Day 10[edit | edit source]

i was going to do the challenge but then i was thinking. i would be a target if i am suspected to have an idol. then again, i need one.


At this point i cant trust sarah or alex,i have a storng feeling those two are tight and james is kinda a free agent working and trying to fit in on every alliances existing.


These bitches gotta watch out, heads will roll


Well, it is definitely clear that I feel like I'm the only one who could possible have an idol right now..... two idols...... who knows if there's a 3rd one hidden in there, but I feel pretty good about the situation


Day 11[edit | edit source]

I really want to quit frown emoticon I cant spend time to play this game. I've passed university last week, too much things to do. But okay, I think I will be kicked soon, because I'm social like I said frown emoticon


I think one of the secret to get an asian heart is to be sweet and gentle. Where as when im talking to a westerner I'm trying to be witty, funny and add some more classiness. If i could make far in this game i think one trait that helps me most is I'm quite good at changing colour like a chameleon.


Lol @ james he completely portraying im an idol threat by saying " please respond" to that reward challenge, that for me means he is craving so much power by winning the idol.

Its either him or alex is next , that to me means he wants the idol but he doesn't have enough information to solve the clues and i felt he is almost there, one of them should go next


Which turns perfecty perfect, the asian 4 are here and im with strong competitors.

So if ever we lose i still have the numbers and good to know it seems like alex is trusting me, i felt like im on the safest of safest zone right now I love this, seems like im on the top now that no one really recognize i am


This is fun, im on a team with people i think im aligned and im with people too that its on my toplist as targets. Alex, sarah and andrew.

Which is i highly suspect. This could be coincidental or maybe there is one from the asian4 that spoil the alliance and told alex and take this as advantage to outs me if ever we lose? I dunno. Oh no, ali wasnt on the list lol. I thought him and brian are the same person but anyways im still good Now if we win, how can i protect ali knowing he has high chances of getting the boot. Fuck im all confuse with their names Its danish and not ali! Are they brothers?


So I picked my players the way that I feel I would not go in case we would lose the challenge, but I also thought about who could actually pull out an easy win if it came down to it, so I'm hoping I don't regret this decision, but then again... I'm never gonna risk being a James from Survivor China


Day 12[edit | edit source]


703 Confesh because I'm a lazy bitch 1

– Alex

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