestly come to the end of my rope. Dan. We know. You didnt vote. With us. Just admit and move along! Like its gotten to the point where it just makes him look like a bigger snake then Tom. He showed us his vote but it was literally a sliver of his screen, so I doubt he voted with us. At merge. if he makes it, I will be more then happy to ax him from the game. Weirdest group of people to work together in a challenge, but hey, we won, so I'm not complaining, once Max got his shit together we were able to whoop the other tribe into next week, so I'm super happy!


I'm so frustrated! I was one or two guesses away from finding an idol I could have kept late into this game, and instead someone from the rival alliance has it. And Tom found the first one. Did I piss off a Survivor god? UGH fuck my life. Now we're all going to scour the E column for the last idol, but at best we'll end up giving it to Sean, but he's not even in the Platypus Squad. Now I could end up in 13th if they give it to Jaylen and he decides to fuck my life over.

I refuse to let them win. My allies need to step it up. I need them in this next challenge. We can afford to lose Norbert, but we can't afford to lose one of our own.


eh I am gonna pull a purple kelly until the merge :/


Day 19[]

Perry is so funny. I don't think he knows that I know about his alliance with Ian and Emma, so he's beating around the bush with me. It's kind of amusing!


So your one stop shop power alliance maker, EDDIE! Has done it again! I have created a stunning alliance of 6, Me, Bryce, Emma, Perry, Sean and Noah, will all come together for the merge to take out the rest of these.... "players"...I am honestly so excited words cant even describe it!


Perry's Angels and I are splitting the vote between Jordan and Gavin. Perry came to me and said he found the location of the idol, but it was found already, Eddie has been acting shady so he could've given it to Gavin to blindside me. I can't take that chance.


Ok so Jaylen is talking to me a little more, which makes me a bit more comfortable. He seems to really distrust Gavin, which makes sense considering Gavin ousted Counterstrike. Jaylen is currently giving me instructions to not make Gavin suspicious, which is good because it means he thinks he's leading me. If he trust me enough to give me instructions, it means he's probably not going to target me, and if we can convince him that he's safe, we can send him home without issue.