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Day 1[]

*sees Linus on another tribe* Me: Fuck fuck FUCK F U C K n O WHYY Also me when I see him: Omg hi Linus nice to see you :)


ngl i really like linus but im lowkey scared to see him play on the same season as me, esp with him on the same starting tribe. cause he hosted me in canadienne and saw me like backstab pretty much everyone lmao so im worried since watching that it'll make him trust me wayyy less but we'll see.

he doesnt seem like the kind of guy to let meta control how he approaches a game but then again i dont know him that well. i know for me im approaching this as a new, fresh game. idc if he's played before and won or not. it's a new season man and anything can happen! but if other people want to target him strictly cause he's won before, then fuck it. least i'd be able to chill. but best believe i wont be the one leading that charge lmao


What even is life right now? After lowkey ages of applying, I made it onto 703! Honestly, I’m super grateful to be cast on the season and am ready to disappoint (: From the looks of it, this game will be pretty exciting and packed with some slayage, so yay for that! It’s gonna be hard to contain my excitement but I also totally need to focus on the game aspect cause after all, I came here to win.


In the first twist of the season, tribes are divided in a Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty format and color me surprised, I somehow ended up on the Beauty tribe, also known as Edessa. Obviously the hosts admired my charming good looks… seriously though, I do think my social skills are what put me onto the Beauty tribe. In every day life, I love getting to know others and form tight knit bonds and in a game sense, it’s no different… except for the fact that I need to outlast and socially outmaneuver people. My game will be pretty straightforward; make bonds and cut those who don’t have my best interest in mind while somehow being under the radar.


The champions are back to battle and reclaim their titles in a kind of cute twist! Our winner, Luca, was on Survivor: Chaos which is self-explanatory. I think the winners coming back is pretty dope because they get a second chance and can hopefully teach us some stuff. Plus, they can be some nice shields if anyone ever wants to go to war. Luca seems like a really nice guy, so I can’t wait to get to know him better! <3


Two seconds in and I already have two alliances somehow… so first Adam approached me and said we should stick together because we’re both fairly new at ORGs and of course I agreed cause who wouldn’t? Adam strikes me as a solid dude so I honestly don’t mind having an alliance with him. Liam approaches me in a very similar manner, offering to make me an alliance due to our newbie status. I’ll take what I can get right now cause being in two ORGs at once is stressful ghfjdk


my first impressions!!

Adam: We had a brief convo and he said that this is his first org then we talked about someone called Danielle George. Then we called a bit about lorde because i said i was from nz oajiefklds then he went to bed

Augusto: We talked about staying on our beds and not moving (yay), then we talked about DANGANRONPA <3 ____ <3. Then i sent him my anime list and told him a bit about myself, then we talked about how nadine *cough cough* made my glasses pink instead of black!!

Hannah: Probably my fave person so far. I opened the convo with a "oi looks like we're the only girls in the tribe". Then we talked about the gender ratio for a bit, then we talked about a previous org that I played, then i went to play tar so i was like panicking to her about everything. THEN WE TALKED ABOUT DANGANRONPA <3 ____ <3. Then we talked about horrible teachers and now we're talking about people and we have a bunch of friends in common

Liam: we said hi

Luca: we had a bit of a catchup convo, i'll never be able to trust him fully after my experiences with him xd.

Sam: haven't even said hi


Aaaaaaaaaaaand we’re off with a bang! There’s a new emporer in Constantinople and his name is Linus Silversides. Especially on my inactivish tribe. I’m faced with a little bit of a double edged sword coming into this game. I’m fairly certain I’m the most well connected person on the tribe coming in, but I’m also worried connections plus winner status plus my obvious eagerness I’ve already displayed could be a minor setback to me if we go to tribal too early (which we likely will, the odds aren’t great if only one tribe is going to win immunity).

Below are my thoughts on the tribe in order of trust most (short term at least) to trust the least.

Justin: I love Justin honestly. We were friends before the game started and although we haven’t talked a ton recently we immediately reclicked as soon as we were in a game together. The trusting of him realistically does come from the fact that we’ve known each other since sumbawa when Dani introduced us, but hey, it’s day one, not a ton else to go off of. We also talked quite a bit though today so that was a good sign.

Edge/Charlie: To some extend edge is a big question mark for me. We played together in what was objectively the most poorly run org of all time where we kinda worked together but then he voted me out. Him being high on my trust list has zero to do with previous friendships unlike Justin does. Edge gives off a vibe of, well, reservedness and I feel like I’m doing the exact opposite and being really upfront with him about some things at least (I told him Claire is the only person in this game I’ve ever been on a tribe with for more than one tribal, which is true). I don’t know for sure, but I’ve talked to him the most so I’m going glad to tentatively put him here for now.

Sam: Sam got online after I kinda started playing video games so the only reason Sam isn’t higher is because I’m worried my slower responses to him could look bad on me. Sam and I have seen each other in passing a bunch though before this and he was easily the person I was most excited to see here. I know that he was an amazing player in his Canadienne season, and same with his jporg seasons, so like, I’m pumped to hopefully get to work with him. Definitely want to up my talking to him tomorrow though.

Milke: Jumped into my pm’s telling me he had a “gaydar for weeaboos” and that my manga gave away that I’m a weeaboo. I have no idea what he saw in my manga that made him think that, but hey, if he thinks we have something in common I’ll take it :D. Plus in highschool I was really into anime and I still read manga here and there so it’s not like I have to pretend to like that stuff just to get Milke to like me so ayy :D. We mainly just talked anime for a little and then he disappeared and probably went to bed. Cool guy though and I’m excited to talk more.

Other Charley: afk this first day but let the tribe know so it’s all g. Not a lot to talk about though.

Batsy: or well, at least I think he goes by Batsy?? He sent me a “hi nice to meet you” type message and then immediately disappeared the rest of the night, which, well, yikes.


My first impressions of the tribe are mixed. Sam like hasn't interacted with me almost at all but the rest of the tribe is super cool. I've known Nicole from EM so I've got that link going for me I think and I also really really like Augusto and Adam. Hannah/Liam are also cool. What stands out is I don't think we're the best tribe challenge-wise since many of these people haven't played on Facebook a lot before, while the other tribes have some really good players. I kinda dread going to tribal a lot, it happened in the previous returnee ORG I played and I ended up going out early so I'm definitely NOT looking forward to that. Hopefully I can just carry through to the swap.




Day 2[]







Super hyped to be in the game right now I like the tribe so far especially Andre and Tyler. I’d love love love to play the game with Tyler. That one person who keeps talking about ripping peoples spines out not a fan of her. That’s just weird. Also wish we didn’t have an endurance challenge but what can you do. I’m out here ready to run this game.

-Hesh out


So I was able to talk to a bit of the cast me and Pris hit it off right away love her Andre and Konrad are pretty night too loving this tribe hopefully we can win this challenge we're going into and everything can stay nice and peachy cause I don't really need a tribal of stress rn ty


Hiya, new season etc etc all that intro stuff out of the way. Tribe assessment time!

Still don't really think I'm a brain but I guess I'm not a beauty or brawn either. Anywho!

In no particular order:

Andre: He's nice. I can tell he's trying his best to socialize with me though. As hard as that can be. I get the impression that he's really excited to play and that's good. I'm just worried that he'll kind of overplay. Of course, I don't really know anything about him as a player so I'm legit just basing that off of our half an hour's worth of conversation. He also got me to continue playing Life is Strange (which I legit only agreed to do for social game purposes but it's actually really fun so that worked out).

Claire: I love Claire, like a lot. I would love to work with her because we click so well. That being said she does kind of have a reputation and I've learned from my past seasons that no matter how well you click with someone, they might never ever mention you in their own confessionals. I've had way too many times not only in games but in life where I put all my eggs into one person (that sounds very sexual but I'm sticking with it) and then they don't really reciprocate nearly as much. I'm not going through that again. I'll try to work with her when voting time comes but I'm really trying to convince myself to not have a ride or die again. If I did though, Claire would be it. OF COURSE THAT WAS JUST FROM DAY ONE SO WHO KNOWS

Hesh: Haven't talked to him yet, probably still on a flight. I hope I talk to him soon (or that he doesn't talk to anyone at all that'd be a nice easy vote too)

Konrad: I like him a lot. He's really nice! That's... about all I got from our conversation though. We shall see where that goes I guess.

Maddie: I talked with her a lot about college and it was really bizarre being the older one in the conversation because I'm usually the younger one and have to talk about high school. NOPE. WE TALKIN' BOUT COLLEGE NOW BOIZ. But yeah I also like her. We bonded a bit but I can kinda already tell I'm annoying her with all this school talk. Like, who the heck wants to talk about school outside of school.

Tyler: Okay playing with a winner is intimidating but playing with someone with as much experience as Tyler is even MORE intimidating. I was really worried for a second because he had me on read for a while but luckily he was just busy. We ended up talking a lot about writing which was fun because I was genuinely interested in writing and I knew he was writing some stuff. I hope he appreciated me talking about writing instead of the fucking weather because that would be a ton of brownie points on my part!

As for the immunity challenge. A part of me wants to win to guarantee immunity but another part of me remembers what happened the last time my tribe won immunity too much and that was that we got picked off and ganged up on come swaps. That being said I'm not too confident about surviving a tribal if we do have one. It's too early to tell but I'd like to hope that I've set up root enough.


So I really like this tribe so far. Everyone is so sweet and flirtatious which is always nice. I've esspessly spent a lot of time talking with Hanna Adam and Luca and I'm hoping to form an alliance with them sometime soon. Adam seems easily minipulated which is always a great plus but honestly I'm just trying to build strong relationships with everyone right now and stay utr. Odviously I don't want us to go to tribal, but I think if we do I'm in a pretty good spot.


The River Vixens are here to cheer and slay the game! I actually love my alliance with Adam and Luca and the fun thing is that they both seem to think I’m their #1, at least it seems that way. We also came upon the topic of adding a potential 4th member to have a clear majority and we all shouted Hannah’s name at the exact same time. We’re so insync, I love it. Hannah and I have talked a ton during these first few days so I feel comfortable to have her in my social and strategic circle.


I’m fucking screaming, guys. I approach Hannah about a potential alliance and asked her who she felt comfortable with… she said Luca which is awesome! But then… she ended up saying Liam instead of Adam. GIRL, THAT’S THE WRONG NAME! Liam is a pretty cool guy, but I don’t know how well we’d vibe in a game sense. However, I did have an idea of potentially making a 5 person alliance with Hannah, Liam, and the rest of the River Vixens. In this scenario, Hannah and Liam believe the majority is them and Luca/myself which would make them think Adam is our 5th member. If it ever got to us 5, the River Vixens would have full control which is a cute concept. That being said, I do want to wait it out until it’s absolutely necessary cause in this game, anything can happen.


losing fucking sucks


Day 3[]

I want Sebastian to go. He barely even bothered at the challenge which inflames my absolute rage against him, plus his manga. He's a millstone around the tribe's neck, and I want him out should we go to tribal. However, my perception is that this tribe is filled with people that are going to jump like a pack of rabid hounds at the first person to throw a name out, which makes getting Basty out tricky. On top of that, I find it really hard to talk to some of these people besides Sam, and as much as I want to trust and work with Sam, I know he's a smart guy. It's why I want to work with him! However, stopping my tendency towards word diarrhaea when it comes to talking strategy is simply something I'm going to *have* to do, as I simply haven't had enough time to form a bond that could become my ride-or-die.


So we lost the first challenge.... pretty shit! But I'm feeling good. I've created great social relationships with people on my tribe, and everything seems to be falling into place. My closest ally is Sam, and then we're gonna create a big group of 6, not including Sebastian. I feel bad but he's inactive and hasn't talked to many people... but there's another layer. If we do lose again me and Linus wanna keep the core group of 4, which is me sam linus and Milke. Let's hope everything goes well at this first vote and then i know I have a group I can trust!

–Charlie W

Getting that praise from winning the endurance challenge is great hopefully this keeps the target on my back and people want to keep me in the future just incase we lose later on I feel good with at least half my tribe so I'd like to think I'm in a good spot I'm just overall really happy right now that we did it


Well I fucked up :P . The challenge came down to just me and I immediately failed. I let people down all the time, my tribe, my friends, my parents, the irs, so this really isn’t anything new. Charlie W showed up today and I’m a huge fan of him. He’s getting an alliance going between myself, Sam and possibly Milke, and I’m trying to shoehorn my boy Justin in there. Sam was acting a little sketchy since like, Charlie had already talked to me about the alliance and Sam was acting like he had no clue what he wanted to do for the vote, but meh, it’s whatever. It’s been a long time since I played an important org, and my last experience of bang-a-rang Allstars had a lot of lying going on by everyone, so I think that memory just has me needlessly on edge.


I meant to send a conf yesterday but I had to socialize and respond to 2586447446 Byzantium messages so I'm making one today.

First impressions: First of all I'm super shook to be on the beauty tribe (Bali is QUAKING), and it looks like it's mainly people who are fairly new to the FB ORG community which I really like, since it means no premades and the players won't judge me based on my rather infamous and not particularly popular preexisting reputation. So far at least 3 people have told me they want to work with me and I've been talking to everyone on my tribe and liking everyone except for BSam who barely talked in PMs and left me on read at one point. But I've talked around and apparently BSam's acted like that towards multiple people, so it looks like our first vote out will be an easy decision.

I had a feeling this season was gonna have secret returnees before it started since I noticed some people who logically would be following and watching 703 were mysteriously absent from the VL (wow I'm psychic, shook). So, on to the cast assessment of the returnees: I've heard of Luca before Byzantium started from watching Chaos, but I've never spoken to him until Byzantium. Luca is really chill and he doesn't hate me or hate Twisted and he's another high schooler so I love him already and I definitely want to work with him. Linus is the robbed icon of Survivor: Deception Island and I SHIP Lexus they're iconic so I hope I get swapped together with Linus. And then there's Tyler, the huge famous and intimidating owner of 703 and bureaucrat of Main. WOW. I did not expect to ever play with him and I'm SHOOK he's in the cast. He's 4885346 times more famous than me, and that's intimidating. I never really talked to him much before Byzantium because he's way too high status and out of my league, he'd never normally be friends with a plebeian like me. But if we get swapped together, I actually would really like to get to know him instead of just being scared of him. I just hope if we get put together he feels the same way and doesn't mind what a plebeian I am.


This tribe is such a desperate cause I dont know what to say! Our tribe is full of people I don't want to work with or are inactive! I would like to team with the only 3 people who keep me sane in there; Sam, Justin and Linus. The others are just things I could easily get rid of it would like to get out. Charlie W seems good too but I feel like he won't cooperate with me so... Bye you can get out of if we lose 3 times


We won immunity! Thankfully I didn't have to do anything and was carried by my tribe so I'll have to return the favour at some point. So far I feel like I'm kinda blending in my tribe despite having the returnee winner badge strapped on like a deer in the spotlight. As far as the other tribes go, I kinda wanted the Brains to lose since I'm paranoid about Andre and Claire due to my EM history with them.

As for my tribe, I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous confessional but I have an alliance with Augusto and Adam which I hope is gonna help when we do eventually go to tribal council. I've also been talking with Hannah heaps so I'm looking at her as a really close ally of mine as well.

I feel really wary of BSam but he seems like the type of guy to try really really really hard in challenges so there may be benefit in keeping him around. Liam is like... eh. Yeah he's really social with me and he's a cool guy but idk what to think. And Nicole is worth keeping around too, I feel she does trust me though with her timezones are gonna be an issue.


Endurance challenges are no joke, but Edessa is putting in the work and making things happen out here in Byzantium! I honestly haven’t contributed too much so far and it’s a little terrifying, but we did win so all’s good… hopefully.