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Day 10[]

After seeing the other tribe's tribal all I'm thinking is what the hell is an Ella and I can't tell the difference between the other 8 of them


Hahaha. I'm here. I'm still alive LOL :)))) I really dont like TC. I dont want come at there again. So I have to fight to immu challenge

My tribe wont lose this challenge !!!


... And Joseph is gone! Woot! The chameleon ate the snake, people. I dunno which of you are #TeamJoseph and which of you are #TeamAren, but I won so if you're #TeamJoseph then I apologise on behalf of Joseph's poor display this season.

So, the immunity has begun, and I'm just like, 'fuck yes. This is the type of thing Matiaf can win.' It's the top 15 and clearly there'll be a swap at the top 14, so it'd help to have the majority be Matiaf in preparation for that swap, y'know?


Ella, Patryk and Max are aligning themselves with everything on this island. If they were told the rock could vote, they would create an alliance with that too! I am not clearly on the outs and need a tribe swap in order to even make it past this next tribal.


Surprise! Joseph left & I'm so happy about that. It's good to see I voted in the majority yet the miniority is also with me. Rob has been talking to me for hours now and I think he's a bit hopeless. Nick is quiet and looks scared for some reason. Everyone's talking about a tribe swap and actually I'd love to swap. I'm only a bit worried about Nick and Rob. They have to be on different tribes so we can get rid off those two.

Also, challenge is going on and it wouldn't be a big problem if we'd lost this one. I mean, I'm good with everyone of the majority here. I have nothing to worry about since Aren is legit kissing my ass all the time and when I come up with a plan for challenge or voting he's obsessed by the plan. I don't know what to think about him but he's so... weird. But very good for my game because with him here I'm a step closer to the win.


I fucking knew I was paranoid for a reason. These people already want to play hard ball? Well they don't know who they're playing against right now. I was trying to be nice this game but clearly that's not working.


I am completely regretting voting Nam out because an obvious target is painted on my back. I came into this game not wanting to play hard pre-merge but my loyalties to Joe and Nick got in the way of it all and I should have just went with the flow and voted off Joe like everyone else.


Me and the Matiaf beasts are utterly making a mess of Darsah in this challenge. We currently have a score about 10x their's.

I feel kinda bad for 'em. They're probably gonna have to lose a third member if they lose, which sucks. Nobody wants that to happen to them. Although, at the same time, we have an advantage of 2 contestants so ehhh, I'm happy to see them lose overall.

So, Max told Rob about the Matiaf 5 alliance, which does piss me off and worry me a lil. Seriously, what's the point? It's just giving Rob more insight about his place in this tribe and that's bad! It's dragonshit! He's mine and Ella's next target, after all.


Day 11[]

Woohoo! Matiaf, wins immunity, for the third time! How excellent -- how astonishing. My tribe is fantastic, and I love 'em.

A swap is probably right around the corner, though, so we should probably get our bowel-muscles in gear. We can't just be living in this Disney wonderland of challenge wins -- we need to prepare ourselves for some gameplay. Come the swap, you never know what position you'll be in. You could be on the bottom, top or middle. Nobody knows. I'm prepared for the worst, and I don't think anyone else is like I am.

I'm desperate as heck to find this artifact, but if I don't, it 'aint a huge deal. I can survive in Survivor -- I've already done it for 4 rounds, after all.




And we won another challenge. Another artifact clue. I've been searching on google what kind of artifacts there will be. I saw on the Survivor ORG wiki that the mask of restrict and rings of duality are artifacts. Those two items could bring me far in this game. So I'm going to focus on them and to make a good scheme with people I can guess. I need those artifacts to survive.

The tribe is finally quiet. We're doing great together. We showed some teamwork in this challenge and I think we'll be good. If there's a swap (where everyone talks about) I might be in a good position. I have my people on the other tribe who would work with me and on this tribe I feel like I could work with anyone since there's no one who's wanting to vote me out. Nick and Rob have been talking a lot to me and I feel pretty solid with them now. I would almost say that I'd really love to work with them!!

So even there's a tribe swap waiting for us, I'm ready to swap. Fingers crossed I'm with the people I wanna work with. Alias Eva, Miguel & Yuki. It'd be cool if someone like Kop/Charlie/Bryce would be in the tribe too so we could target them instead of turning on each other.


So we lost again. I honestly tried everything possible to do the challenge but I guess the universe just didn't want us to win. However, most of the tribe is happy we lost because we can get rid of Brian. Personally, although I think he'd be loyal to me, I just feel like he's too high maintenance. If you don't Skype with him for one day then he gets paranoid and thinks everyone wants him out, which is exactly what's hapenning now and it's all his fault. He had it coming.


It's like I kinda want a swap now that we're all unified as a tribe for ONCE, but I also kinda don't cause I've been swapfucked before and it's not fun. I think Ella will wanna work with me and I'm also friends with Max outside the game so maybe I can work with them if I get into a minority position. And if they're too close to the allies they made there then I guess I would try to work with the two outsiders from that tribe, which I assume are Nick and Rob considering them plus Joseph had that Azerbaijan bond plus the we-hate-Ella-why-is-she-a-finalist bond too. But IDK, I'd be more comfortable with Ella I feel like. We'll see. And if we don't swap then rio