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Day 7[]

Episode 3 confessional #1

. . AUCTION time. What the fuck, I feel like it's TOO early to have the auction. WHY. WHY. WHY.

In Isla Del Sol, I hogged most auction items - got a fair share of advantages and disadvantages - and in the end had me placed SIXTH. So it had me contemplating, I want to change the course of history. You know what? These effing items are a curse. Especially this early, it makes you a target. I wanna go for the items which can give me a short term help, say like, a Challenge Advantage for the Tribe.

But when I asked the tribe if they put collective bids so ee can win an advantage, THEY RESPONDED WITH FROWNS OR NOTHING. These selfish bastards! I'm taking one for the team and my gut says go for the challenge advantage and the trip to exile - both short term tools. And we'll see..take it from here and use solely my social skills to get by. They should give high praises to me for this gesture. But I ain't no saint. Give me thanks now, I'll blindside you later. . . . . . END . . .


CONFESSIONAL: wow this has gotta be The Worst Tribe™ I've ever been apart off, and I played Als*ce gtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtg!!!



The result of the auction pretty much confirms my suspicions. These people are selfish fucks! We are already down in numbers and what do they do? Bid for power!! It also doesn't makes sense to bid for anything that can only be used at the merge. I mean come on people! The only way that item going to be used is going to be against you. No wonder we keep losing challenges.

With the immunity challenge about to start, we were told that we have to sit two people out. Josh already claimed the first slot and I want that second one. Krill already has a challenge advantage and if out tribe loses, they can't blame me. This could DEFINITELY come back to bite me because I volunteered to sit out.

If we lose, I just hope that my alliance stays intact. Jamie is the only person in this tribe that I don't have a steady connection. It doesn't really matter since she will go to exile. If my theory is correct, Uli will be forced to vote with the alliance because he can't flip with without forcing a tie. Unless.... SOMEONE ELSE WILL FLIP!


Day 8[]

Confessional 5

Nuno comes to us before our next challenge is supposed to start, telling us that we need to sit out two people. I assumed that it was going to be a 24 hour live reward challenge, so, being the upstanding citizen that I am (combined with the facts that Survivor was on that night, I was tired, and I had school the next day), I offered to sit out. Which I reneged on like fifteen minutes later because I didn't want to miss out on an awesome challenge. Anyway, no one wanted to sit out, so Nuno used random.org, which has screwed me over numerous times in past ORGs. Our challenge gets revealed, and it's the Auction!! Omg, I know! I get to bid on stuff and hopefully win an adva--

Oh, I'm sitting out.


LIKE WHAT THE HELL??? Random.org must have some vendetta against me because anytime anything is done with random.org in an ORG I get screwed over by it. I'm like beyond annoyed, first because the Auction is so early, second because there's a *lot* of powers up for grabs, and third because I'M NOT IN IT AHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyway, I eventually get over it by the time results come out! Some interesting things. Rhiannon spent all $500 on a pointless idol clue, lol. Obviously everyone doesn't know that it's been solved on both sides yet (assuming Toby actually has it). Nick won the challenge advantage for Krill by bidding $500 on it, which is awesome! It's great that he sacrificed himself for the tribe like that, and I'm hoping it certainly helps out with our next immunity challenge! The two anonymous items could only have been bid on by Josh, Marc, and Toby, since the visible amounts of money they spent doesn't add up to $500. Since Toby only had $1 missing whereas the other two had $490 and $500 respectively, it's likely that Josh and Marc each got one; Toby could have gotten one if the other two both bid on the same one and only he on the other, but that's not likely. Finally, and what's perhaps most interesting, Mihai won three different things, the Light Pearl (-1 vote automatically), Sword of Death (eliminate someone from a challenge), and the Challenge Disadvantage (unsurprisingly give someone a challenge disadvantage). Overall, this makes him a pretty big threat. I would like to get him out now or at least soon, but it's hard to do so, because we would need 6 people on board so that it's 5-3 and not 4-4 when the Light Pearl is automatically played. I guess it could work with 4-4 if it goes to a revote and the group of 5 can all vote for him without any restrictions, but I don't know. I'm not going to bring this up to people I'm aligned with unless we lose the immunity challenge (and maybe not even then), so we'll see how it goes.

Speaking of our next immunity challenge, it's a cool one! We were asked to sit out four people prior to the challenge being posted, which were Mihai, Ivan, Marc, and Andrew. Our challenge was a player vs host battle, where one person from each tribe would be matched up with a different host, and we would have to beat them in a game they selected. I got paired with Uli from Ferrar and matched with Tyler (the bae <3), and we were to play everyone's favorite game, Zuma's Revenge. Ugh, like, initially it's a fun game, and it's kinda relaxing but also kinda challenging, but as I kept going, they added more colors and the balls went faster and there were more of them and it just got really annoying, lol. I got 119,430, which, coupled with the challenge advantage we have, should give enough boost to hopefully at least beat Uli. Given Tyler's insane prowess at Winterbells, I don't have any confidence that I'll be able to beat him at this, lol.


Confessional; Honestly... I kinda of wanna lose. If we do, I can send myself to exile and suggest to Rhi that we need to blindside Toby since I'm SURE he has the idol. He questioned me about it as well, raising suspicion. So right now I think I'm gonna do that - deliberately lose and then enforce the idea that TOBY needs to go quickly before going, then relax at exile, sit back and HOPEFULLY watch Toby be blindsided with the idol, and at worst, flush the idol out.


Confessional; Lmfao tryna balance shit so people don't know I'm throwing... Why should I care LOL, I'm gonna be immune anyway.


Chrissa is responsible for this loss! How can one score 1700 on geoguessr? Come on,man, I am so tired of her complaining about everything. I so hope she goes,she's weak,annoying and I completely dislike her!!!


Day 9[]


KRILL LOST and for a moment I was actually relieved that the happy and complacent tribe was going to go rough and strategies will start. Finally. Yeah.

I SENSE PEOPLE WERE VERY SCARED TO TALK FIRST. It was like a painful surveying of, "what do you think we should do?", "who should we vote off?". NOBODY WANTED TO DROP A NAME. Doing it is like dropping an Atomic Bomb in your 703 career. ??????

I had limited connectivity yesterday, and when I had, I became Debbie Wanner-possessed and just went for the Offense.

When I started hearing my allies' names - Chrissa, we promised to work together and Marc, we also had a pact to help each other, I started to go to work. NO NO NO PEOPLE. You don't target the people I trust.

So I had a very calculated and discreet convincing to Andrew, Ci'ere and Mihai that MICAH should go. I just dropped name like bombs in individual PM's like no holds barred. And I felt like I was accomplishing it successfully when... ... ... ... i got kicked out of chats! Geezuz. Jamie, my only ally on the other tribe "protected" me and I became automatically safe. I didn't think I need it, but I'll take it. . . Now I just need to observe and wait. If MICAH indeed goes home, then these people are nuts. I would've expected a spider web of strategizing from 703 players. So I am excited to see the results... ya know... I'm at Exile... totally safe and untouched.... eating popcorn... watching the torture from the outside in....

Micah, if my plan works, I am sorry, but I feel like you needed to go as you barely followed up on a conversation to me so you are not part of my plan. ?? . . . END


CF: I flopped in the last two challenges and I don’t want my team to think I’m weak. I’m going to really have to push myself this time around to beat Nuno and Toby in Miami Shark so that I can prove myself to these people.

CF: I’m kind of happy we lost today because I’ll be able to see where people stand and I can finally start playing the game. Even though Chrissa is probably the weakest in challenges, Ivan wants to keep her safe because she’s only made connections with Ice Breaker members with the exception of Andrew. Right now we need to convince Andrew to vote out someone other than Chrissa. We got Andrew to target Micah, but I feel like he withheld from talking during that conversation. SPILL THE BEANS ANDREW.



YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! We won the challenge! Technically, I never lifted a finger in this challenge but by proxy, consider me winner. This victory could not have come at a better time. For a moment, I really thought that this tribe is on its way to being Ulonged but my tribe mates pulled through! You guys deserve a snow cone! Some stray observations though. I think Jamie is allied with Ivan from the other tribe due to their returnee status. I have to keep an eye on that and maybe, just maybe, convince my alliance to take her out. I still haven't been able to talk to anyone from the other tribe and really, really, really, have to do it now since I think the inevitable tribe swap is almost here. Speaking of Krill, I think Mark(?) is the one getting voted out at tribal based on the people's answers. Also, I plan on targeting people that owns advantages that can only be used at the merge. But damn it! Toby owns one of those and he's an ally.