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Day 13[]

So,Im Pretty much either Exiled or fucking MIA. I am the luckiest person here. I should have been gone on the 2nd tribal. IM SOMEHOW STILL HERE AND IM SHOCKED AND IM PROBABLY BEING EXILED THIS TRIBAL AND IM JUST THE BOMB.


I have a tight allaince w natalie she is my number 1 but upset when Perry got booted, but I have Nat, Zanna James an Alex an maybe Sam.


Day 14[]

Winter bells and no exile and double tribal cause their tribe is weak? Uggggh *eye roll* *side eye*


This double tribal is quite worrying. I have no idea who is in which alliance and that scares me. I want all of my original tribe members to stick together, but that doesn't mean that will happen. I have been dragged into a cross tribal alliance that I don't really trust, but I may be forced to go with. The worst thing is I have no idea if I will be a target or not going into this tribal council.


So Zeke is out, and Jo is still around. James and I are in the power positions. Once we take out Jo, we can either take out Sean and Alvin or Kevin and Ted. But we don't have time to get Ulonged, we need to kick ass and we need to win the next tribal challenges.




Day 15[]

this season needs to stop with the swaps lol


This is the most twisted twisty twist summer ever (bb16) or should I say…This is the most switched switch switch summer ever.


i try to mingle but omg they are so wweird. alliances nobody talks so shucks I wanted to ahve fun in this game which you know trying to play game and entertain them some to make game fun but goshes theya re so wierd omg boring.I hate when I am in game with a somewhat disconnected bunch.


i hope no one flips because i will flip out